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Picture shows injection moulding machines for custom injection moulding manufacturing
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Injection moulding solutions for custom moulders

Flexible in the manufacture of plastic parts

The variety of plastic components is enormous. Frequent mould and material changes and starting up new moulds without losing time and performance are just some of the daily challenges in production. The cost pressure is just as high, coupled with fast delivery times. With our injection moulding solutions for custom moulders, you are flexible and efficient in the manufacture of your plastic parts.

Benefit from our injection moulding expertise as a custom moulder

Focus on your solution Thanks to our broad portfolio of injection moulding machines and automation solutions, you will receive a system tailored to your needs.

Rapid availability With our fast track series and the stock machine programme, we guarantee fast availability of the system within a few weeks.

Flexibility Our injection moulding machines and their range of options give you a high degree of flexibility in the manufacture of your plastic parts.

Your advantages with us as your partner in custom injection moulding
Quick mould change thanks to tie-bar-less machines
Picture shows quick mould change on an ENGEL injection moulding machine

Frequent tool changes are a challenge for custom injection moulders. This is because they reduce the availability of injection moulding machines. Thanks to the tie-bar-less design of our victory and e-victory machine series, you can change your moulds in under 10 minutes. The absence of tie-bars makes it easier for the operator to access the mould during the set-up process.

Efficient set-up with the menu-guided tool change
Picture shows quick mould change with the menu-guided set-up assistant from ENGEL

The set-up assistant is a kind of checklist that guides the machine operator interactively through the individual steps required for the tool change. As far as possible, the set-up assistant processes the programme steps automatically. Manual work steps are acknowledged in the control system. This means that even less experienced employees can set up safely and without errors. The set-up assistant increases efficiency for experienced set-up teams.

Easy colour and material change thanks to self-cleaning package
Picture shows front part of a plasticising unit from ENGEL

If the colour or material is changed during the manufacture of plastic parts, streaks form on the component. Streaks are the result of mixing old and new material. It is therefore not possible to produce good parts for a certain period of time. We have developed the self-cleaning package to minimise this time and produce good parts again quickly. The modified screw tip enables you to change colours and materials quickly and easily. Your benefits: increased productivity and material savings.

Stable production with iQ weight control
Picture shows digital solution iQ weight control on the control unit of an ENGEL injection moulding machine

The intelligent iQ weight control assistance system regulates every injection process during production. It corrects the injection volume and calculates the switchover point of the injection moulding process in the same shot. Fluctuations are compensated for in each shot. This reduces the scattering of the moulded part weight by up to 85 %. Your benefits in custom injection moulding: more stable processes, increased part quality, faster start-up after mould changes and exact repeat accuracy, even with recyclate applications.

Reduced footprint thanks to HLi automation solution
Picture shows compact High Level Integration (HLi) solution from ENGEL

To counteract the lack of space in your production hall, we have developed our compact HLi solution (High Level Integration). The conveyor belt of the system is integrated into the protective enclosure of the injection moulding machine. The robot is therefore also protected. Access to the mould area via the opposite operator side is maintained. The HLi solution also offers the option of installing additional peripheral devices under the conveyor belt. The result: a compact overall system for custom injection moulding without taking up unnecessary floor space.

Full integration of automation
Picture shows machine operator in front of a green injection moulding machine from ENGEL

From simple parts handling to complex production cells, we can supply you with a customised system. Our injection moulding systems are CE-certified ex works. The automation is fully integrated into the CC300 machine control system. The automation is programmed and parameterised on the control system - simply and safely using intuitive operating logic.

Reduce energy costs with ENGEL solutions
Picture shows light bulb as a symbol of climate protection and energy efficiency

We don't just look at the injection moulding machine, but at the entire system. The combination of drive concept, temperature control, intelligent device communication and smart process control maximises the efficiency of your system. This allows you to reduce the power consumption and CO2 emissions of your injection moulding cell by up to 67%, depending on the application. You can save a further 20% energy with our energy efficiency packages.

Supporting ENGEL solutions for custom injection moulders
  • Tool change in under 10 minutes

    From the last to the first good part in 10 minutes - fast and efficient mould change on a tie-bar-less victory 80 tech.

  • Zero complaints thanks to iQ weight control

    Batch changes or the use of recyclate led to parts that were not full at Lercher. With iQ weight control, stability was brought to the process.

  • For safe production - ENGEL care

    ENGEL care maintenance packages for preventive maintenance to ensure the availability and safety of your injection moulding machine.

  • Ready for smart operation - CC300 plus

    Improved personalisation, optimised ergonomics and hand buttons with haptic feedback are just some of the new features of the CC300 plus.

