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Picture shows injection moulding temperature control by ENGEL
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Injection Moulding Temperature Control 2.0: Saving Electricity Costs

Up to 75% Lower Energy Consumption with ENGEL Solution

In times of high energy prices, an efficient injection moulding system pays off twice. You avoid unnecessarily high costs, conserve resources and minimise your CO2 footprint. Temperature control in injection moulding makes a particularly large contribution to overall efficiency. Read here how you can significantly reduce your energy consumption with our temperature control system.

FAQs About the ENGEL Temperature Control System

By switching from conventional temperature control systems to the ENGEL concept, you benefit in several ways:

  • Significantly reduced energy consumption

  • Lower water consumption

  • Stable processes

  • Increased transparency and data quality

  • Reduced scrap rates

  • Higher productivity

  • Lower maintenance requirement

  • Fewer units for the same performance

Conventional temperature control systems are inefficient. The rigid flow control causes high energy and water consumption. When process conditions change, no adjustments to the parameters are possible. This results in unnecessary scrap. With intelligent ENGEL injection moulding temperature control, you use exactly the amount of energy and water required to produce a good part, shot for shot. Our customers thus save up to 75% of their energy requirements for temperature control.

The ENGEL temperature control system consists of three core components:

The water distributor continuously measures the temperature difference between supply and return at each individual circuit of the mould. Based on this value, iQ flow control doses the actual amount of water required for each distributor circuit and thus keeps the temperature difference stable. In addition, the water requirements are passed on to the temperature control unit and the optimum speed of the pump is set accordingly. The mould temperature thus remains constant even under changing process conditions - with minimal energy input.

Up to 20% of bad parts in injection moulding are caused by errors in temperature control. This is often not apparent, as conventional systems do not allow a precise insight into all relevant parameters. iQ flow control gives you the necessary clarity about your temperature control processes. The active control prevents temperature fluctuations before they lead to rejects. This saves you material and time.

Another advantage of the intelligent temperature difference control: The pumps of the e-temp units only run with the power currently required. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also prevents excessive wear. You benefit from up to 50% less maintenance and at the same time a longer service life of your units. Through intelligent configurations between e-temp, e-flomo plus and the mould, the number of temperature control units and the dimensioning of the respective outputs can be additionally optimised.

Picture shows Product Manager Temperature Control at ENGEL Austria

A stable temperature control process is the prerequisite for consistently high part quality. Our dynamic system independently finds the optimal operating point based on predefined parameters. Due to the high efficiency, most customers achieve the ROI after only two years.

Klaus Tänzler, Product Manager Temperature Control at ENGEL Austria
Picture shows solution for reducing the power consumption of an injection moulding machine
What Else Can I Do to Further Increase the Overall Efficiency of My Injection Moulding Production?

Temperature control is not the only way to reduce your energy requirements. See here what other options we offer you.

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The Elements of ENGEL Injection Moulding Temperature Control at a Glance
Picture shows e-temp temperature control unit from ENGEL

Temperature Control Unit


  • Efficient heating of water

  • Pump is regulated by iQ flow control as required

  • Integrated in CC300 machine control

Picture shows e-flomo control centre from ENGEL

Water Distributor

eco-flomo/e-flomo plus

  • Monitors flow, pressure, temperature and temperature difference

  • Space-saving installation next to tools

  • Integrated in CC300 machine control

Image shows digital solution iQ flow control from ENGEL for injection moulding temperature control

Digital Assistance System

iQ flow control

  • Actively controls water distributor and temperature control unit

  • Saves energy costs thanks to efficient control

  • Avoids rejects due to constant mould temperature

Christopher Stafford

Sales Operations Manager

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