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Picture shows ENGEL service technicians talking to customers

ENGEL Service Level Agreement for Injection Molding

For Higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

To meet your customers' requirements, efficient machines and demand-oriented support are a must. With the ENGEL Service Level Agreement (SLA), you can specify the scope of services according to the needs of your injection molding operation. With a customized service portfolio, you can improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by up to 20%. Downtime is minimized, and your machine performance and the quality of production are increased.

Your Advantages with the ENGEL Service Level Agreement
100% customized service contract

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between your injection molding business and ENGEL that defines the scope of our services. Your Service Level Agreement is unique to you and always flexible - just like your requirements. Together, we evaluate the SLA contract at regular intervals to check what services make most sense for your injection molding production and revise it if necessary.

Increase your OEE by up to 20%*.

With the ENGEL Service Level Agreement, you can increase your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by up to 20%. But how can you do this? There are many ways to improve production efficiency: Predictive maintenance, optimized machine processes, settings for low-wear operation, early planning of the digital and on-site support strategy or the optimum plasticizing setting. The result: fewer problems getting your products to customers and more efficient production.

* Depending on production parameters, produced parts, type of machine, and other factors.

Achieve Planning Goals Every Time

Based on the Service Level Agreement, you can control your maintenance activities. ENGEL takes responsibility for ensuring that the service activities agreed in the SLA contract are fulfilled in your injection molding production. This guarantees a high level of production reliability and makes planning your production schedule easier.

What Does Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE Mean?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a well-established measure of equipment availability, performance, and product quality relative to production time. OEE is a standard practice used by manufacturing companies for early defect detection. It enables them to initiate appropriate and immediate optimization measures.

What are the Advantages of a Service Level Agreement?

OEE Calculation and Potentials for Increased Production Efficiency

  1. The length of your work shift corresponds to the maximum production time.

  2. Time for planned maintenance is deducted from this.

  3. Unplanned downtime can occur, which costs additional time.

  4. Time-consuming adjustments must be scheduled due to performance losses.

  5. Some of your components are rejected or need to be reworked.

Good parts are produced only during part of your actual production time. This is expressed by the defined key figure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). But how to increase your effective production time? The products included in the ENGEL service level agreement make it possible. An increase in OEE of up to 20% is realistic.

Would you like to increase the OEE of your injection molding production by up to 20%?

Our service team will be happy to guide you. With short response times, we solve your challenges and help you achieve your production goals.

ENGEL Service Level Agreement: Our Promise to You
Fast support
  • More than 80 service subsidiaries and representatives worldwide

  • Support from over 90 qualified hotline employees

  • Guaranteed fast response time based on your requirements

  • Hotline support 24/7

Smooth production
  • More than 720 service technicians are here for you, worldwide.

  • Guaranteed availability of service technicians by appointment.

  • Over 95% of spare parts are in stock.

  • Components for plasticizing as well as production-critical parts are kept in stock just for you and shipped immediately when required.

Cost control
  • Planning reliability thanks to preventive maintenance

  • Machine protection with the protect service package

  • Service Level Agreement for injection molding includes: necessary spare and wear parts, repair costs and technicians’ travel expenses, annual preventive maintenance, and use of our remote maintenance tool

Better performance

Optimization of machine availability through digital monitoring systems:

  • Measures plasticizing screw wear

  • Online monitoring of servo-pumps

  • Online monitoring of the hydraulic oil

Optimization of the quality of injection molding processes:

  • Process optimization on-site or with remote control

  • Record current operating status

  • Identify and implement improvement potential

Know more

Comprehensive training portfolio, customized to your requirements:

  • Operation of ENGEL machines and automation as well as process optimization

  • Maintenance and services for ENGEL machines and automation

  • Workshops for new ideas in injection molding

You can learn from over 70 trainers in more than 20 global training centers. Choose from classroom sessions at our training centers or at your site, webinars or e-learning courses. With our training program we aim to offset the shortage of qualified professionals in the market.

Are you facing challenges that can be solved with our Service Level Agreement?

Briefly explain your situation and send us your requirements on the contact form. We will create an individualized service profile for you.

  • Fast and reliable support in case of problems

  • More efficient production

  • Better cost control of production

  • Increase of machine performance

  • Education and training of employees

More Maintenance Options from ENGEL
Picture shows technician servicing ENGEL injection molding machine

Maintenance Packages


From simple inspection to comprehensive machine maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance to avoid errors

  • Customized packages

Picture shows service technician during machine maintenance by ENGEL

Service Packages


Do you want complete protection of your equipment in the first 10 years of operation?

  • Fast response time

  • Plannable operating costs

  • Maintenance, repair, and spare parts included

Your options for maintenance and repair in comparison

Maintenance package care Service package protect Service Level Agreement
Maintenance One time Annual Customizable
Troubleshooting in case of malfunction
Spare parts and wear parts
Spare parts stock
24-month warranty on spare parts
Service tech availability
Hotline response time (2h)
Contract commitment none At least 3 years At least 1 year
Process optimization
Cost control thanks to fixed rates

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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