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Picture shows machine operator using iQ hold control software

Optimum holding pressure time in injection molding

Faster to series production with iQ hold control setpoint assistant

The sealing point, also known as the holding pressure time in injection molding, is typically adjusted individually after mold setup. Several components need to be test-molded and analyzed in the quality laboratory. The iQ hold control software automatically optimizes the holding pressure . The result: No manual effort, savings in time and raw material, optimized cycle time.

Advantages of automatic holding pressure adjustment in injection molding
Faster start of series manufacture
Picture shows scale for measuring the weight of a plastic component

Manual determination of the holding pressure time during injection molding through sealing point determination is time-consuming. Parts must be removed from the production process l Equipment(a scale) is needed to check the weight of the molded part. iQ hold control, on the other hand, determines the holding pressure time automatically and within defined limits.

Less scrap due to automatic parameter setting
Image shows green plastic granules

Finding an optimum holding pressure time in injection molding requires a lot of experience and is time-consuming. Process engineers often only set the most necessary parameters Incorrect settings lead to unnecessary scrap. iQ hold control determines the holding pressure time objectively. The software supports less experienced process technicians. while also helping experienced technicians save time.

Easy operation via the machine control system
Picture shows process engineer from ENGEL at the injection molding machine control unit

iQ hold control is started via a dedicated button on the injection molding machine control screen. At the push of a button, the correct holding pressure time for the injection molding process is determined - fully automatically. After a few cycles, the software finds the optimum settings and suggests it to the operator.

Do you want to automatically optimize the holding pressure time in injection molding?

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions about iQ hold control.

Enhancing productivity through time savings
Picture shows application engineer at ENGEL

During the hectic production process, one often does not have the time to optimize all injection molding process settings..Without iQ hold control, it would have taken me at least 3 hours to accurately determine the holding pressure time. I can now use this time for other tasks.

Sebastian Weindlmayr, Application Engineer at ENGEL Austria

From 4.5 to 3.88 seconds holding pressure time

Watch the video to find out how easy iQ hold control works and what energy savings you can achieve in injection molding.

Video shows explanation of digital solution iQ hold control by ENGEL >
More digital solutions for optimized sampling processes
Image shows digital solution for calculating the clamping force

Optimize Clamping Force Intelligently

iQ clamp control

iQ clamp control automatically calculates the optimum clamping force and keeps mold breathing within the optimum range. Scrap is reduced and mold maintenance is minimized.

Picture shows process technicians from ENGEL at the machine control unit

Plasticizing Assistant

iQ melt control

The iQ melt control plasticizing assistant automatically optimizes the plasticizing time and ensures higher melt quality.

Image shows iQ motion control digital solution and software from ENGEL

Optimize Robot Movements

iQ motion control for robots

iQ motion control automatically adjusts the robot movements to the movement sequences of the injection molding machine.

Image shows iQ motion control software for injection molding machines by ENGEL

Automatically optimized mold movement

iQ motion control for machines

Up to 12% shorter dry cycle time of the injection molding machine in high-performance injection molding.

Picture shows machine operator at CC300 injection molding machine controller

Injection Molding Machine Controller


  • Safe and intuitive

  • Innovative machine operation

  • Self-explanatory navigation

  • Individual configuration

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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