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Picture shows technical molded parts for the household and white goods industry

Manufacture Technical Molding Parts of Great Quality

For Household and White Goods

To ensure a long service life for household appliances, plastic parts must meet strict quality criteria. Attractive design is an important feature for differentiation. With our injection molding processes, you produce technical molding parts that meet high requirements in terms of function, haptics, and aesthetics.

Advantages of Producing Technical Molding Parts with ENGEL Machines
Lower investment costs thanks to huge range of machines
Image shows injection molding machines by ENGEL

In our broad portfolio of injection molding machines, you will find the right solution for your technical molding parts. Only invest in the equipment you need. Our tie-barless victory series is perfect for small parts on multi-cavity molds thanks to its uniform clamping force distribution. The all-electric e-mac is a good fit for demanding, functional small parts such as gears or switches. You can produce particularly large parts with our compact and fast dual-platen machines duo and duo speed.

Save time and money with turnkey solutions from a single source
Image shows turnkey solution by ENGEL

With ENGEL you get more than just an injection molding machine. We provide you with a complete solution for your technical molding parts. Our extensive modular automation system makes it possible. All components are perfectly coordinated and conveniently controlled via the injection molding machine's controller. Which means your employees do not need any extra training on new operating systems. Our machines are CE-certified.

Fewer rejects and higher margins through stable processes
Picture shows plastic part with surface finishes

High-quality surfaces, great design, and high functionality. Our injection molding processes make it possible to upgrade parts with a wide range of design options and integrated functions. ENGEL foilmelt is used for back molding electrically conductive films with design effects. These films are then sealed with a highly transparent, scratch-resistant polyurethane layer using ENGEL clearmelt. This gives you a high-quality touch control unit in just one injection molding process.

Colored parts thanks to special plasticizing components
Picture shows red plastic part

At ENGEL, we design, test, and manufacture our own screws. Thanks to our knowledge and decades of injection molding experience, you will find the right plasticizing components for every material and application. You get perfectly colored technical molding parts – shot after shot. With minimal use of expensive masterbatches.

Solutions for Technical Molding Parts for the Household and White Goods Industry

Image shows all-electric injection molding machine by ENGEL

Electric Injection Molding Machine


Our all-electric e-mac injection molding machine for functional parts such as gears or similar parts with low tolerances.

  • Precise and efficient drives

  • Minimal floor space required

  • Large tie bar spacing

Image shows digital assistance system on the controller

Digital Assistance System

iQ weight control

iQ weight control automatically adjusts the switchover point and holding pressure.

  • Compensation for material fluctuations

  • Precisely filled cavities

  • Ideal for processing recyclates


Picture shows technical molding part produced with plastic foams

Injection Molding Processes


Improve the properties of your technical molding parts with ENGEL foammelt

  • Material and weight savings

  • High mechanical load capacity thanks to compact edge layers

  • Reduction of warpage and sink marks due to cavity pressure

Picture shows CEO at Eifler Kunststoff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Our partner has to know our technologies as we do and respond to our needs. With ENGEL, we’re in safe hands.

Volker Scheffels, CEO at Eifler Kunststoff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Picture shows Sales Manager Technical Molding at ENGEL Austria
Are You a Manufacturer of Technical Molding Parts for Household and White Goods?

I will be happy to advise you about our services.

Picture shows Daniel Lignell and Mikko Ketonen from ENGEL Finland, Alexander Rosenlew and Tom Ståhlberg from Orthex and Christoph Schützeneder from ENGEL Austria
technical molding
Sustainable success with ENGEL e-mac injection molding machines

The e-mac electric injection molding machine series combines cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Household goods manufacturer Orthex uses the advantages of the series to achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

Picture shows people in front of a plasticizing screw
Efficient Processing of Technical Molding Parts
Our Experienced Team for Your Success

We want to respond even better to your plasticizing requirements for plastics. Our in-house team is constantly researching, developing, and manufacturing new, customized solutions for you.Wir möchten noch besser auf Ihre individuellen Anforderungen bei der Plastifizierung von Kunststoffen eingehen. Deshalb erforscht, entwickelt und fertigt unser interdisziplinäres Team im Haus laufend neue, passgenaue Lösungen für Sie.

Examples Of Technical Molding Parts For Household

Wide range of applications from small to large parts

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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