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The Universal, All-electric High-performance Machine e-motion Injection Molding Machine

Picture shows electric injection molding machine from ENGEL

Flexible and powerful thanks to all-electric drives. The design of the e-motion all-electric injection molding machine is based on cleanliness, performance, and flexibility. It is perfectly suited for applications in the packaging sector and in medical technology. Multi-component applications of all types are possible with this high-performance machine.

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Drive type

< 6,500 kN

Closing force

The e-motion all-electric Injection Molding Machine In Use
  • All-electric thin-wall injection molding

    The high-performance injection unit of the e-speed enables the production of thin-wall packaging with a flow path to wall thickness ratio > 1:400.

  • Production of small containers

    The e-motion 220 uses a newly developed injection blow molding process with cube technology to produce small containers.

    • medical
    Interdental brushes for the hygiene sector

    The all-electric e-motion 110 T demonstrates the production of finely shaped hygiene articles using single-component injection molding.

Picture shows Head of Product Management Electric Injection Molding Machines at ENGEL Austria

Our all-electric e-motion injection molding machine series has been consistently developed for high-performance & high-end applications. It combines performance, cleanliness, precision, and energy efficiency in one machine and offers a high degree of flexibility for demanding customer requirements.

Christoph Schützeneder, Head of Product Management for Electric Injection Molding Machines at ENGEL Austria
The Advantages of the e-motion All-electric Injection Molding Machine
Reduce energy costs
Image shows energy-efficient servo-electric drive

Our all-electric e-motion also delivers high performance in terms of energy costs. Maximum performance with minimum power consumption. The highly efficient servo-electric drives impress not only with precision and power, but also with low energy requirements. You save money with our all-electric injection molding machine.

Efficient production of high-end applications
Image shows all-electric injection molding machine for high-end applications

Our premium injection units are specially designed for applications with an extreme flow path to wall thickness ratio. Regardless of the screw or injection unit, you benefit from the precision and efficiency of the electric drives.

Flexibility: performance adapted to your needs
Picture shows clamping side of an all-electric injection molding machine from ENGEL

Just like the injection process, clamping on our all-electric injection molding machine can also be adapted to your needs. You achieve very short cycle times of < 2 seconds. Our e-motion is the perfect solution for clean room production. For applications with complex automation or frequent mold changes, we even offer a tie-barless version in many clamping forces with our e-motion TL (tie-barless).

Save space with compact manufacturing cells
Picture shows manufacturing cell with automation by ENGEL

The compact design of our injection molding systems minimizes floor space requirements and creates more space in your production area. Conveyor belts can be integrated into the machine guards. The simple integration of robots without additional CE certification saves valuable time and space.

Intelligent services for maximum uptime
Image shows service for condition monitoring from ENGEL

To ensure the long-term performance of your e-motion, we offer a variety of service and maintenance packages. These can be customized to fit your needs. For example, with e-connect.monitor you can monitor critical machine components during operation. You can react proactively before a defect occurs.

Available machine sizes of the e-motion series
Picture shows table of available machine sizes
Image shows robot inside tie-bar-less injection molding machine mold area
e-motion TL: tie-bar-less and all-electric

The machine combines the advantages of tie-bar-less technology with the efficiency of all-electric drives

Our e-motion TL machine is ideal when maximum precision is required. The electric injection unit ensures high repeatability during metering and injection. The even clamping force distribution of the tie-bar-less clamping unit is particularly beneficial for applications with multiple cavities and the need for high molding precision.

Other advantages of the tie-bar-less design:

  • Maximum space in the mold area

  • Easy integration of automation

  • Simple and fast tool change

Read more about the tie-bar-less technology.

Tie-bar-less, all-electric e-motion TL injection molding machine
  • Automotive fiber optics

    Production of high-quality optical components thanks to precise, tie-bar-less clamping unit of the e-motion TL and gentle plasticizing of PMMA.

  • Two-piece vernier caliper

    The tie-bar-less clamping unit of the e-motion TL offers maximum space for large molds and complex automation.

  • LSR micro injection molding

    Micro parts for tear ducts made of silicone for ophthalmology: With a part weight of only 0.0005g, the precise e-motion TL is perfect for this application.

Available machine sizes of the e-motion TL series
Picture shows table of available machine sizes
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Additional Products and Services for Our all-electric Injection Molding Machine
Picture shows injection moulding temperature control by ENGEL

Reduce Energy Costs with Intelligent Temperature Control

You save up to 85% of your energy costs thanks to intelligent temperature difference control instead of rigid flow.

Image shows networked injection molding machine from ENGEL

Digital Solutions

Our digital products and service solutions support you along the entire product life cycle. From component design, through mold sampling and production, to maintenance and service.

Picture shows service technician from ENGEL


ENGEL offers you service and spare parts management throughout the life of your machine. We support you from the installation of your machine and automation solution until the end of its service life.

Image shows injection molding automation solution from ENGEL


Expertise in injection molding automation at all levels. From the injection molding machine to the robot and conveyor belt system, to third-party peripherals. Everything from a single source.

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