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Retrofits for Injection Molding Machines and Robots

Modernization or Adaptation of Existing Machines

ENGEL machines produce reliably for decades. Nevertheless, they can be retrofitted as needed to meet new production requirements. Efficiency and flexibility are often driving indicators. Our solutions for machine retrofits meet the need to upgrade existing injection molding machines and robots to face new challenges. Additionally, upgrades increase the service life of your machines.

Your Advantages with Our Machine and Robot Retrofits
Modifications for new applications in injection molding
Picture shows easix robot by ENGEL

With ENGEL you can retrofit your machines and use them for new applications. Would you like to start a new project with your existing injection molding machine? We offer a wide range of services, from individual retrofits to comprehensive modernizations of the machine. Whether engineering, manufacturing, or assembly at your site - everything can be done by our team of experts. This allows you to keep pace with new production requirements.

Extend service life - increase efficiency
Picture shows machine operator at ENGEL injection molding machine controller

Refurbishments are a part of retrofits that change your machines to the latest technologies. Our refurbishments for injection molding machines enable increased energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption. In addition to a reduced carbon footprint in your production, upgrading to new control and drive technology allows you to fully utilize the potential of your machines. With ENGEL’s solutions you will keep your existing injection molding machines and robots running cost-efficiently for years.

Save investment costs with retrofits
Picture shows modular retrofit machine solution by ENGEL

Investing in new equipment is not always the most reasonable choice. Instead of a new purchase, retrofits modernize your existing machines to keep them in operation. We offer you customized and modular refitting solutions for injection molding machines and robots from a single source. If you would like to purchase a used, function-tested injection molding machine, take a look at our refurbished used machines offer.

Fast solution for new challenges
Picture shows heating tape insulation

A variety of standardized retrofits for your machines are available for you at a very short notice. The predefined packages are OEM quality. Thanks to retrofits, you can easily and quickly bring your injection molding machine up to date to optimize production or adapt it to new requirements.

Knowledge for a smooth machine modification
Picture shows oil maintenance on an injection molding machine by a service technician from ENGEL

Our service experts analyze your individual needs for machine retrofits and advise you on options for machine and automation modifications as well as increased efficiency. They ensure that the retrofits of your injection molding machine are coordinated with existing processes and your peripherals. During the retrofit process, our experienced technicians take responsibility for a smooth implementation. In addition, you can count on the support of our application engineers.

Using Machines Sustainably Thanks to Retrofits

Do you want to use your injection molding machine for new applications, be more efficient, and save energy costs at the same time? Our retrofit machine solutions are the right fit for you.

Which Retrofits for Machines and Robots Do We Offer?

A Wide Range of Customized Retrofits

You can get a variety of customized retrofits for your injection molding machine. Your existing machine will last longer and run more efficiently - for a lower investment.

Image shows machine retrofit solutions by ENGEL
Picture shows machines retrofit by ENGEL
The Following Machine Retrofits are Frequently Requested:
  • Additional core pulls

  • Hydraulic power pack

  • Mold heating

  • Mold nozzle control

  • Hot runners

  • Additional inputs/outputs (I/Os)

  • Euromap interfaces - Euromap 63, Euromap 67/12

  • Solutions for fast mold change

  • Rotary tables

  • Tie-bar pulling device

  • Pneumatic/hydraulic shut-off nozzles

  • Shut off nozzle system

  • Pneumatic air valves

  • Robots & automation

Existing machine, new production output
Picture shows Teamleader Customer Service Division RETROFIT at ENGEL Austria

New requirements for increased efficiency, production modifications or automation make an upgrade of the injection molding machine necessary from time to time. With our retrofit solutions, you can bring your machine up-to-date and expand its functions.

Johannes Krenn, Teamleader Customer Service Division RETROFIT at ENGEL Austria
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Retrofit your Machines and Robots with Original Spare Parts
Picture shows plasticizing screw by ENGEL

Plasticizing Components

Wear parts always available

  • Individual solutions

  • Consulting and technical support

  • Fast, worldwide delivery

Picture shows hydraulic hose of an injection molding machine by ENGEL

Hydraulic Hose Service

Regular hose replacement for a safe working environment

  • Compliance with legal safety requirements

  • Professional replacement by ENGEL service technicians and 24 months warranty

Picture shows spare parts of an injection molding machine by ENGEL

Spare Parts

  • Original OEM quality spare parts

  • 4 global logistics hubs

  • High availability

  • Short delivery times

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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