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Image shows digital solution for the calculation of the clamping force

Clamping Force Calculation and Optimization

Resource-efficient Production of Parts with iQ clamp control

Mold breathing is the basis for iQ clamp control. If this is too high or too low, parts will show injection molding defects like burns or burrs. Mold wear is also a consequence. The intelligent iQ clamp control software calculates the optimum clamping force. Resource-saving production reduces the load on the machine and saves energy.

Up to 35%

Less Clamping Force


Energy Saving during Clamping Force Build-up on Hydraulic Machines


Second Cycle Time Reduction

Advantages of the Optimal Clamping Force Calculation
Save energy

iQ clamp control reduces the clamping force to the minimum required while maintaining optimum part quality. This means that the drive energy needed to build up the clamping force is reduced. This saves energy and cycle time.

Less wear

Using iQ clamp control protects the mold and the injection molding machine. The mold requires less frequent maintenance. The mold quality remains constant, and repeated manual readjustment is no longer necessary. Your maintenance costs decrease and productivity increases due to extended production intervals.

Better surface quality thanks to automatic impression taking

Especially with highly polished cavities, it is important to work with optimum clamping force, as the flow lines are less visible. If you depend on very high impression accuracy, our iQ clamp control software is the ideal solution for clamping force calculation.

Reduce scrap by automatic clamping force adjustment

If the clamping force is set too high, burns may occur. Too low a clamping force may lead to burr formation. By automatically determining mold breathing, the clamping force is calculated and set in the best possible way. Scrap is significantly reduced.

No additional costs for equipment or training

iQ clamp control calculates the correct clamping force fully automatically, regardless of the operator's experience. Neither additional measuring equipment on the machine nor additional sensor technology on the mold is required. Operation is simple, the software is integrated in the CC300 control unit of the injection molding machine.

You want a smart way to calculate and set the clamping force?

Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about clamping force optimization.

How the Smart Clamping Force Calculation Works

In this video you will see how iQ clamp control calculates and optimizes the clamping force based on mold breathing.

Video shows how the intelligent clamping force calculation works >
5 Steps to the Optimized Clamping Force Settings
  1. Activate iQ clamp control directly on the CC300 control unit

  2. Reference curves are determined at the touch of a button

  3. Set lower clamping force limit as safety limit

  4. Start production

  5. Automatic clamping force calculation and settings


  • Less scrap

  • Better surface quality

  • Energy savings

  • Less wear

What our Customers Say About iQ clamp control
Picture shows production manager at Dallmer Germany

With iQ clamp control, we increase the reproducibility and the quality of our products. We can eliminate overmolding and burr. Mold venting is improved and wear is reduced.

Andreas Föltz, Production Manager at Dallmer Germany
Further Information on Clamping Force Calculation with iQ clamp control
  • Picture shows technical manager of Kunststofftechnik Borgmann GmbH operating digital solutions in production
    Eva Wörnhörer
    Eva Wörnhörer
    May 27, 2024
    Digital solutions: Guaranteed practice success
    May 27, 2024

    Borgmann GmbH relies on digital solutions from ENGEL to maximize process stability and repeatability in production. The result: an impressive increase in efficiency and product quality while reducing costs.

    • digital solutions
    9 minutes
  • Picture shows Injection Molding Automation and Processes Engineer from BIC
    BIC about iQ clamp control

    BIC uses the intelligent iQ clamp control software to calculate the optimum clamping force. A reduction in clamping force means less wear on the molds and lower energy consumption, while maintaining the same quality of the plastic components.

  • Picture shows the mold area of a tie-barless injection molding machine from ENGEL
    Unparalleled Precision with Automatic Clamping Force Calculation

    The German company Dallmer specializes in building drainage systems. They rely on very high molding accuracy to achieve the desired product quality. Precision and reproducibility are key requirements for the injection molding machines. The digital solution iQ clamp control helps increase both.

  • Image shows ENGEL injection moulding machine for Schneider Form company
    Using Breathing Signals for Process Optimization

    Mold breathing provides useful information about the processes that occur in the mold and the cavity. Mold-maker Schneider Form and injection molding machine-maker ENGEL have recognized the potential which this process variable offers and have worked intensively on it for several years, albeit by adopting different approaches.

  • Picture shows woman doing yoga
    2015-10: Plastics - Breathing Exercises for Process Optimization

    Self adapting, decentralized systems improve process capability and product quality and are an important component in the smart factory, which is the focus of ENGEL’s “inject 4.0” program.

Weitere Informationen zur Schließkraftberechnung mit iQ clamp control
  • Bild zeigt technischen Leiter der Firma Kunststofftechnik Borgmann GmbH beim Bedienen digitaler Lösungen in der Produktion
    Eva Wörnhörer
    Eva Wörnhörer
    May 27, 2024
    Digitale Lösungen: Praxiserfolg garantiert
    May 27, 2024

    Die Borgmann GmbH setzt auf digitale Lösungen von ENGEL, um Prozessstabilität und Wiederholgenauigkeit in der Produktion zu maximieren. Das Ergebnis: beeindruckende Effizienzsteigerung und Produktqualität bei gleichzeitig reduzierten Kosten.

    • digital solutions
    9 Minuten
  • Bild zeigt Ingenieur für Spritzgießautomatisierung und -prozesse von BIC
    BIC über iQ clamp control

    BIC verwendet die intelligente Software iQ clamp control, um die optimale Schließkraft zu berechnen. Eine Schließkraftreduktion bedeutet weniger Verschleiß für die Werkzeuge und einen geringeren Energieverbrauch, bei gleichbleibender Qualität der Kunststoffkomponenten.

    • digital solutions
  • Bild zeigt Werkzeugraum einer holmlosen Spritzgießmaschine von ENGEL
    Kompromisslose Präzision mit automatischer Schließkraftberechnung

    Dallmer ist als deutscher Spezialist für Gebäudeentwässerung auf sehr hohe Abformgenauigkeit angewiesen. Präzision und Wiederholgenauigkeit sind zentrale Anforderungen an die Spritzgießmaschinen. Die digitale Lösung iQ clamp control unterstützt dabei.

  • Bild zeigt Spritzgießmaschine von ENGEL für Unternehmen Schneider Form
    Atmungssignale für die Prozessoptimierung nutzen

    Die Werkzeugatmung liefert nützliche Informationen über die Vorgänge im Werkzeug und in der Kavität. Formenbauer Schneider Form und Spritzgießmaschinenhersteller ENGEL haben das Potenzial dieser Prozessgröße erkannt und beschäftigen sich seit einigen Jahren intensiv mit diesem Thema - mit unterschiedlichen Zugängen.

  • Bild zeigt Frau bei Yoga
    Atemübung für die Prozessoptimierung

    Software ermittelt anhand der Werkzeugatmung die erforderliche Schließkraft.

Image shows networked injection molding machine by ENGEL

Digital solutions

  • Optimization of injection molding processes along the product life cycle

  • Networking across the system

  • Utilize the full potential of your production

Picture shows machine operator at the CC300 injection molding machine control unit

Injection Molding Machine Control


  • Safe and intuitive

  • Innovative machine operation

  • Self-explanatory navigation

  • Customizable configuration

Picture shows service technician from ENGEL

Global Service and Support

Support and training for digital solutions

  • Expert advice

  • Analysis of your machines

  • Implementation of digital solutions

Image shows digital solutions from ENGEL for mold sampling

Mold Sampling

Optimize standard preparations for mold sampling and start series production faster.

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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