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Picture shows plastic car electronics connectors

Injection molding car electronic components

Solutions for plastic connectors and electronic housings

For simple connectors or high-voltage systems: The demands for automotive electronic components made of plastic are high. With ENGEL injection molding machines and solutions, you can process high-performance plastics and various material combinations reliably, safely and efficiently.

Advantages with ENGEL in the production of automotive electronics components
Processing challenging materials safely
Image shows plasticizing components for high-performance plastics from ENGEL

Whether glass fiber reinforced plastics, thermosets, elastomers or high-performance plastics such as polyketone (PK) or polyetheretherketone (PEEK) with additives: We have the right plasticizing units which are developed and produced in-house at ENGEL. Benefit from our knowledge and reliable processing - even with challenging materials.

Various material combinations with ENGEL combi machines
Picture shows multi-color charging plug for e-car

Plastic automotive electronic parts are often manufactured with two or even more components. Our combi injection molding machines make that possible. You can produce complex components in just one cycle. For example, plug connections with a silicone sealing lip or printed circuit boards overmolded with several components.

Targeted investment thanks to broad machine portfolio
Image shows injection molding machines by ENGEL

You will find machines for every application in our injection molding machine portfolio.

e-mac: All-electric and compact, the e-mac is the perfect choice for energy-efficient production of near-standard automotive electronic parts.

e-motion: Our all-electric high-performance machine for the precise production of challenging applications.

victory: Thanks to its even clamping force distribution, the tie-bar-less victory series is ideally suited for applications with multiple cavities.

insert series: It is the right solution for overmolding inserts such as printed circuit boards.

Save up to 67% energy in production
Image shows energy consumption of ENGEL injection molding machines

In times of high energy costs, efficient machines are a decisive factor for the profitability of your production. Therefore, we also focus on high efficiency when developing our all-electric or servo-hydraulic injection molding machines. With the digital ENGEL iQ products, you can save even more energy. iQ flow control, for example, helps you to set the mold temperature automatically. This enables you to manufacture automotive electronic components in a cost-saving manner.

Solutions for plastic car electronic components

Producing plastic connectors and electronic housings precisely and economically

Picture shows small injection molding machine e-mac by ENGEL

All-electric injection molding machine


With the e-mac injection molding machine, you produce automotive electronic components efficiently

  • High precision

  • Small footprint requirement

  • Low energy consumption

Picture shows linear robot by ENGEL

Linear robot


Efficient handling of parts in all sizes

  • Loads from 6-120 kg

  • High dynamics thanks to low weight

  • Control via CC300 operating unit on the injection molding machine

Picture shows mold temperature control in injection molding with ENGEL iQ flow control

Intelligent mold temperature control

iQ flow control

The energy-efficient temperature control system

  • Low energy and water consumption

  • Less scrap thanks to automatic prevention of temperature control errors

  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to reduced pump wear

Picture shows Global Key Account Manager Automotive at ENGEL
Are you looking for solutions to produce automotive electronic components?

Our experts will be happy to advise you on your options.

Car electronic connector - Successful application

The HARTING HAN Quick Lock plastic connector requires flame-retardant, glass-fiber reinforced polycarbonate. We equipped our fully electric e-mac with the digital product iQ weight control. The result: smooth and repeatable component production with challenging geometry in a multi-cavity mold.

Video shows production of a plastic automotive electronic connector

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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