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Picture shows plastic parts produced with injection moulding processes from ENGEL
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Plastic Injection Moulding Processes for Your Production

Over 20 Proven Processes for More Efficiency

With ENGEL’s injection moulding processes, you can produce parts precisely so that no reworking is necessary. Whether you want a transparent or multicoloured part surface or want to enhance the part with patterns and engravings. The combination of technologies enables you to design products with high mechanical properties and attractive surfaces at the same time. With the appropriate transparency, sensors can be placed optimally protected behind cover panels. We always find the right injection moulding process for you.

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Injection Moulding Processes in the Portfolio


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Application Engineers Here for You

Your Advantages With Our Injection Moulding Processes
Complete production cell from a single source for increased part quality
Image shows injection moulding production cell by ENGEL

At ENGEL, you receive a production cell that is ready to use: from the injection moulding machine, robot and conveyor systems to peripheral equipment. Immediately after machine and mould acceptance testing, you start production with the selected process. You can rely on highest part quality, stable injection moulding processes and high productivity.

Variety of materials can be used
Picture shows optical parts by ENGEL

With our injection moulding machines you can process thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers as well as thermosets. A wide range of applications is possible. Each manufactured part has different production requirements. Our experts determine which technology is suitable and choose one of our over 20 proven processes. Transparent materials, for example, can be manufactured into precise optical lenses using injection compression. We make use of the full performance spectrum of materials in your application.

Optimal settings thanks to innovative software solutions
Image shows digital solutions on the injection moulding machine control unit

We use innovative software solutions to optimise the injection moulding of your part. Assistance systems ensure greater weight consistency, optimum mould temperature control and important setting values - such as clamping force - are automatically suggested by the machine control unit. In more challenging injection moulding processes, various data must be monitored. Our software solutions precisely show those parameters with deviations.

User support for stable production processes
Picture shows application engineers together with ENGEL customers

The application engineering team does not look at the challenges of injection moulding individually, but as part of the overall process. Our experts perform trials and afterwards ensure the ideal machine design for your process. We support you with the production of the first parts and then optimise the production process. The goal: an efficient, stable and cost-effective manufacturing solution.

Discover Injection Moulding Processes for Different Applications
Picture shows surface finishes of a plastic part from ENGEL

Surface Finishes and Part Functionalisation

Injection moulding process for sophisticated part designs with additional functional integration

Picture shows transparent part by ENGEL

Optical and Transparent Parts

Injection-moulded parts made of transparent plastics

Picture shows lightweight plastic component from ENGEL

Weight and Warpage Reduction

Injection moulding process for lightweight plastic parts to reduce weight and warpage

Picture shows plastic parts manufactured with precision injection moulding

Precision Plastics Production

For more geometric accuracy, better surface quality and low part weight

Picture shows plastic part made of special material

Elastomers and Thermosets

A wide range of non-thermoplastics such as silicone, rubber, BMC or HTV can be processed in injection moulding

Picture shows recycled material

Injection moulding for recycled materials

More safety and consistently high product quality despite recycled material.

Picture shows Injection Moulding Manager at Faurecia

With ENGEL, we were able to transfer our extraordinary process to series production. We achieve a reject rate of less than 4% for the three-component parts.

Jochen Klos, Injection Moulding Manager at Faurecia
Injection Moulding Process Adapted for Your Industry

No matter whether you are producing fascias for vehicle interiors, lenses for smartphone cameras or hygiene articles made of silicone. Our portfolio includes injection moulding processes for all your requirements. Below you will find a list of typical processes arranged by industry.

Picture shows automotive injection moulding application from ENGEL

Automobile & Mobility

  • Foam injection moulding, foammelt

  • Film back moulding, foilmelt

  • Lightweight, organomelt

Picture shows technical injection moulding application by ENGEL

Technical Injection Moulding

  • Sandwich injection moulding, skinmelt

  • Film back injection, foilmelt

  • Optical lenses, optimelt

Picture shows medical technology application by ENGEL

Medical Technology

  • Liquid silicone rubber process (LSR)

  • Metal injection moulding, amorphous metal moulding (AMM)

Picture shows electronic application by ENGEL


  • Multi-component injection moulding, combimelt

  • Injection compression moulding, coinmelt

Picture shows packaging application from ENGEL


  • In-mould Labelling, back moulding of labels

  • Thin wall injection moulding

Our Injection Moulding Processes at a Glance

Are you looking for a specific process?
Have a look at the entire ENGEL portfolio.

We will be happy to talk to you about the individual processes.

Injection moulding process Short explanation of process ENGEL name for injection moulding process
Multi-component injection moulding Combining different types of plastics or thermosets in one part combimelt
In-mould decoration (IMD), In-mould Labelling (IML) Achieving functional, tactile and decorative surfaces with films or labels by back- or overmoulding films foilmelt
Process for transparent precision parts Producing transparent parts for optical applications optimelt
Production of glazing elements Producing automotive glazing components to replace glass glazemelt
Foam injection moulding, MuCell Producing injection-moulded parts with internal foam structure foammelt
Gas injection moulding or technology (GIM or GIT) Producing hollow bodies by injection moulding gasmelt
Water Injection technology (WIT) Forming channels in injection-moulded components with a smooth surface watermelt
PUR direct coating Producing high-quality surfaces from polyurethane clearmelt
Injection compression/coining Producing precise components with low residual stresses via injection compression/coining coinmelt
Organic sheet and UD tape processing Producing thermoplastic composite components organomelt
Variotherm technology Enabling a high-gloss surface or superior feature replication by alternating cavity wall temperature variomelt
Sandwich injection moulding Producing parts with core and skin components skinmelt, co-injection
Elastomer injection moulding Producing parts from rubber materials elast
Production of composites (HP-RTM) Producing thermoset composite parts HP-RTM
Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) Producing parts from liquid silicone LSR
Bulk moulding compound (BMC) Producing stiff and strong parts from resins thermoset
Amorphous metal injection moulding Processing amorphous metal alloys by injection moulding AMM
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Processing of PVC powder or PVC pellets PVC
Powder injection moulding (includes ceramic IM/CIM and metal powder IM/MIM) Manufacturing parts from metallic or ceramic materials PIM
Plastic recycling process Direct processing of recyclates with degassing and filtration of the melt Two-stage process



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