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Image shows injection molding machines by ENGEL
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Injection molding machines

Always the right choice for your requirements

We know that the requirements of our customers and the products they produce are versatile. At ENGEL, we see ourselves as a turnkey solution provider. We support our customers with their challenges. Our injection molding machines stand for efficiency, quality and reliability.

Our product portfolio ranges from 280 kN to 55,000 kN clamping force. It includes hydraulic, hybrid and electric injection molding machines with horizontal or vertical injection units. From fast available stock machines and customized machines to high precision production cells with the shortest cycle times.

Focus on your requirements

When choosing an injection molding machine, the customer's requirements are the most relevant. ENGEL therefore classifies the machines based on the following customer requests:

Fastest availability

The injection molding machine is quickly at your production site.

Maximum flexibility

The injection molding machine can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Highest performance

The injection molding machine is designed for lowest cycle time and highest precision.

Our machine portfolio at a glance
Details of the construction types
The two-platen machines: our duo series
Picture shows large injection molding machine by ENGEL

Our two-platen injection molding machines are characterized by an extensive clamping force on the smallest footprint. It includes machines from 3,500 to 55,000 kN clamping force: from the entry-level t-win model and the customizable duo tech to the fast duo speed. The duo series is one of the most energy-efficient machines of this type - with up to 55% less energy consumption than machines without servo hydraulics.

The toggle machines: our versatile electric machines
Picture shows electric injection molding machine by ENGEL

Our electric machine portfolio reaches from the standard e-mac stock machine and the customizable e-mac and e-motion to the high-performance e-cap and e-speed, which are especially suited for the packaging industry. In addition, the integrated encapsulated toggle of the injection molding machines is the optimum solution for cleanroom applications. The clamping force ranges from 300 to 6,500 kN.

The tie-bar-less machine: our victory series
Picture shows tie-bar-less injection molding machine from ENGEL

Compact, energy-efficient and consistently high part quality: The victory series - from 280 to 5,000 kN clamping force - offers you the perfect modular system to produce technical parts. The patented Force Dividers, which distribute the clamping force evenly over the entire clamping surface, guarantee consistently high part quality, even with multi-cavity molds. In addition, the proven tie-bar-less technology allows the use of a small injection molding machine for large molds. You only invest in the clamping force that is needed, saving valuable production space.

The vertical tie-bar-less machine: our insert series
Image shows injection molding machine for overmolding inserts

Ergonomics is the top priority for this injection molding machine. The clamping unit enables ergonomic overmolding of inserts. Thanks to the wide range of options and the flexible machine concept, the machine can be adapted to your requirements.

Our customers are one step ahead - with the right machine solution
The optimum solution for all applications

The use of high-quality plastic components is unlimited. The requirements of the parts are versatile.

No matter what you produce:

  • Caps and closures, food packaging, pails or thin wall containers,

  • Automotive components for micro parts, car body, lighting, or lightweight construction,

  • Products for daily life such as household appliances, toys or furniture, tanks or pallets for the logistics industry

  • Pharmaceutical and medical technology products such as syringes, pipettes, or other products with high levels of cleanliness,

  • Various injection molded parts for electrical components, electronic products and more.

We offer you the right turnkey solution for maximum productivity.

Everything from one source

We focus on forward-looking development and the production of injection molding machines and automation. Innovative technologies, modern production facilities and sustainable service and support enable our customers to be competitive and successful.

Leading in the use of special technologies

With over 20 proven injection molding processes, ENGEL allows economical production despite increasing product requirements.

Our portfolio includes processes for:

  • Sophisticated component designs with additional function integration

  • Parts made of transparent plastics for a perfect view

  • Lightweight plastic parts to reduce weight and warpage with different foaming technologies

  • Precision injection molding for more geometric accuracy, better surface quality and low component weight

  • Special materials such as elastomers and thermosets, and a lot more

The green fleet saves energy costs

Whether hydraulic, hybrid or all-electric: ENGEL injection molding machines are among the most efficient machines on the market. Servo-hydraulic machines consume less than 60% compared to hydraulic injection molding machines with a fixed displacement pump. For all-electric injection molding machines, energy consumption can usually be cut in half.

With integrated temperature control solutions and our digital assistance systems, an additional energy-saving potential of up to 67% can be possible.

Are you looking for an injection molding machine that is quickly available?

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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