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Shorter Cycle Times and Maximum Flexibility in Elastomer Processing


As leading developer and manufacturer of injection molding machines, the Austrian machine builder ENGEL, headquartered in Schwertberg, will showcase its expertise in elastomer processing at the German Rubber Conference (DKT) from July 1 to 4, 2024, in Nuremberg. By presenting two specialized exhibits, the family-owned company with a global footprint will demonstrate its technological competence in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and rubber processing.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Processing with Integrated Processes

The focus of LSR processing is the production of a highly precise infusion valve on a fully electric e-mac 465/130 injection molding machine, realized in cooperation with the companies NEXUS, Psilkon GmbH & Co. KG, and ShinEtsu. The challenges of LSR processing, such as high precision and strict tolerance requirements, are met by combining ENGEL's machine technology, injection molding tool, automation, and NEXUS's X20 dosing system with high-quality LSR material from ShinEtsu. A particular highlight of this application is the efficient in-process "inline slitting," which reduces cycle time and thus energy and manufacturing costs.

Redefining Solid Rubber Processing

Another focus at the trade fair is a production cell for processing EPDM rubber, highlighting the advantages of the tie-bar-less victory 460/120 tech injection molding machine. Its compact and tie-bar-less design allows efficient use of production space and optimizes overall production workflows. In a single-cavity mold from EFI Formenbau GmbH & Co. KG, flash-free sieve stars are produced in a 60-second cycle. The material supplier is Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff GmbH, which places great emphasis on the sustainable production of the used EPDM.

The targeted use of ENGEL's digital assistants further reduces scrap and increases productivity. The use of sustainable EPDM material combined with advanced digital assistance systems underscores ENGEL's commitment to sustainable production methods.

Technical Precision and Strategic Future Orientation

The expansion of production capacities and even greater precision in elastomer processing are at the center of ENGEL's efforts. With the continuous further development of innovative technologies and processes, ENGEL aims to ensure that proven solutions also meet the future needs of customers. The close-knit sales and service network also ensures that the right experts are involved in the project right from the start.

ENGEL at DKT 2024: Hall 9, Booth 417

High precision and strict tolerance requirements in liquid silicone rubber processing, combined with a clean production environment, are united on the fully electric e-mac 465/130 injection molding machine.

The 32-fold produced infusion valves are made from non-self-healing liquid silicone rubber and are directly slit in the process by the NEXUS Nexmover.

The tie-bar-less ENGEL victory 460/120 tech injection molding machine impresses with its minimal footprint and integration of automation and digital assistance systems.

During the trade fair, flash-free sieve stars made from sustainable EPDM rubber will be produced.

Tobias Neumann

Public Relations Manager

+43 50 620 73807

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