  • Change tools more quickly with the setup assistant

    Simple and safe set-up with the menu-guided tool change for custom injection moulding.

Picture shows Sales Manager Business Development Technical Moulding & Teletronics
As a custom injection moulder, are you looking for suitable solutions for your production?

We will be happy to advise you. Together we will find the right concept for the manufacture of your plastic parts.

System concepts for the custom injection moulding of plastic components

Examples from our customers in practice: From technical to automotive parts. A selection of plastic parts manufactured with ENGEL system concepts.

Picture shows black plastic pallet


  • Machine: duo 51060/2400 tech

  • Automation: easix KR210 R3100-2

  • Material: PE/PP regrind

  • Cycle time: 120 s

Picture shows green fittings

T-Fitting 1 ¼''

  • Machine: victory 460/80 tech

  • Automation: free-falling

  • Material: PP

  • Cycle time: 20 s

Picture shows green housing of a saw


  • Machine: duo 8160/900

  • Automation: viper 40

  • Material: PP T20

  • Cycle time: 55 s

Picture shows knives with green plastic handles


  • Machine: victory 440/120 tech

  • Automation: viper 40

  • Material: PP

  • Cycle time: 30 s

Picture shows plastic shaver

Razor handle

  • Machine: e-mac 1640/380

  • Automation: free-falling

  • Material: PP

  • Cycle time: 10 s

Picture shows green plastic drinks crate

Beverage crate

  • Machine: duo 8160/700

  • Automation: viper 40

  • Material: HDPE

  • Cycle time: 35 s

Picture shows plastic plug


  • Machine: e-mac 465/130

  • Automation: viper 12

  • Material: PC GF20

  • Cycle time: 20 s

Frequently asked questions from custom injection moulders

One way to set up moulds more quickly is to use tie-bar-less machines. The tie-bar-less victory and e-victory series do not have tie-bars, which means that there are no interfering contours in the form of tie-bars during set-up. The mould area is freely accessible, which makes it easier for the setter to work.

Another option is the set-up assistant. The menu-guided mould change enables inexperienced injection moulding operators in particular to change a mould quickly, safely and easily.

We can cover a clamping force range from 28 to 5,500 tonnes. Even more on request. Our series include fully hydraulic, fully electric and hybrid machines, with horizontal or vertical designs. Depending on the component and customer requirements, we work with you to select the right machine concept for your custom injection moulding production.

If the standard delivery time of our machine is too long, we always have our fast track or stock machine models. If there is additional cost pressure, there is the option of used injection moulding machines.

By intelligent temperature control solutions we mean the iQ flow control software combined with the e-flomo water distributor hardware and the ENGEL e-temp temperature control unit.

iQ flow control automatically regulates pump performance and water volumes to a necessary minimum. This creates constant conditions throughout the injection moulding process and increases energy efficiency.

With our self-cleaning package, you can change materials quickly and easily. The plasticising unit has been designed to eliminate dead spots as far as possible. As little residual material as possible remains in the barrel.

The consumption of the injection moulding machine often only accounts for 50% of the energy consumption of the entire system. That is why we look at the energy consumption of the entire system.

You can save energy with, for example:

  • Intelligent assistance systems

  • Mould temperature control

  • ENGEL energy efficiency packages

Our experts will be happy to advise you on your individual options!

For all-electric injection moulding machines, our e-mac is available as an optional slim version. Here you save up to 240 mm in machine width, depending on the size.

In terms of automation, you save space with our HLi solution. The conveyor belt of the system is integrated directly into the protective enclosure of the injection moulding machine. Peripheral devices can be installed under the conveyor belt. This enables a compact overall system without taking up unnecessary floor space.

The compact cell is similar. This customised automation solution combines minimal space requirements with optimum accessibility.

In addition to the iQ weight control digital assistance system, which compensates for material fluctuations, the recycling package can also be used. The package helps you to process clean regrind on the injection moulding machine. This is because both the material feed and the feed area are adapted to these requirements.

Injection moulding processes such as sandwich injection moulding or the two-stage process also increase the proportion of recycled material in the component.

Injection moulding solutions for custom moulders
Picture shows injection moulding machines from ENGEL

Injection moulding machines

Always the right choice for your individual injection moulding requirements as a custom moulder

  • Fast availability

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Highest performance

Picture shows linear robots from ENGEL in use

Linear robots


Efficient handling of parts in all sizes

  • Load capacity from 4-120 kg

  • High dynamics thanks to low weight

  • Control via CC300 operating unit on the injection moulding machine

Picture shows digitalised production with injection moulding machines from ENGEL

Digitalisation in production

Utilise the full potential of your production with simple software solutions

  • Intuitive operation

  • Consistent part quality

  • Cost & energy reduction

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