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Picture shows iQ process observer software on the injection moulding control unit

Smart Monitoring for Injection Moulding Process Steps

Avoid Machine Downtimes and Rejects with iQ process observer

With the intelligent software solution iQ process observer, hundreds of process parameters can be monitored continuously and effortlessly across all four phases of the injection moulding process: plasticising, injection, cooling and demoulding.

The results of the process data analysis are displayed on the injection moulding machine’s CC300 control unit during each of the four phases.

Recognising process changes in time
Identify Causes and Reduce Machine Downtimes and Rejects

iQ process observer enables rapid diagnosis of quality fluctuations by intelligently analysing and processing hundreds of parameters. As a result, downtimes can be effectively reduced. In addition, this smart software solution has intelligent drift detection, which can be used to proactively indicate process changes.

Rejection rates can thus be brought under control.

Simple and fast handling
Process Step Monitoring Clearly Displayed on the Machine

The uniform and clear display of information and the intuitive guidance to the cause of process changes within the CC300 machine control saves valuable time when interpreting big data. In addition, users spend next to no time on configuration, which allows for quick activation of all monitoring functions.

Smart process data analysis
Intelligent Interpretation of the Process Status

By continuously comparing the determined values with the previous cycles, the software automatically detects significant changes in the process and points them out to the operator. In addition, the process data analysis compares all target and actual values with a defined reference state in order to detect long-term changes, for example.

Finally, the system indicates possible process improvements or unfavourable process settings and states in the form of plain text messages. In many cases, the possible causes are determined automatically, as are possible solutions.

Your path to self-optimising injection moulding production
The Modular Structure of our Digital Solutions

The challenges of the future are becoming increasingly complex and digitalisation is playing an ever greater role in production. We accompany you on your way to networked and self-optimising injection moulding production. With the modular ENGEL inject 4.0 programme, we aim to make it particularly easy to exploit the advances in digitalisation and the new opportunities it opens up.

Picture shows Sales Manager Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria

Monitoring processes is often very complex and varies greatly depending on the level of knowledge and experience of digital solutions. The selection of relevant parameters alone, and finding and setting the right limits, can prove highly complex and time-consuming. But with the iQ process observer it has never been easier to monitor the entire injection moulding process.

Hannes Zach, Sales Manager Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria
Is Smart Process Monitoring also an Issue for your Injection Moulding?

Our experts will be happy to advise you!

  • User report from Schöfer, Austria

    30 minutes faster in finding solutions

  • Tutorial iQ process observer

    Use the full potential of your production with process monitoring during operation

  • Transparency and Efficiency

    State-of-the-art production with our digital solution

Picture shows process monitoring with iQ process observer on the injection moulding control unit
Webinar: Intelligent Data Analysis Maximises Process Stability and Reduces Rejects.

In this webinar you learn how to identify process changes and their causes in time.

Further Solutions for Production Optimisation
Picture shows networked injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Digital Solutions

  • Optimisation of injection moulding processes along the product life cycle

  • Cross-system networking

  • Realise the full potential of your production

Picture shows machine operator at the injection moulding machine control CC300

Injection Moulding Machine Control


  • Safe and intuitive

  • Innovative machine operation

  • Self-explanatory navigation

  • Individual configuration

Picture shows ENGEL service technicians

Global Service and Support

Support and training for digital solutions

  • Expert advice

  • Analysis of your plants

  • Implementation of digital solutions

Picture shows digital solutions for injection moulding ENGEL


With intuitive software solutions, you have your production in view, exploit all potentials and support your employees.

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