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Image shows injection molding training courses at ENGEL's training center

Injection Molding Training Courses

Learn about production optimization and troubleshooting

To utilize the full potential of your machine and robot, you need extensive knowledge of the equipment. Our injection molding training courses take place online or on-site, in the training center or directly on your machine, with a trainer or as e-learning course. By completing the ENGEL training program, you will gain the knowledge that helps you to reduce cycle times and rejects as well as reach higher process quality.

Worldwide Injection Molding Training

You can attend injection molding training courses at more than 20 certified training centers – close to your facility and in your native language. Additionally, we offer online and hybrid trainings - for participants who want to save time and travel costs.

> 20

Training Centers

> 70

Certified Trainers Worldwide

Video shows ENGEL training portfolio >
Advantages of ENGEL Injection Molding Training Courses
React to the shortage of qualified employees
Image shows injection molding training on an ENGEL injection molding machine

Due to demographic change, less people in the right age bracket are available in the job market. As a result, there will be a shortage of qualified employees in the long term. Our intensive injection molding training classes help you to proactively counteract this development. Your employees will be able to handle the challenges in production - with the necessary knowledge about overall tasks, operation and maintenance of injection molding machines and robots as well as possibilities for optimization.

Worldwide classroom training in our training centers
Picture shows classroom training at  an ENGEL training center

Our experienced trainers offer a huge portfolio of classroom training courses in injection molding. You can join at one of our certified training centers worldwide or directly at your site. Our injection molding training classes are modular and therefore suitable for beginners, advanced and experts. If required, ENGEL can issue an accredited certificate after taking a final examination.

Online training for more flexibility
Image shows online training by ENGEL

We offer both live webinars and e-learning modules for self-study. The webinars are held by our trainers in a virtual seminar room.This format is especially suitable for building up basic knowledge. In addition to theory, controller simulation could also be held online. With our e-learning offering, you can access interactive learning modules and complete the courses at your own pace. Online injection molding training offers you more flexibility in terms of location as well as time.

Hybrid injection molding training for efficient knowledge building
Image shows hybrid injection molding training by ENGEL

With our hybrid training courses, you can complete the theoretical part online anywhere at any time and gain practical experience in our training centers or at your machine. Therefore, you won’t miss out on valuable hands-on machine training, and can as well decide on your individual learning progress thanks to the online component. The hybrid training format provides more flexibility and supports you in your professional development.

Vision and new injection molding ideas with leading experts
Image shows injection molding training with renowned speakers

In addition to our standard training courses, you will have the possibility to work with reputable speakers on specific topics and challenges in injection molding. Such as the reduction of waste in injection molding, trouble-free production and much more. Together, you will look beyond the horizons of your respective area of expertise. Our goal is to provide you with knowledgeable input for new ideas and visions in plastics processing.

Picture shows Cost Center Manager Production at ruwido austria GmbH

All employees and I were thrilled with the training!

Hans-Peter Rendl, Cost Center Manager Production at ruwido austria GmbH
Learning Modules of Our Injection Molding Training Courses at a Glance
Classroom Training

Injection molding training at your site or in our training centers. Close to your location and in your native language. In modular format, optimized content and in small groups.

Online Training

Flexible learning in a virtual training room with qualified trainers or with interactive learning modules. Accessible online at any time and completed in self-study.

Hybrid Training

Injection molding theory online and practical parts on the machine as classroom training. The hybrid training format combines online and offline elements for a unique learning experience.

Do You Need Customized Injection Molding Training?

We will be happy to create a customized training plan according to your needs.

Injection Molding Training Program
Icon for operation

Mechanical set-up, operation including setting and application of standard programs on ENGEL injection molding machines and robots.

Process Engineering
Process engineering icon

Expertise in plastics technology, detection, and correction of surface and defects, use of digital solutions, mold sampling and quality management in injection molding.

Maintenance icon

Operation and maintenance of injection molding machines and robots for maintenance staff. Information about hydraulic and electrical components including learning control and regulation technologies.

Seminars with a Broader View
Icon for trainings with renowned experts

Training to get new ideas in injection molding. We offer courses and workshops customized according to your needs with experts in the ENGEL training center or as webinars.

inject 4.0 and Energy Efficiency
Icon for training inject 4.0 and energy efficiency

Operation of the e-connect customer portal to facilitate entry into digitalization. Basic knowledge on the topic of energy efficiency and energy saving in injection molding.

Picture shows Head of Training & Documentation at ENGEL Austria

ENGEL's practical injection molding training courses keep you competitive. We are happy to focus on your company-specific requirements. Whether for people new to injection molding or advanced users - ENGEL injection molding training classes make you and your employees ready for any challenges.

Kathrin Neunteufel-Steyer, Head of Training & Documentation at ENGEL Austria
Picture shows trainer at ENGEL Austria

For less complex topics, the online training format offers a very similar learning effect to classroom training. An introduction to the world of injection molding, process programming, or the basics of process optimization are perfect topics for online learning.

Mario Wilke, trainer at ENGEL Austria
Download documents
Image shows cover of ENGEL training brochure
Picture shows cover of ENGEL training brochure
Picture shows head of plastic injection molding at MACO

Individual Workshop at Your Company

We analyze machine settings, processing parameters, robot programming or processes of your injection molding production. Together, we define optimized solutions for a higher performance and less rejects in your production.

Request a quote for coaching

What else you might be interested in
More Expertise in Injection Molding
Picture shows injection molding training at ENGEL

ENGEL Injection Molding Training Courses

Operation | Process Engineering | Technology | inject 4.0 and Energy Efficiency

  • Available worldwide

  • Practical

  • Modular structure

  • Beginners to advanced users

  • Small groups

  • Certified training centers

Picture shows trainer and seminar participants in front of an ENGEL injection molding machine

Seminars with a Broader View

In addition to the standard training courses

  • Materials science

  • Quality assurance

  • Temperature control

  • Setup time optimization

  • Process efficiency

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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