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The Fast, Two-platen Large-scale Machine for Packaging and Logistics duo speed Injection Molding Machine

Image shows large injection molding machine from ENGEL

Our high-performance duo speed large injection molding machine sets new standards in terms of speed combined with high precision. The compact and energy-efficient two-platen injection molding machine is fully servo-hydraulic with electric screw drive. Available with clamping forces from 4,000 to 11,500 kN.




Drive type

< 11,000 kN

Clamping Force

duo speed 550 Large Injection Molding Machine in Operation

Production of a five-gallon pail with a core of recycled material completely enclosed by virgin material. The newly developed clamping unit of the duo speed large-scale injection molding machine ensures even shorter dry cycle times. Part removal takes place via an ENGEL viper 20 and an integrated conveyor belt.

Video shows production of 5-gallon pail >
Long-term Reliability and Support
Image shows vice president and chief operation officer at M&M Industries Inc.

ENGEL has helped M&M develop a machine park that meets today's needs for technical advances. They are driving improvements in packaging injection molding.

Darrell Davis, vice president and chief operations officer at M&M Industries, Inc.
The Advantages of the duo speed Large Injection Molding Machine
Short cycle and dry cycle times
Picture shows duo speed large-scale machine from ENGEL

The fast clamping mechanism and plasticizing unit allow very short cycle times. With dry cycle times between 1.9 and 2.9 seconds, the duo speed is ENGEL's fastest large two-platen machine.

Compact & space saving design
Picture shows modern design of large machine from ENGEL

The modern design, the two-platen clamping side and the highly compact injection unit ensure a small footprint. In all clamping force sizes, the duo speed large injection molding machine is significantly shorter than comparable injection molding machines with toggle lever design for this field of application. This saves expensive floor space.

Low energy costs
Image shows drive components

Optimized heating zones on the large injection molding machine result in lower heating energy consumption. Thanks to our new cooling concept, you benefit from lower energy losses. Durable and high-quality drive components ensure significantly lower water and energy consumption.

Less scrap and best part quality
Image shows precise plate parallelism

Precise clamping force distribution and platen parallelism control ensure fewer rejects and high quality. The digital solutions from our inject 4.0 product offering also enable even greater process stability.

Available machine sizes of the duo speed series
Picture shows table of available machine sizes
Do you have any questions about the duo speed large injection molding machine?

Our injection molding experts for packaging and logistics solutions are here to help.

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Molding Industry Business Advisor

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