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Image shows injection molding machines from ENGEL

We bring the world of injection molding to you.

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Picture shows US stock machines and robots

US stock machines and robots

Discover stock machines
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Green is more than a color

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Welcome to ENGEL North America

Your injection molding partner

ENGEL is the reliable machine manufacturer you are looking for. With over 40 years of experience in the US, we know about the injection molding market. Our company headquarters, located in York, Pennsylvania, includes an assembly plant for customized machine requirements and individualized project solutions needed by our customers. The production floor space of 105,500 sq ft, makes it ideally suited for stocking machines and also for our extensive spare parts inventory with 24/7 parts shipping.

The one stop shop - our portfolio at a glance

Image shows injection molding machines by ENGEL

Injection molding machines

Injection molding machines from 280 kN to 55,000 kN clamping force for all your requirements. Hydraulic, all-electric, hybrid, horizontal and vertical solutions of the best quality.

Image shows injection molding automation by ENGEL


Expertise in injection molding automation at all levels: From injection molding machines, robots and conveyor belt systems to peripherals.

Image shows digital solutions by ENGEL

Digital solutions

Our digital solutions support you throughout the entire service life of your product. From component design, mold sampling and production, to maintenance and service.

Picture shows plastic components

Injection Molding Processes

Thinking ahead in plastics processing: Using resource-saving processes to fulfill the demanding requirements of a modern world.

Image shows service by ENGEL


High availability of the machine. Reliable service and spare parts management at each subsidiary and close to you.

Image shows solution for reducing the energy consumption of an injection molding machine
Reduce the energy consumption of your injection molding machine sustainably

We don't just look at the injection molding machine, but the entire production cell. With a combination of temperature control, intelligent device communication and smart process control, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of your injection molding machine can be reduced by up to 67%.

Picture shows stock machines by ENGEL
Injection molding machines in stock

Stronger competitors and changing requirements of the industry are challenging your daily business. Our UL certified stock machines (with SPI platen) in the US are the solution, to make your life easier - injection molding machines for high volume and precise production delivered in the shortest possible time.

Image shows ENGEL’s Sustainability Report
Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of all entrepreneurial activities of the ENGEL Group. Across several generation, the use of modern technology to achieve cost effectiveness, ethical conduct, social responsibility and the protection of our environment are firmly anchored in our company’s values.

Picture shows ENGEL employees in front of an injection molding machine
Start your career at ENGEL North America

The driving force behind ENGEL is our employees. We are committed to plastics as the material of the future, and as a global team we work passionately every day to provide our customers with the best solutions for their requirements.

Are you looking for a new job? Have a look at our vacancies and apply now.

ENGEL news
  • News
    ENGEL elast at Plast Eurasia 2022
    November 15, 2022

    Maximum output with maximum quality consistency – at Plast Eurasia 2022 from 23 to 26 November in Istanbul, Turkey, ENGEL, the injection moulding machine manufacturer and systems solution expert headquartered in Austria, will be presenting how the perfect interplay of injection moulding machine, peripherals, automation and Industry 4.0 can combine these requirements with high cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Live on show: the production of liquid silicone blade valves on a tie-bar-less e-victory injection moulding machine.

  • News
    EcoVadis: Gold for ENGEL
    November 7, 2022

    ENGEL is one of the most sustainable industrial companies worldwide. This was confirmed by the current sustainability ranking on the EcoVadis platform. ENGEL has improved its ranking from silver to gold and is the only injection moulding machine manufacturer with gold status to date.

  • News
    Dry cycle time around ten percent shorter
    October 25, 2022

    The better the motion sequence, the higher the performance. In the form of iQ motion control, ENGEL has developed a smart assistance system which automatically optimises the acceleration phases to support faster movements. This is already possible for the viper linear robots, and now it is being introduced for the injection moulding machine at K 2022. In high-performance applications, this can significantly shorten cycle times and provide a competitive advantage.

  • News
    More space for the mould on the same footprint
    October 25, 2022

    At the K show 2022, the dual platen large machines from the ENGEL duo product family are exhibiting even more flexibility and efficiency. The new duo tech can accommodate larger moulds on the same footprint and achieves greater productivity thanks to a shorter dry cycle time and improved power.

  • News
    The online portal for the whole of the injection moulding production
    October 19, 2022

    The ENGEL customer portal provides an overview of the entire injection moulding production, independently of the location, and reduces the time for accessing the ENGEL world for processors. The new version of e connect the injection moulding machine manufacturer is exhibiting at K 2022 can do far more. Injection moulding machines by other manufacturers can also be integrated into the shop floor monitoring system with the free basic package. And the new e-connect offers extensive process data analysis options – again for all machine makes and other areas of the value chain.

  • News
    ENGEL Launches Comprehensive Apprenticeship Program
    October 19, 2022

    ENGEL North America runs a comprehensive paid apprenticeship program for students to learn the ins and outs of injection molding.

  • News
    Innovations and global presence ensure long-term growth
    October 19, 2022

    Be the first. – This is the banner under which ENGEL will be showcasing innovative products and solutions for a more sustainable injection moulding industry at K 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 19 to 26 October. Energy efficiency, the circular economy and digitalisation are the key topics and the trends that show potential for growth in what are still challenging times.

  • News
    Improved cost efficiency in structural foam moulding
    October 12, 2022

    ENGEL is improving the cost-effectiveness of structural foam moulding at the K show 2022 with new ENGEL e-foam XL multi central gas supply units. Another new feature: Sophisticated sample parts produced during the show do not require any additional overhead, but leave the injection moulding machine ready to fit with a structured class A surface.

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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