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Picture shows iQ weight control software on ENGEL injection moulding machine control unit

Compensation of Fluctuations in Plastic Viscosity

Thanks to Regulation of the Injection Volume with iQ weight control

The software optimises the injection volume during the ongoing injection moulding process. This regulates fluctuations in plastic viscosity. iQ weight control compares the injection pressure curve of each cycle with a previously defined reference curve and reacts to external influencing factors. The accuracy of the injection moulding process is increased, and the weight of the components remains constant.

Up to 50%

Scrap Reduction


Higher Process Stability


Suitable for Recycling

Advantages of Optimised Plastic Viscosity in Production
85% less weight dispersion thanks to controlled injection volume
Picture shows plastic container

The intelligent assistance programme, iQ weight control, regulates every injection process during production. It corrects the injection volume and calculates the switching point of the injection moulding process in the same shot, depending on the plastic viscosity. Fluctuations are compensated for in each shot, thus reducing the scatter of the moulded part weight by up to 85%. You benefit from better process stability, increased part quality and process repeatability.

Wide range of applications for recyclates
Picture shows recyclates

Fluctuations in the viscosity of plastics are a major challenge when processing recyclates. iQ weight control detects these fluctuations in the raw material and adjusts the injection profile and the changeover point to the current production conditions in the same shot. Recyclates can thus be processed from different sources - with a significantly minimised reject rate and increased productivity.

Fast correction of process parameters thanks to visualisation
Picture shows machine operator at the control

The simple visualisation when monitoring process-critical parameters in production immediately shows where adjustments are necessary in the injection moulding process. Using automatic calculations of the parameters, the software compares the pressure curves of the injection volume and the reference curve determined by iQ weight control. As a result, the system detects differences and corrects deviations in terms of plastic viscosity quickly and efficiently.

Do You Have Questions about the iQ weight control software?

Our digital experts are available to answer your questions about controlling the injection volume and reacting to changes in plastic viscosity.

Picture shows the display of the iQ weight control software on the injection moulding machine control system
6 Steps to a Constant Part Weight with iQ weight control

One press of a button for users - the injection controller takes care of the rest

  1. Activate iQ weight control

  2. Current pressure curve is compared with reference curve

  3. Changes in plastic viscosity and material quantities are calculated

  4. Switching point and holding pressure are adjusted

  5. Deviations due to external influences are compensated for

  6. Part weight remains constant


  • Reduced reject rate up to 50%

  • Increased parts quality

  • 66% higher process stability

  • Better process repeatability

  • Increased productivity

  • User report from Lercher Werkzeugbau

    Complaints arose due to parts not being full when changing batches or using recycled material. iQ weight control brought stability to the process.

  • How You Can Intelligently Compensate for Process Deviations

    Watch the short video to see how the iQ weight control software works to optimise plastic viscosity.

  • Tutorial iQ weight control

    iQ weight control is part of our digital product portfolio that automatically compensates for plastic viscosity fluctuations and keeps part weight constant.

  • Innovative Software Solutions

    Intelligent Assistance Systems on a Victory 460/120 Tech Injection Moulding Machine

Picture shows Sales Manager Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria

iQ weight control enables a significant advantage in terms of part quality and productivity in a wide range of applications thanks to regulation of the injection volume. In addition to the economic aspect, a key feature of our assistance systems is their ease of use.

Hannes Zach, Sales Manager Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria
Picture shows employees of Braun and ENGEL
Customer Report: iQ weight control
Braun Improves Weight Consistency by 85%

Braun, the manufacturer of electric shavers, has reduced weight fluctuations from 0.02 g to 0.003 g with iQ weight control - an 85% improvement in weight consistency.

Picture shows plastic closures
Technical Article: Stable Injection Moulding Processes with iQ weight control

To ensure consistent part quality, intelligent assistance systems such as iQ weight control do a great job in the high-performance range. Closure production also benefits from this.

Complementary Products and Services to Increase Part Quality

Picture shows networked injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Digital Solutions

  • Optimisation of injection moulding processes along the product life cycle

  • Cross-system networking

  • Realise the full potential of your production

Picture shows machine operator at the injection moulding machine control CC300

Injection Moulding Machine Control


  • Safe and intuitive

  • Innovative machine operation

  • Self-explanatory navigation

  • Individual configuration

Picture shows ENGEL service technicians

Global Service and Support

Support for digital solutions

  • Expert advice

  • Analysis of your plants

  • Implementation of digital solutions

  • Injection moulding training

Picture shows green recyclate

Circular Economy

  • Team of experts

  • Solutions for plastics recycling

  • Support in the area of circular economy

Christopher Stafford

Sales Operations Manager

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The ENGEL team will be happy to assist you with comprehensive know-how on the subject of injection moulding.

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