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Image shows ENGEL service experts performing remote maintenance for injection molding customers

Remote maintenance tool

Finding solutions 24/7 with e-connect.24

Are you already connected? Get online support 24/7 via a secure remote connection. Thanks to our remote maintenance tool e-connect.24, we can involve the experts you need online and start looking for solutions immediately - reducing the need for on-site service technicians with long travel times in the event of downtime. Free of charge for new machines until the end of warranty


Machines worldwide are already conntected

30 %

of our customers use the remote maintenance tool

How the remote maintenance tool works

Whether on the weekend, during the night shift, or regular office hours - an ENGEL expert will contact you immediately when you send a service request. You have to give consent to allow our specialists to access your system using the remote maintenance tool e-connect.24. It is a secure, encrypted online connection which enables ENGEL to start finding a solution. Thanks to expert online support, you can quickly get machine downtime under control and resume a smooth production.

Your advantages with the remote maintenance tool e-connect.24
Fast assistance without high costs
Image shows assistance from ENGEL experts

Using the remote maintenance tool e-connect.24 is the fastest way to get in touch with ENGEL. With online support, you save the costs of an on-site service visit. We are here for you 24/7 to troubleshoot errors quickly and easily. We guarantee to start working on your service request as soon as possible, but no later than 2 hours after you have contacted us.

Global network of service experts
Picture shows service technician from ENGEL

In the event of downtime, you will receive support from our experienced support team anywhere in the world. Even countries with no subsidiary close by or regions that are difficult to reach are no obstacle. At first, our specialists will contact you via the remote maintenance tool. If necessary, we can connect you with several experts at the same time. If an on-site support visit is necessary after all, more than 720 of our service technicians are available to you worldwide.

Data security
Picture shows service expert from ENGEL during remote maintenance

Our support technician can initiate access to your machine as soon as you send us a service request via the remote maintenance tool. This can be done by you or by one of your authorized employees. The connection to the ENGEL server is established via an SSL/TLS secured data channel, originating from your ENGEL EDGE device. When the service case is closed, the connection is also interrupted. All remote maintenance accesses are stored on the EDGE device and on the server. The logs can be viewed at any time.

Picture shows EDGE Device from ENGEL
What is the EDGE device?

The EDGE device is a prerequisite for a range of digital services by ENGEL.

It is an industrial PC, which is responsible for the secure connection between your local network and our network.

  • The EDGE device is provided and managed by us.

  • It is directly assigned to a customer by the serial number and can only be used by this customer and configured according to the customer’s infrastructure.

  • The development and maintenance of the EDGE device follows the principles of Security by Design and therefore meets the highest security standards.

  • This level of security is checked at regular intervals by an independent service provider using penetration tests.

  • The installation and start-up of the device and the connection setup is very simple.

You are unsure whether your company allows the installation of the EDGE device?

If you have any technical questions about the EDGE device, please contact us at Our experts will be happy to consult with you and your IT colleagues any time.

What our customers say about the remote maintenance tool
Image shows Corporate Process Technology at Huf

New digital solutions such as the remote maintenance tool help us to reduce our travel times and at the same time increase our productivity.

Dirk Horn, Corporate Process Technology at Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst
Picture shows Manager Development at Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies

The bottom line is that the workload of employees, both at ENGEL and Helvoet, as well as their travel costs have been significantly reduced.

Jeroen Molenschot, Manager Development at Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies
Are you interested in our remote maintenance tool e-connect.24?

Contact us - we will be happy to talk to you about the product details.

Image shows how the remote maintenance tool e-connect.24 works
How does the remote maintenance tool exactly work?
  1. Send service request - You can send your request either directly from the machine control or from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  2. Notification 1st level support - Your request is received by the ENGEL support team and it is processed immediately.

  3. Online analysis - Our experts connect to your machine and analyze the issue with the remote maintenance tool. They have access to the status report data, they can see what is on your control and they can do specific measurements using the oscilloscope software.

  4. Fast troubleshooting - Troubleshooting is initiated and if possible, your problem is solved immediately. Your service request is closed. The connection between ENGEL and your machine is interrupted.

Video shows how the remote maintenance tool e-connect.24 by ENGEL works >
Image shows e-connect app by ENGEL
Image shows app icon for e-connect app by ENGEL
e-connect app
The easy tool for comprehensive control

With the app, you can check the current machine and production status on your phone at any time, easily send an urgent service request and keep track of machine alarms that need your attention.

What’s the difference between our online support solutions in comparison? view and e-connect.24

Augmented reality remote assistance ( view) Remote maintenance tool (e-connect.24)
With smartphone
With tablet
With computer
With smart glasses
Via machine control CC300
Incl. video call
With augmented reality tools
Troubleshooting with data analysis
Production data monitoring
Available 24/7
With contract
Machine must be connected
Secure end-to-end connection
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Molding Industry Business Advisor

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