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Picture shows transparent plastic injection molding parts by ENGEL

Injection Molding of Transparent Plastic Parts

Top Quality for the Perfect View

Transparent plastics offer great potential for various applications. The design freedom offered by the injection molding process and energy-efficient processing combine with the advantages of lightweight construction. This is especially important in the automotive industry. Optical and transparent plastic injection molding parts place high demands on processing.

Advantages of Injection Molding for Transparent Plastic
Optimum machine design for gentle plasticizing
Picture shows plasticizing screws by ENGEL

Special screw geometries, screw metals, and coatings are adapted for different materials, for example PMMA, PC, or COC. The right geometry ensures gentle plasticizing.

Patented multi-layer process for better component quality
Picture shows transparent plastic lens by ENGEL

ENGEL's innovative injection molding processes guarantee high precision and flawless parts. A patented multi-layer process supports you in the production of optical and transparent plastic parts such as lenses of high quality and perfect transparency.

Solutions for a wide range of applications
Picture shows optical plastic component by ENGEL

ENGEL is your reliable partner. Whether you are producing the smallest lenses for smartphone cameras, thick-walled automotive lenses, or PMMA light guides. With well-defined solutions and pioneering injection molding processes, we create high surface quality while adhering to the lowest tolerances.

Increase melt quality with software solutions
Image shows digital solution for improved melt quality by ENGEL

Our optimelt sequence software solution is an important addition to our portfolio. It allows an extension of the machine sequence and opens new plasticizing possibilities. The melt is pressurized, which improves the melt quality, thus avoiding micro-defects on the transparent plastic component.

Picture shows Vice President Global Application Engineering at ENGEL Austria
Are you a manufacturer of high-quality optical and transparent plastic components?

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge in this area to make your products even better. We will be happy to advise you.

Picture shows optical components by ENGEL
Defect-free Interior for Brilliant Images

The optimelt sequence software reduces micro-defects on optical and transparent plastic parts.

Injection Molding Processes for Optical and Transparent Parts: An Overview

Process Product name Industry Application Method
Processing of transparent materials optimelt Electronics Automobile & Mobility Lenses and light guides, Glazing Production of transparent components for optical applications
Silicone processing / liquid injection molding LSR/LIM Electronics Automobile & Mobility Lenses and light guides Processing of materials that only crosslink in the mold
Injection compression molding coinmelt Automobile & Mobility Thin-walled glazing (combination with multi-component injection molding possible), Head-up displays, Headlight covers Production of precise components with low residual stresses with injection compression molding
Details of our Injection Molding Processes for Optical and Transparent Plastic Parts
Picture shows injection molded transparent lens by ENGEL
Processing of Transparent Materials

To further optimize optical component qualities of PMMA light guides, for example, we enable close interaction between the machine and special peripherals.

Product range:

  • Dedusting devices

  • Starve feeding solutions for the plasticizing unit with integrated nitrogen flooding

  • High-resolution camera systems for inline quality control

Your Advantages with the Optimelt Process
Gentle Processing

This injection molding process enables gentle plasticizing and homogenizing of transparent plastic melts.

Plasticizing Unit Cleans Itself

The self-cleaning feature of the plasticizing unit reduces material degradation.

Component-compatible Process and Machine Technology

The injection molding process and the machine technology are fine-tuned to the transparent plastic parts produced.

Integration of Suitable Peripherals

Peripherals are directly integrated into your production cell.

  • Better melt quality

  • Less component contamination

Picture shows transparent plastic components produced by silicone injection molding
Silicone Processing / Liquid Injection Molding
LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) / LIM (Liquid Injection Molding)

Micro-silicone parts, baby bottle nipples or large-volume insulators are just a few examples of the use of LIM (liquid injection molding). The technology for processing LSR is the first choice especially for optical components that are exposed to high thermal loads, as in LED headlights, for example. This allows you to produce parts from liquid silicone in a single step without secondary operations and waste.

Your Advantages with LIM
Efficient Manufacturing

Fully automatic 24/7 silicone processing in injection molding.

Variable Systems

LIM injection units with screw conveyor or injection plunger.

Perfect Assistance

Production assistance through various metering pumps integrated into the ENGEL control unit.

Individual Solutions

Depending on the application, hydraulic or all-electric, horizontal or vertical injection molding machines.

  • Precise manufacturing

  • Few burr defects

  • Rework- and waste-free products

Lenses for LED Headlights with LIM

Video shows production of transparent plastic lenses >
Picture shows transparent plastic component by ENGEL
Injection Compression Molding

Precise surfaces for particularly high demands: With the ENGEL coinmelt injection compression process, you can achieve perfect quality for your transparent plastic parts. From automotive glazing and optical lenses to molding the finest, micro-scaled structures.

Your Advantages with coinmelt
Lower Injection Pressure Requirement Compared to Injection Molding

You need less injection pressure to produce transparent parts and so save energy.

Lower Shear with the Same Wall Thickness

The production of precise components with the same wall thickness is possible.

Less Component Warpage

Lower stresses in the component and therefore less warpage.

  • Uniform impression of structures

  • More even material distribution for greater shape accuracy

Discover More Injection Molding Processes for your Plastics Production

Over 20 proven injection molding processes for more cost efficiency and different applications.

Picture shows surface finishes of a plastic part by ENGEL

Surface Finishes and Functionalizing Plastic Parts

Injection molding process for sophisticated component designs with additional functional integration

Picture shows lightweight elements made of plastic

Weight and Warpage Reduction

Injection molding process for lightweight plastic components to reduce weight and warpage of your plastic parts

Picture shows plastic parts manufactured by precision injection molding

Precision Injection Molding

For more geometric accuracy, better surface quality, and low component weight

Picture shows plastic component made of special material

Elastomers and Thermosets

A wide range of non-thermoplastics such as silicone, rubber, BMC, or HTV can be processed with injection molding

Picture shows recycled material

Injection molding process for recycled materials

More safety and consistently high product quality despite recycled material.

Image shows plastic parts manufactured by ENGEL using injection molding processes

Overview of all injection moulding processes

Over 20 Proven Injection Molding Technologies for More Profitability

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