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Image shows key visual for digital maintenance and service solutions

Digital Service Solutions for Your Injection Molding Machine

Higher Machine Availability and Less Scrap with Online Services

Digital service solutions ensure higher availability and more production output. Predictive maintenance systems detect wear so that unplanned downtime is avoided. The customer portal provides a real-time overview of your machines. The ENGEL service team resolves machine downtime quickly and globally with the remote maintenance tool, 24/7. Even our application engineers can optimize your injection molding processes virtually.

Advantages of Our Digital Service Solutions
Monitor production - avoid unplanned downtime
Picture shows ENGEL service technician

With our digital service solutions, you can minimize unplanned maintenance. The ENGEL product portfolio includes services for reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance. If you detect wear at an early stage, it’s easier to schedule maintenance ahead of time and therefore increase availability of your machines. Thanks to our digital service solutions, you can monitor the production data of your injection molding machines and robots and process-critical components in real-time.

Predict remaining service life of components
Image shows service technician in front of injection molding machine

Machine data is continuously analyzed when your production machines are connected. Our predictive maintenance systems detect the wear of machine components and reliably forecast their remaining service life. You can predict, previously unpredictable, downtimes and consider it for scheduling maintenance. You also increase the availability of your machines.

Troubleshooting with online support
Picture shows ENGEL service technicians during remote maintenance

If unplanned downtime occurs, fast troubleshooting is crucial. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More than 90 ENGEL service experts and product experts from the development and plasticizing department can provide you with support for all machine-specific challenges, using a remote maintenance tool. Thanks to our augmented reality tool, our service team sees exactly what the customer sees, what simplifies finding the solution. In addition, our service technicians can be on-site worldwide to get your machines up and running.

Optimize processes online for a better performance
Image shows online support by ENGEL

ENGEL application engineers connect online with your systems to optimize process and machine settings. Our data specialists evaluate your production data with Big Data analytics. You will receive recommendations of measures to achieve consistently high quality. You benefit from more stability, higher output, and fewer rejects in your production. Our experts support you in activating and setting up digital solution tools.

Digital Service Solutions for Your Injection Molding Machine

You will find the right online service solution for your production needs in our product portfolio. We offer digital products for reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance.

Reactive Maintenance

Your machines are running as long as they are not showing any problems. But do you need immediate machine maintenance in case of an issue?

  • Available hotline support with extensive knowledge

  • Quickly start troubleshooting with remote maintenance tools

  • High parts availability

Preventive Maintenance

Do you plan maintenance ahead and want to avoid downtime before it occurs?

  • Customized maintenance at regular intervals

  • Injection molding machine service support by ENGEL experts

  • Safety and reliability of your machines

Predictive Maintenance

Do you prefer to continuously monitor the condition of your machines to predict errors?

  • Monitoring of process-critical machine components with condition monitoring

  • Predict wear and downtime of your components in time

  • Avoid unplanned downtime and unnecessary troubleshooting

Our Digital Service Solutions

More machine availability and good parts by using our digital products

Picture shows remote maintenance support at ENGEL

Remote Maintenance Tool


With the intelligent remote maintenance tool e-connect.24 you get qualified assistance 24/7. The guaranteed response time is 2 hours.

Image shows remote assistance with augmented reality by ENGEL

Remote Assistance with Augmented Reality view

Troubleshooting together with ENGEL service experts. Live video and audio calls including innovative augmented reality functions - via smartphone, tablet, or smart glasses. It can be pulled up on the browser - no installation on your device is needed.

Image shows condition monitoring by ENGEL

Condition Monitoring


Digital condition monitoring of key components of your injection molding machine during production. This allows you to predict the remaining service life of the monitored parts in your machines.

Image shows customer portal

Customer Portal


Your online portal for an overview of your machines - at any time. Easily keep an eye on current service cases, monitored components or upcoming appointments.

Picture shows service expert from ENGEL during remote maintenance

Digital Service for Application Technology

Performance.Boost Including Digital Product Training

Our application engineers and data specialists support you online - whether you want to improve part quality, process stability or cycle time during injection molding processes.

Picture shows service technician and customer with an ENGEL injection molding machine

Customer Service and Maintenance

Learn more about our service products. Find solutions for improved availability of your machines in our portfolio.

Picture shows service technician in front of an ENGEL injection molding machine

Service center

  • Overview of orders and service tickets

  • Online machine documentation

  • Identify & order spare parts using image and text recognition

Customer Success Stories with Our Digital Products
Picture shows support bracket production in Arad at Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst
Optimize Production Process with Online Support
Remote Maintenance Tool Accelerates Production Start at Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst in Romania

Digital products are in focus, not only for urgent service cases. With e-connect.24, ENGEL provides support during start-up and during the process. For shorter cycle times, less wear or higher quality.

Possibilities for Fast Online Support
Picture shows Head of Customer Service Division at ENGEL Austria

When you need assistance immediately, you can count on us. More than 90 hotline experts will help you virtually thanks to digital solutions. With the remote maintenance tool e-connect.24 directly at your injection molding machine or with the augmented reality solution view via your computer, smartphone or smart glasses.

Harald Wegerer, Head of Customer Service Division at ENGEL Austria
Digital solutions for further phases of the product life cycle

Digitization means producing more efficiently and reaching the full potential of your injection molding machine. Our solutions support you for the entire product life cycle of your injection molding production.

Image shows digital solutions by ENGEL for the design of injection molded parts


Align simulation and real measurement data and shorten start-up phase.

Image shows digital solutions by ENGEL for mold sampling

Mold sampling

Optimize the usual preparations for mold sampling and start series production faster.

Image shows digital solutions by ENGEL for injection molding production


With intuitive software solutions, you have a complete overview of your production, can make full use of the potential and support your employees.

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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