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EcoVadis: Gold for ENGEL


ENGEL is one of the most sustainable industrial companies worldwide. This was confirmed by the current sustainability ranking on the EcoVadis platform. ENGEL has improved its ranking from silver to gold and is the only injection moulding machine manufacturer with gold status to date.

"As a family business, all of our actions are orientated on future generations. This fundamental approach was already exemplified by our company founder and is still being continuously developed today with a great deal of commitment by all generations of managing directors and the entire workforce," says Dr. Stefan Engleder, CEO of the ENGEL Group. "That's why we are very pleased and proud that our sustainable approach has also been confirmed objectively".

EcoVadis is the world's largest provider of sustainability rankings. The rankings include data from more than 90,000 evaluated companies and focus on the global supply chains in each case. The companies' environmental, social and ethical performance is evaluated.

Green power and closed cooling circuits

"When it comes to the environment, ENGEL is in the leading group, to which only one percent of all industrial companies assessed belong," says Martin Weger, Vice President Global Quality and Environment at ENGEL, citing just one detail from the audit conducted this summer. The criteria cover many aspects, from environmental protection measures through to certifications and the carbon footprint. Among other things, the fact that ENGEL has now certified all of its worldwide locations in line with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, and uses a great deal of green electricity, were taken into account. "The Austrian plants use one hundred percent green electricity. We generate some of this ourselves with our own photovoltaic systems," as Weger reports. "We are currently upgrading further plants and subsidiaries with photovoltaic systems, and we are looking into other alternative energy sources, such as geothermal energy in China."

The subject of water shows the detail that EcoVadis puts into its audits. "At the Schwertberg plant, we take cooling water from the River Aist, which flows directly alongside the plant. We use a closed circuit for this to make losses and contamination impossible," says Weger.

Ensuring prosperity for future generations

The excellent performance in the EcoVadis ranking underlines the great responsibility that ENGEL has taken on for the environment and society, while at the same time strengthening the future viability of the mechanical engineering company. "Many customers take the EcoVadis status into account when making a purchasing decision," as Stefan Engleder emphasises. "We will continue to work consistently to improve the sustainability of our processes. We want people around the world to be able to rely on the fact that they are using plastic products in their everyday lives that were manufactured in a way that conserves resources and whose supply or value chains are ethically sound. This is how we are ensuring prosperity, especially for the generations to come."

Andreas Spicker

Head of Marketing

+43 50 620 73825

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