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Image shows technical molding applications by ENGEL
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Solutions for Technical Injection Molding

Range of Parts with ENGEL as a Partner

Finding the best machines is challenging if you produce a wide variety of injection-molded parts for day-to-day products. As an experienced full-service supplier, we offer you flexible, automated injection molding systems from a single source. You can rely on us to produce a wide variety of parts for your specific technical molding production requirements.

Your Advantages with ENGEL Technical Molding Solutions
Save time and costs thanks to turnkey solutions
Image shows turnkey solution by ENGEL

ENGEL provides you with a complete solution for technical injection molding from a single source. The injection molding machine, automation, and peripherals are optimally aligned and CE-certified. All components are controlled conveniently with the central CC300 control unit. You have only one contact person for your production cell. This reduces the complexity of your daily work to a minimum.

Process engineering support for product development
Picture shows application engineers with ENGEL customers

Our experts support you with their comprehensive knowledge of injection molding technologies and process sequences, from the design of an efficient part compatible with injection molding to the transition to series production. In addition, we can run injection molding trials in our in-house tech centers, evaluate the data, and make specific recommendations. As a result, you benefit from short development phases and save valuable time and costs.

Add value to your parts with proven injection molding technologies
Picture shows a washing machine with technical plastic parts

Lightweight, warpage-free parts using plastic foams. High-quality design surfaces with function integration thanks to film back injection molding. Protection and superb appearance of visible parts with PUR flooding. Countless possibilities for material composites and assembly injection molding utilizing a wide range of multi-component applications. Take advantage of our knowledge as a technology leader in technical injection molding. It will add value to your injection-molded parts and enable-you to manufacture complex applications repeatedly.

Fast adjustment of your capacities with stock machines
Image shows stock machines for technical injection molding by ENGEL

Short-term customer order requirements often force fast adaptation of your production. Our stock machines give you the necessary flexibility. Your new injection molding machine is ready for operation at your production side soon after you receive the inquiry. It can be modified to meet your requirements. You have more machine design options and no longer need to turn down orders.

Our Services for Contract Manufacturer

Injection molding solutions for contract manufacturers

Flexibility in the production of plastic parts

Learn more
Applications of Technical Injection Molding
Picture shows technical plastic parts

Construction, Yard, and Electrical

Produce lightweight and stable technical molding parts using a variety of injection molding processes

Image shows green plastic fittings by ENGEL

Fittings & Water Technology

Frequent mold changes and special materials are no problem at all.

Picture shows plastic pallet

Logistics & Large Containers

Produce pallets and plastic containers efficiently.

Picture shows white goods made of plastic

Household & White Goods

Produce parts with high-quality surfaces and functional integration using a variety of injection molding processes.

Picture shows plastic furniture and office supplies

Furniture & Office Supplies

Precisely manufacture plastic fittings and similar functional parts with electric injection molding machines.

Picture shows plastic toys


Produce small plastic parts precisely and quickly.

Picture shows motorcycle helmet produced with multi-component injection molding by ENGEL

Sports and Leisure

Produce multi-component and functional parts with just one cycle thanks to the combimelt process.

Picture shows Head of Research and Development at R+M/Suttner Group, Germany

Our challenge was to find an injection molding machine for different applications. With ENGEL, we managed to cover our entire spectrum with very few mold changes. The machines are true multi-talents!

Steffen Zunkel, Head of Research and Development at R+M/Suttner Group, Germany
Production of technical plastic parts
  • T-fitting Production

    For this application, our tie-bar-less victory 80 is equipped with extended safety guards to make room for the force-controlled core pulls.

  • Sandwich Injection Molding: Core of Recyclate, Skin of Virgin Material

    With our skinmelt process, you can produce sandwich parts for technical injection molding. With recyclate content in the core and skins made of virgin material.

  • Circular Economy in Technical Molding

    Processing of label offcuts: Tapered closures made from 100% recycled material. Production on a tie-bar-less victory 460/80 with 8-cavity mold.

  • Production of Large-volume Containers

    Our duo machine for large technical plastic parts. With a clamping force of 55,000 kN, it produces 1,100-liter containers weighing 27.5 kg in just 140 seconds.

  • Produce standardized logistics products more efficiently

    With our duo speed machine, you can save up to 30% cycle time when producing logistics products with standardized weight, geometry and material. This leads to more efficiency.

Picture shows Vice President Technical Moulding & Teletronics at ENGEL Austria
Do you have questions about our solutions for technical molding?

We will be happy to advise you and find a customized solution for you.

Injection Molding Machines for Technical Molding
Picture shows Tie-bar-less Injection Molding Machine by ENGEL

Tie-bar-less Injection Molding Machine


Our patented tie-bar-less injection molding machine offers maximum space in the mold area

  • For large molds

  • Fast mold change

  • Easy integration of automation

Picture shows small injection molding machine by ENGEL

Small injection molding machine


The e-mac is the right choice for technical molding

  • Precise machine movements

  • High repeatability

  • Small footprint with large tie bar spacing

Picturce shows large injection molding machine by ENGEL

Large injection molding machine


With our duo two-platen machine, you can produce large injection-molded parts efficiently

  • Short dry running times

  • High material flow rate

  • High clamping forces

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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