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Graphic shows injection molding automation solution from ENGEL

ENGEL Injection Molding Automation

Complete Production Cells by One Provider

Expertise in injection molding automation at all levels: From the injection molding machine to the robot and conveyor systems to peripheral equipment. All processes and elements are perfectly coordinated. You can rely on the best part quality, stable processes and high productivity.


Years of Experience in Injection Molding Automation


Installed Robots & Automation Solutions Worldwide


Global Automation Centers

The Advantages of Our Injection Molding Automation Solutions
Wide range of products for injection molding automation
Picture shows automation system with articulated robot by ENGEL

We design and manufacture critical components for the automation of your injection molding system. That includes linear & articulated robots, peripheral and conveyor technology as well as grippers and safety guards. With these products, we offer exactly the solution you need for reliable production and safe handling of your parts.

Injection molding automation customized to your requirements
Picture shows injection molding machine with safety guarding by ENGEL

From simple robot and automation solutions to complex and customized production cells for all industries. Mechanical and control integration of the individual components results in compact solutions that minimize floor space and enable ergonomic working.

Make production processes faster and more efficient
Picture shows injection molding machine with CC300 controller by ENGEL

In addition to mechanical, electrical and pneumatic automation solutions in injection molding, we also offer innovative digital solutions from ENGEL’s inject 4.0 product portfolio. The intelligent assistance systems for the robot, support you significantly in increasing the productivity of your entire injection molding production.

Save time with fast set-up and start-up
Picture shows machine operator at ENGEL’s robot controller

The integrated control concept of machine, robot and peripherals via our CC300 injection molding machine controller means less training needed and a faster start-up. The joint parts data management for robot and machine also enables faster modification and minimizes errors.

Uniform standards in Europe, Asia, and America
Picture shows assembly of a robot by ENGEL

Experts from our worldwide automation centers support you in the design and concept of your automated production cell. You get access to the knowledge and expertise of the entire ENGEL team. Over 55 global representatives and 31 subsidiaries guarantee uniform standards and fast support for automation in injection molding.

Do You Have Questions about ENGEL Injection Molding Automation?

We are happy to advise you in finding a customized automation solution for your injection molding production.

Picture shows robot by ENGEL
ENGEL Robots

Increase Productivity with Innovative Robot Technology

We offer reliable and precise linear and multi-axis robots for demanding production requirements and environments. As part of the automation portfolio, our robots are optimized for injection molding and are available in a wide range of payloads and reaches. They ensure high productivity and effective parts handling.

Our Robot Portfolio
Picture shows cartesian robot by ENGEL

Cartesian Robot


Powerful and flexible cartesian robots for a wide range of applications

Picture shows sprue picker by ENGEL

Sprue Picker

pic & e-pic

Compact, reliable and energy-saving sprue pickers and pick & place robots

Picture shows articulated robot by ENGEL

Articulated Robot


For flexible and complex handling of tasks and precise part processing

Picture shows conveyor technology of an ENGEL injection molding machine
Conveyor Technology

Flexible Conveyor Belt Systems for Efficient Parts Handling

Our conveyor technology consists of a variety of conveyor belt solutions. These solutions carefully and quickly transport your injection molded parts out of your production unit. Whether with or without robots, free-standing or integrated, our conveyor technology offers you exactly the solution you need for fast and reliable production processes.

How Does 24/7 Automation Work
Hannes Peterseil | Steinbach International GmbH

When we send a service ticket to ENGEL, the technician is in front of the machine 20 minutes later. We get excellent technology and the fastest service.

Hannes Peterseil, Plant Manager at Steinbach International GmbH
Injection Molding Automation Used in Many Industries
  • Application in the Medical Industry

    The ENGEL compact cell makes a significant contribution to the compact design of the production cell for medical components.

  • Application in the Automotive Industry

    Compact production cell for producing three organo sheets of different thicknesses. Three easix articulated robots and two infrared ovens are used.

  • Application in the Packaging Industry

    The e-motion 220 injection molding machine uses an injection blow molding process with cube technology. Hence it can produce small containers combined with an easix articulated robot.

  • Application in Technical Injection Molding Industry

    Have a look at the production of transport boxes from recyclate and virgin material on a duo injection molding machine with a viper linear robot.

  • Injection Molding Automation in Entertainment Electronics

    A multi-cavity mold with complex part geometry shows the strengths of our e-mac injection molding machine in combination with a viper linear robot.

Teamwork for efficiency of injection molding automation
Picture shows Head of Automation at ENGEL Austria

At ENGEL, the injection molding machine and robot work as a team. With a shared database, coordinated movements and situational dynamics. Together, the ENGEL injection molding machine and ENGEL robot are unbeatable when it comes to short cycles and optimum energy efficiency.

Jörg Fuhrmann, Vice President Automation at ENGEL Austria
Latest News about Injection Molding Automation

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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