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Image shows engine compartment of hybrid car

Plastic Components for the Car Engine Compartment

Injection molding of functional components for various drives

Developments in the automotive industry constantly present injection molders with new challenges: From increasing diversity in drive concepts to new technologies such as high-voltage systems. Whether classic combustion engines, hybrid engines or electric drives, our solutions for car engine compartments prepare you for the future.

Advantages with ENGEL in the Production of Components for Car Engine Compartments
Meet the requirements of New Mobility
Picture shows fan wheel component for electric car engine compartment

Electric cars in particular place higher demands on functional plastic parts in the engine compartment. Due to the nearly silent operation of electric motors, moving components must be precisely manufactured. Even the smallest irregularities can create an annoying background noise in the passenger compartment. The precision of our injection molding machines ensures excellent dimensional accuracy of your injection molded parts.

Safe processing of high-performance plastics
Picture shows high voltage connector in engine compartment of electric car

Plastic components for high-voltage drive systems in electric cars must meet extreme requirements.These include insulating properties and temperature resistance. Often, this can only be achieved by using special materials such as polyketone. Plasticizing these high-performance plastics places high demands on both the material and the process. With our customized plasticizing components and application technology support, you can achieve cost-effective production - even in challenging applications.

Weight reduction through lightweight construction technologies
Image shows lightweight component made of composites

Hybrid and electric drives are often significantly heavier than conventional combustion engines. To avoid a significant increase in the overall weight of these vehicles, weight must be saved elsewhere. With our wide range of weight reduction processes, you can produce lightweight parts with excellent mechanical properties for the car engine compartment.

Producing large parts with XXL injection molding machines
Picture shows large injection molding machine by ENGEL

Electric drive systems aim to become lighter. That’s why the housings of the drive batteries are often made of plastic. With our duo series, we offer particularly large injection molding machines in clamping force ranges over 55,000 kN. You get a customized and cost-effective solution for large injection molded parts.

Solutions for plastic components in the car engine compartment
Picture shows large machine for XL injection-molded parts by ENGEL

Large Machine for XL Injection-Molded Parts


The injection molding machine for large, flat parts such as plastic car parts for the car exterior with a wide clamping force range.

  • Compact external dimensions

  • Large mold area

  • Economical servo-hydraulic drives

Picture shows articulated robot from ENGEL

Articulated Robot


Our easix industrial robot masters high part weights and complex movements with dynamics and precision.

  • Direct control via the injection molding machine

  • Low dead weight for high dynamics

  • Easy integration into injection molding machine

Picture shows metal insert overmolded with elastomer structure

Injection Molding

Elastomers and thermosets

We offer special machines and technologies for efficient processing of reactive materials and overmolding of inserts.

  • LSR

  • Rubber

  • HTV

Picture shows tape laying cell from ENGEL

Injection Molding Processes

Lightweight Construction

Tried and tested equipment and processes from ENGEL for your composites and lightweight components

  • Proven technologies

  • Economic processes

  • Extensive ENGEL expertise

Picture shows CEO of the KRUG Group

We have observed that the duo injection molding machines achieve excellent stability and process repeatability.  At ENGEL, we get plasticizing screws that match our materials from a single source.

Jochen Krug, CEO of the KRUG Group
Picture shows Head of Business Development Technology at ENGEL
Are you looking for solutions for plastic parts in the car engine compartment?

Our experts will be happy to advise you. Together we will find a solution.

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Molding Industry Business Advisor

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