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Picture shows sample of an injection moulding tool

Digital Solutions for Injection Mould Sampling

Our digital solutions support the injection mould sampling. The result: a production-ready, process-stable mould. Innovative software products help to achieve the specified moulded part quality more quickly and easily. The mould and the process settings can be optimised and efficiently prepared for series production.

Advantages of Digital Solutions in Injection Mould Sampling
Start series production faster

Our intelligent assistance systems help you optimise process settings for the series production of your mould. You can start series production faster.

Reduce costs and energy and avoid problems in series production

Sometimes energy consumption or injection moulding parameters, such as clamping force, are not optimised. This may be because shift team members have differing knowledge levels or do not have the capacity to take care of all machines. This leads to quality problems and additional costs (maintenance and energy) in production. Digital software programs provide reliable support with the injection mould sampling.

Reduce the cycle time

Digital solutions help to perfectly match the robot movement to the movement sequences of the injection moulding machine. Functions such as optimised path planning or early start reduce the cycle time. Optimum synchronisation between robot and machine saves time and money.

Simple operation supports your employees

ENGEL's digital assistance programmes are easy and intuitive to use. This supports your production experts. Our products are fully integrated into the CC300 control unit. Their user-friendly and clear screen pages for programme setting make operation easier. You benefit from the advantages of the software efficiently and safely and injection mould sampling becomes easier.

Our Solutions for Injection Mould Sampling

Picture shows digital solution for calculating the clamping force

Intelligent Optimisation of Clamping Force

iQ clamp control

iQ clamp control automatically calculates the optimum clamping force and thus keeps mould breathing within the optimum range. Scrap is reduced and mould maintenance minimised.

Picture shows ENGEL process technicians at the machine control unit

Plasticising Assistant

iQ melt control

The iQ melt control plasticising assistant automatically optimises the plasticising time and ensures higher melt quality.

Picture shows iQ motion control digital solution and software from ENGEL

Perfectly Coordinated Robot Movements

iQ motion control for robots

iQ motion control automatically adapts the robot movements to the movement sequences of the injection moulding machine.

Image shows iQ motion control software for injection moulding machines from ENGEL

Automatically optimised mould movement

iQ motion control for machines

Up to 12% shorter dry cycle time of the injection moulding machine in high-performance injection moulding

Picture shows operation of the ENGEL set-up assistant on the injection moulding machine control unit

Quick tool change

Set-up assistant

  • Automated tool change with checklist

  • Error-free and safe set-up for teams with less experience

  • Increased efficiency for experienced setters

Picture shows machine operator using the iQ hold control software

Optimum holding pressure time in injection moulding

iQ hold control

Faster to series production with iQ hold control setpoint assistant

Picture shows Sales Manager Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria
We are looking forward to advising you individually.

Take advantage of digital solutions for injection mould sampling.

Application Examples

Best-practice examples show how production companies are already successfully using ENGEL's digital solutions for the sampling of their injection moulds.

Picture shows mould area of a tie-bar-less injection moulding machine from ENGEL
Uncompromising Precision with Automatic Clamping Force Calculation

As a German specialist in building drainage, Dallmer relies on very high moulding accuracy. Precision and repeatability are key requirements for the injection moulding machines. The iQ clamp control digital solution helps increase both.

Digital Solutions for Further Phases of the Product Life Cycle

Digitalisation means producing more efficiently and exploiting the full potential of your injection moulding plant. Our solutions support you along the entire product life cycle of your injection moulding production.

Image shows digital solutions from ENGEL for the design of injection-moulded components


Connect simulation and real measurement data and shorten the start-up phase.

Image shows digital solutions from ENGEL for injection moulding production


With intuitive software solutions you keep track of your production, exploit all potentials and make machine operation easier for your employees

Image shows digital solutions from ENGEL for servicing injection moulding machines

Maintenance & Service

Worldwide and rapid on-site and online support from our service experts for high-performance production.



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