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Picture shows various pharmaceutical and medical technology products
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Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Products

Highest Standards of Cleanliness and Precision

When human lives depend on your products: ENGEL medical is your competent partner for meeting the strictest cleanliness and precision guidelines in the field of medical technology. Because our sophisticated injection moulding solutions are perfect for the production of highly sensitive medical technology products that are exposed to prolonged contact with body parts or fluids.

Advantages of ENGEL in the Production of Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Products
Highest Levels of Cleanliness

All relevant systems guarantee cleanroom compatibility according to ISO 7 and GMP-compliant production

Precise Speed

Injection moulding machines with extremely short cycle times for mass production of medical technology products with long and thin cores.

Energy-saving Production

Thanks to ENGEL ecodrive servo-hydraulics.

Low Life Cycle Costs

Quality, durable components in all parts of the production unit.

  • Cleanroom package for e-mac series

    With the cleanroom package, the e-mac series is suitable for applications up to ISO 7, making it an economical solution for the production of medical products.

  • Pipette Tip Production
  • Interdental Brushes

    ENGEL e-motion 110 T

  • Auto-injector production
  • Needle holder on multi-cavity mould

  • Medical Drip Chamber Production
  • Compact 2K or 2 shot injection moulding system for clean room

    Fully electric e-motion 160 combi M with cube mould: Space-saving solution for injection moulding two-component parts in the clean room.

Would you like to learn more about the production of pharmaceutical and medical technology products?

We will be happy to advise you and find an individual solution together with you.

Picture shows injection moulding machine e-motion from ENGEL
Medical technology injection moulding at the highest level

Electric injection moulding machine e-motion meets demanding requirements at Fresenius Medical Care

Picture shows employees of ENGEL and Gerresheimer
Tie-bar-less machines for multi-cavity moulds

Proven precision: Gerresheimer relies on the unique advantages of the tie-bar-less injection moulding machine e-victory

Picture shows various pharmaceutical and medical technology products
Integrate Assistance Systems into the Validation Strategy

Injection moulding machines with assistance systems open up new possibilities for even greater process accuracy and product quality. These intelligent software solutions adapt the process parameters to the current conditions cycle by cycle. For medical technology, different approaches to the validation process were investigated and a procedure was derived that makes it possible to validate processes with the assistance system in compliance with both EN-ISO and FDA.

Picture shows Zip-Fix fasteners from Samaplast
The Peek implant is created in the cleanroom without a tie bar

The design and functional principle of cable ties is also interesting for medical technology: the Swiss company Samaplast AG produces cable tie-like fasteners in the cleanroom on tie-bar-less injection moulding machines from ENGEL. These close the sternum after open-heart surgery.

Picture shows two insulin pens from Ypsomed
Grow Faster with Clear Standards

More efficiency and safety, greater flexibility and faster industrialisation were the key arguments for a medical technology company to standardise its production processes in the course of further global expansion. Integrated system solutions from an Austrian injection moulding machine manufacturer play a key role in the medical technology company's new platform strategy.

Picture shows person in the lab with sample tubes
Maximum, Clean Output & Energy-efficient Production

Pipette tips, cuvettes, Petri dishes and the like are mass-produced medical technology products with particularly high demands: excellent quality, attention to detail and cleanliness are an absolute must. ENGEL medical enables you to achieve stable production processes and quantities at the highest level with its electric high-performance injection moulding machines.

  • Quality mass-production – fully electric, high-performance injection moulding machines for the shortest cycle times & maximum output

  • High energy efficiency – low energy consumption for economical high-performance production

  • Safe manufacturing – the smart CC300 machine control unit & the self-teaching Autoprotect mould protection guarantee high levels of process stability

  • Delivering cleanliness – lubricant-free, cleanroom-capable systems allow DNA/RNA-free products and GMP-compliant production

  • Compact footprint – efficient use of valuable floor space thanks to a small footprint

Would you like to learn more about solutions in the field of diagnostics?

We will be happy to advise you and find an individual solution together with you.

Picture shows person with toothbrush
Flexible Systems for Innovative Healthcare Products with Specialised Functionality

From highly complex, innovative toothbrushes to anti-allergic baby teats made of LSR: ENGEL medical is the specialist and pioneer for individual injection moulding machine solutions in the healthcare field, and your expert for multiple-component injection moulding and LIM applications.

  • Flexible design – ideal for attractive design highlights & beneficial product properties, such as for dental technology products

  • Variable mould area – full utilisation of the platen & maximum mould dimension flexibility

  • Free choice of space – maximum freedom when positioning the mould connections

  • Targeted automation – position automation wherever the process requires it

  • Perfect know-how – years of experience and extensive knowledge in application engineering

Would you like to learn more about solutions in the healthcare sector?

We will be happy to advise you and find an individual solution together with you.

Picture shows child with asthma spray
Perfectly Designed, Versatile Solutions for Perpetual Safety

Experience, safety and continuity: ENGEL medical draws on decades of partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies. This means that you can address the needs of the market and offer your customers top quality at any time with our flexible machine solutions.

  • Working safely – fully integrated injection moulding system solutions for more reliability & supply security

  • Cleanliness included – encapsulated systems for absolute cleanliness and GMP-compliant production

  • Years of precision – flexible production cells which can always be adapted to meet the requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry

  • Dynamic manufacturing – all-electric high-performance injection moulding machines for maximum output and high energy efficiency

Would you like to learn more about solutions in the pharmaceutical sector?

We will be happy to advise you and find an individual solution together with you.

Documents for Download
Image shows cover of ENGEL medical technology brochure
ENGEL Medical
Because it's about life.

Outstanding. Pure. ENGEL medical.

Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology Products
Picture shows injection moulding machines from ENGEL

Injection Moulding Machines

Innovative and proven injection moulding machines with clamping force from 280 kN to 55,000 kN for all your requirements. Available worldwide as hydraulic, all-electric, hybrid, horizontal and vertical solutions in the highest and most consistent quality.

Image shows injection moulding automation solution from ENGEL


Expertise in injection moulding automation at all levels: From the injection moulding machine to the robot and conveyor belt systems, to third-party peripherals. Everything from a single source.

Picture shows networked injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Digital Solutions

Our digital products and service solutions support you throughout the entire product life cycle. From component design, through sampling and production, to maintenance and service.



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