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Bild zeigt digitale Spritzgussfertigungs-Lösungen von ENGEL

Digitalization in the Injection molding manufacturing process

ENGEL's digital solutions consistently ensure good parts quality and allow significant cost and energy reduction in your Injection molding manufacturing process.

With easy-to-use software tools such as digital machine data acquisition, you have a continuous overview of your production, make full use of the potential and support your employees.

Advantages of digital solutions in Injection molding manufacturing process
Know what's going on in your Injection molding manufacturing process

By connecting your injection molding machines, you can exchange information directly with software systems. Process data is digitally recorded and collected in real-time. As a result, you can permanently improve your manufacturing performance through continuous monitoring of production and processes.

Digital products promote a sustainable production

Resource-saving manufacturing is an essential part of a Circular Economy, which we are committed to at ENGEL. Digital solutions support and accelerate sustainable development in many areas of manufacturing, from recyclate processing to reducing your energy consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint.

A stable production process saves costs

Using digital solutions in injection molding manufacturing processes, you can detect and compensate for deviations and therefore minimize scrap. ENGEL’s iQ weight control and iQ process observer are the right digital products to reach these goals. A stable production reduces your machine downtime. You can make full use of the potential of your injection molding machine, which saves you time and money.

Easy planning through machine data acquisition

A central, digital data acquisition enables you to plan capacities better and increases the efficiency of your machinery. With the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) authentig, you can replace your manual data collection with digital reports. The flood of information is streamlined and lead times are shortened.

Intuitive operation supports your employees

The uncomplicated utilization in day-to-day work, an intuitive interface and simple control make it easier to handle the digital products - even for employees without IT experience. Machine operation is simplified and workflows in your Injection molding manufacturing process are more efficient.

Cross-site compliance with process settings

Setpoint changes become traceable. Even from a distance, you can ensure that the machine settings across the entire machine park are not changed or only changed within the defined scope. This means that your Injection molding manufacturing process has the same standards globally.

Documented quality and traceability

Complete documentation of injection molding processes is a standard customer requirement in many industries. Defined values of your Injection molding manufacturing process are recorded. Thanks to central management, all test results are available and can be presented for audits.

Our solutions for your Injection molding manufacturing process

Increase your production efficiency by using our digital products.

Picture shows digital assistance tool iQ weight control by ENGEL

Compensate for process fluctuations

iQ weight control

The injection molding machine automatically compensates for fluctuations in material quality and changes in the environment.

Image shows digital assistance software for constant temperature control processes by ENGEL

Constant temperature monitoring

iQ flow control

Efficient temperature monitoring ensures consistent product quality and energy optimization.

Picture shows digital product authentig by ENGEL

Control processes digitally


The machine data acquisition software provides information about productivity, on-time delivery and production quality.

Image shows digital solution for robot positioning from ENGEL

Fast positioning

iQ vibration control

The vibration behavior of the robot and the external environment is detected and compensated for by sensor technology.

Picture shows smart robot in the mold area of an injection molding machine

Digital solutions for automation

Linear robot viper

Integrated standard solutions extend the service life of your viper linear robot, shorten the cycle time, and increase production efficiency.

Image shows software for process parameter monitoring in Injection molding manufacturing process

Monitor process parameters

iQ process observer

Hundreds of process parameters in the injection molding process are continuously monitored and optimized.

Image shows production monitoring using the e-connect portal by ENGEL

Production monitoring

shopfloor monitoring

  • Analyze production data retrospectively

  • Identify optimization potential at the push of a button

  • Independent of the manufacturer

Image shows process data analysis using the e-connect portal by ENGEL

Process data analysis

process insights

  • Make informed decisions during sampling, start-up & root cause analysis

  • Efficient reject analyses

  • Detect long-term effects

Introduction of ENGEL’s digital solutions

In this video, Paul Kapeller, Head of Product Management ENGEL Digital Solutions, explains the wide range of applications of ENGEL's digital solutions in Injection molding manufacturing process.

Video shows introduction of ENGEL's digital solutions in the Injection molding manufacturing process >
We are looking forward to advising you.

Use the digital products to optimize your Injection molding manufacturing process.

Application examples

Use cases show how production facilities are successfully using ENGEL's digital solutions in their Injection molding manufacturing process.

Picture shows 2 men in front of a green injection molding machine
Shopfloor monitoring & process monitoring at SolidPlast

SolidPlast from Poland specializes in the processing of polyoxymethylene (POM). The implementation of shopfloor monitoring and the iQ process observer for process monitoring saves costs and energy.

Image shows ENGEL's digital solutions success story with customer Braun
Braun avoids rejects with iQ weight control
Switching to consistent quality

Thanks to iQ weight control, the system immediately detects deviations from target values and automatically adjusts them in the same shot. Production efficiency has been significantly increased. Weight consistency has improved by 85%.

Picture shows ENGEL’s machine data acquisition software success story with customer BIC
BIC gets quick production status update with authentig
More traceability and fewer operating errors

The MES by authentig provides an overview of production-relevant key data in real time. The shift supervisor gets information about process stability and productivity of 50 injection molding machines in just 15 minutes.

Digital solutions for further phases of the product life cycle

Digitization provides more production efficiency and delivers full use of the machine potential. Our solutions support you along the entire product life cycle of your Injection molding manufacturing process.

Image shows digital solutions by ENGEL for the design of injection molded components


Align simulation and real measurement data and shorten the start-up phase.

Image shows digital solutions by ENGEL for mold sampling

Mold sampling

Optimize the usual preparations for sampling and start series production faster.

Image shows digital solutions by ENGEL for servicing injection molding machines

Maintenance & service

Worldwide and fast on-site and online support from our service experts for efficient production.

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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