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Picture shows hydraulic hose of an ENGEL injection molding machine

Hydraulic hose service

Regular hose replacement for a safe working environment

Standard hydraulic hoses are a prerequisite to meet legal safety requirements for the protection of your employees and equipment. Hydraulic hoses are exposed to high pressure loads and are subject to natural aging. Our service technicians perform timely replacement of your hoses at scheduled intervals.

Hydraulic hose service facts

Pressure, wear, aging or damage to hydraulic hoses represent an enormous safety risk for the operator and the machine. Therefore, regular hose service is essential.

6 years

maximum recommended age for a hydraulic hose

2 years

maximum recommended storage time of a hose

Your advantages with our hydraulic hose service
Safety for operator and machine

Protect your employees as well as your machines from injury or damage by replacing your hydraulic hoses at regular intervals. Your company is legally responsible for the safety of your employees.

Hydraulic hose service with 24 months warranty

ENGEL’s OEM hydraulic hoses comply with required standards. In addition, you benefit from an extended 24-month warranty when hoses are replaced by an ENGEL service technician.

Service according to legal recommendations

If you regularly take care of the replacement and service of hydraulic hoses, you comply with legal recommendations. This also means that, you will effectively avoid unexpected production downtime due to damage to your hydraulic hoses.

Fast service thanks to prepared hose package

You will find the right hose package in stock at ENGEL. Our service team coordinates a visit and takes care of replacing your hydraulic hoses. We bring your machines up to date with our quick, clean and uncomplicated service.

We can help!

Would you like to play it safe when it comes to hydraulic hose service?

Our service portfolio
Hose packages in stock

Hydraulic hoses are always in stock at ENGEL. Our service team will support you during installation. Thanks to hose packages prepared just for you, the team completes the replacement quickly and effectively.

Venting of the hydraulic system

After installing hydraulic hoses, the hydraulic system must be properly vented. Our service team performs this important step before commissioning.

Fast recommissioning

After replacing the component, we ensure that the machine is properly put back into operation. You will immediately resume production after a short downtime.

Oil level check

After changing the hydraulic hoses, we measure the oil level in your system. If our service technicians detect aging or wear, a filter or oil change will be arranged.

Picture shows Head of Product Management Service at ENGEL Austria ENGEL Austria

The protection of your employees and machine is our top priority. As the saying "safety first", we apply strict guidelines when servicing hydraulic hoses. ENGEL hoses are manufactured with the latest technologies for a safe and stable production environment. And they are professionally installed by our service technicians.

Sebastian Payrleitner, Head of Product Management Service at ENGEL Austria

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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