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Remote assistance with
augmented reality

Faster assistance with your service case with view

Two sets of eyes see more than one! Our service technicians remotely assist with troubleshooting by using augmented reality tools. You receive reliable support from product and technology experts through video calls to solve your equipment issue as quickly as possible.


of service cases solved with online support


shorter troubleshooting times

The amount of service cases that can be solved with online support increases significantly due to augmented reality video calls with one or more specialists. Thanks to extensive information about the machine environment and external factors you gain with the remote maintenance solution, troubleshooting is fast and effective.

How you benefit from augmented reality remote assistance
A video call is all it takes
Image shows AR remote assistance tool byENGEL

Our augmented reality remote assistance tool offers online support with video calls. The only thing you need is a smartphone, a tablet or smart glasses and we can start finding solutions together in real time. You will receive a link from one of our service technicians via message or email to access our remote maintenance solution view and we can immediately begin to troubleshoot. There is no need to install an app on your device.

Convenient problem solving with live comments on screen
Image shows AR remote assistance with live comments on screen

Innovative features make handling our augmented reality remote assistance tool particularly convenient. During the video call both parties, your machine operators at the machine and our service technicians can draw directly on the screen to highlight details that are difficult to see. With optical character recognition (OCR), the IDs of the machine components are automatically recognized and transferred to the service ticket. Therefore, the risk of typing errors is reduced.

Quickly fix downtime with step-by-step instructions
Picture shows AR remote support by ENGEL in operation

With the help of augmented reality remote assistance, our experts see exactly what you see and can efficiently support resolving the problem from distance. Thanks to the live video we receive valuable additional information about the machine and environment during the online service call: We can hear suspicious noises or see deviations. A wider range of problem causes can be found and troubleshooted without having a service technician on-site.

Complete documentation in the customer portal
Image shows e-connect customer portal by ENGEL

Every single augmented reality remote assistance service case is documented in our customer portal. These detailed notes are listed as a service ticket, giving you quick and easy access to troubleshooting records anytime you need it. The e-connect customer portal shows the complete service history of your machines.

Do you need quick help in case of downtime?

We offer fast and uncomplicated remote assistance with augmented reality. Work hand in hand with our service experts – remotely, but together.

Picture shows Head of Product Management Service at ENGEL Austria

The Covid pandemic has accelerated the development of digital service solutions. Many plastics processors are searching for answers on how they can ensure their productivity and ability to deliver in the event of future crises. Online support and remote maintenance tools are key factors that are constantly expanding. Digitally supported services are a main R&D focus for ENGEL.

Sebastian Payrleitner, Head of Product Management Service at ENGEL Austria
Are you affected by process interruptions?

To find solutions based on data analysis, we offer remote support 24/7 using the remote maintenance tool e-connect.24

Video shows how augmented reality remote assistance view works >

What’s the difference between our online support solutions in comparison? view and e-connect.24

Augmented reality remote assistance ( view) Remote maintenance tool (e-connect.24)
With smartphone
With tablet
With computer
With smart glasses
Via machine control CC300
Incl. video call
With augmented reality tools
Troubleshooting with data analysis
Production data monitoring
Available 24/7
With contract
Machine must be connected
Secure end-to-end connection
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