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Picture shows mould temperature control in injection moulding with ENGEL iQ flow control

Mould Temperature Control in Injection Moulding

Save Energy with iQ flow control

20% of the reject parts produced in injection moulding result from errors in mould temperature control. Process monitoring and a stable temperature control process are essential prerequisites for constant production processes and high product quality. The digital product iQ flow control helps you to automatically adjust the mould temperature.


Less energy consumption


Less cooling water consumption


Reduction of your expenditure for maintenance

2 years

Return on investment possible

Automatically Consistent Process Conditions

Based on the measurement results of the e-flomo plus water distribution system, iQ flow control automatically optimises mould temperature control in injection moulding production in combination with the ENGEL e-temp temperature control unit. The temperature control unit and iQ flow control self-regulate pump output and water quantities to a minimum.This creates consistent conditions throughout the entire injection moulding process and results in an increase in energy efficiency.

Advantages of Self-Regulating Mould Temperature Control in Injection Moulding
Reduce energy consumption by 85%

The iQ flow control software continuously adjusts the speed of the pumps in the temperature control units during the running process. Customer calculations show that this can reduce the energy consumption of the temperature control process by 85%. This results in CO2 savings of approx. 160 t per year.

Reduce cooling water consumption by up to 50%

iQ flow control monitors the temperature difference in each distribution circuit of the e-flomo plus. The software calculates the demand for cooling water and passes this information on to the temperature control unit. The temperature control unit provides the required amount of water and automatically adjusts it to changing parameters.

Simple operation and transparent data

You can easily operate iQ flow control and the hardware devices via the CC300 machine control. You can see all the important parameters of the mould temperature control in the injection moulding process. The actual values of all temperature control circuits as well as those of the temperature control units are displayed on the injection moulding machine control. Changes and malfunctions can be recognised at a glance.

Reduce rejects through active process monitoring

20% of all rejects in the injection moulding industry are caused by temperature control errors. iQ flow control decreases this proportion by increasing process consistency. If fluctuations occur, the machine is stopped before rejects are being produced.

Improved surface quality of your plastic components

Optimum temperature distribution in the cavity is crucial for the production of, for example, high-gloss surfaces. This means that no shading occurs on the plastic components and the gloss level remains uniform.

Repeatability of the temperature setting

The optimum differential temperature control is repeatable for the next production run. With the help of mould temperature control in injection moulding, good parts can be produced without having to repeat test series.

Reduce maintenance costs by up to 50%

Intelligent mould temperature control in injection moulding means that the pump does not have to work permanently under full load. This reduces wear and tear, and the pump can be used for longer. Maintenance costs for temperature control units are reduced by up to 50%.

Mould temperature control saves money

By bundling several temperature control circuits, the number of temperature control units can be reduced. This reduces the investment costs. Customer trials have shown that with optimal design and the recommended operating mode, the return on investment (ROI) can be two years.

Do You Want to Optimise Your Temperature Control Processes and Save Costs?

Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject of mould temperature control in injection moulding and support you in optimising your part quality as well as reducing your energy costs.

Picture shows employees of P&G Manufacturing and ENGEL
Check Processes Instead of Products

Mould temperature control in injection moulding has a considerable influence on product quality. Procter & Gamble Manufacturing is therefore increasing the transparency and consistency of its temperature control processes with e-flomo and iQ flow control from ENGEL.

Basic Components for Optimum Mould Temperature Control in Injection Moulding

The temperature control unit and the temperature water distributor provide the data that can be monitored, optimised, documented, and actively controlled using iQ flow control. This enables you to make your mould temperature control in injection moulding reproducible, time-saving and convenient. Both devices are fully integrated in the CC300 machine control system.

Picture shows interaction of basic components for mould temperature control in injection moulding
Picture shows water distribution system e-flomo plus from ENGEL
Water Distribution System for Mould Cooling And Temperature Control

e-flomo plus

The compact e-flomo plus units replace conventional cooling water batteries with variable area flow measurement and thus determine and control the actual flow rates required.

Picture shows temperature control unit e-temp from ENGEL
Speed-Controlled Temperature Control Unit with OPC-UA Interface


The pump in the e-temp temperature control unit enables energy-efficient operation of your injection moulding machine by automatically adjusting the pump speed.

How Does Mould Temperature Control Work in Practice?

The decisive factor for mould temperature control in injection moulding is the interaction of the three temperature control components e-temp, e-flomo plus and iQ flow control.

Video shows how mould temperature control works in injection moulding >
Further Information on Mould Temperature Control in Injection Moulding
Further Solutions for Production Optimisation
Picture shows networked injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Digital Solutions

  • Optimisation of injection moulding processes along the product life cycle

  • Cross-system networking

  • Realise the full potential of your production

Picture shows machine operator at the injection moulding machine control CC300

Injection Moulding Machine Control


  • Safe and intuitive

  • Innovative machine operation

  • Self-explanatory navigation

  • Individual configuration

Picture shows ENGEL service technicians

Global Service and Support

Support and training for digital solutions

  • Expert advice

  • Analysis of your plants

  • Implementation of digital solutions

Picture shows digital solutions for injection moulding ENGEL


With intuitive software solutions, you have your production in view, exploit all potentials and support your employees.



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