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Image shows injection molding in the electronics industry

Injection Molding Electronics - Solutions

Parts Variety with ENGEL as a Turnkey Supplier

Do you produce a wide variety of injection-molded parts for electronic products? Many applications are complex and challenging. From micro-connectors with delicate structures to extra-large TV housings with high surface quality: ENGEL provides you with customized injection molding systems and knowledge for your production of injection-molded electronics.

Your Advantages with ENGEL Solutions for Injection Molding Electronics
Save time and money with complete solutions
Image shows turnkey solution by ENGEL

No matter which electronic parts you produce by injection molding, ENGEL can provide you with a suitable, complete solution from a single source. The injection molding machine, automation, and peripherals are coordinated with each other. All units are controlled simply and conveniently via the central CC300 control unit. This simplifies your daily work and new employees do not have to get used to several control systems. Your production system is CE-certified.

Consistent part quality thanks to precise electric machines
Picture shows electric injection molding machine by ENGEL

With our electric injection molding machines, you can manufacture small electronic parts with tight tolerances at consistent high quality. You benefit from precise machine movements and high repeatability. Especially for thin-walled parts produced with multi-cavity molds. Save energy costs thanks to the high efficiency of servo-electric drives.

Process engineering knowledge for fast product development
Picture shows application engineer with customer at ENGEL

When developing electronic parts, speed is important to reduce the time-to-market period. Our experts support you with valuable knowledge about injection molding processes and process sequences.

We will be happy to perform injection molding trials at our in-house tech centers with you. We evaluate the captured data and provide you with recommendations. In this way, we ensure a short development phase and a fast start to series production.

Intelligent assistance systems for complex applications
Image shows application of digital solutions on ENGEL injection molding machine control unit

Make full use of the potential of your injection molding machine with our digital assistance systems. The tools detect deviations in the production process and compensate for them automatically. This further improves the precision and repeatability of your machines. It keeps the quality of your electronic injection-molded parts consistently high, and you avoid scrap. In addition, our assistance systems make many particularly demanding applications possible.

Applications of Injection-Molded Parts in the Electronics Industry
Picture shows plastic connector


Produce plastic connectors in all shapes and sizes

Image shows plastic smartphone cover

Consumer Electronics

Solutions for injection-molded parts in consumer electronics, from camera lenses to TV housings

Image shows Samsung Electronics logo

Thanks to ENGEL's passion and reliability, we have achieved great things. And we hope to achieve even greater things in the future.

Taekyun Kim, Senior Engineer at Samsung Electronics Suwon, Korea

Production of Injection Molding Electronics

Production of inserts for connectors. These delicate inserts with various part geometries are manufactured on a 16-cavity mold. The compact and precise e-mac injection molding machine is the right fit for an electronics industry application.

Video shows production of inserts for connectors >
Picture shows Vice President Technical Moulding & Teletronics at ENGEL Austria
Do you have questions about our injection molding solutions for applications in the electronics industry?

We will be happy to advise you and find the perfect solution for you.

Machines for Electronics Injection Molding
Picture shows large injection molding machine by ENGEL

Large Injection Molding Machine


With the duo dual-platen machine, you can efficiently produce large injection-molded parts such as TV housings

  • Large clamping side can be combined with small injection unit

  • Large mold area

  • High clamping forces

Picture shows small injection molding machine by ENGEL

Small Injection Molding Machine


The electric e-mac is the right choice for smaller parts like connectors

  • Precise machine movements

  • High repeatability

  • Small footprint

Picture shows vertical injection molding machine by ENGEL

Vertical Machine for Inserts


The insert injection molding machine with vertical clamping unit for overmolding inserts

  • With vertical or horizontal injection unit

  • Ergonomic and economical production

  • Adaptable to a wide range of requirements

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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