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Increasing Stability with Hollow Structures

The Packaging Material of the Future

Intelligent Assistance Relieves the Strain on Production Staff

Transparency as a Basis for Energy Efficiency

Compostable Bioplastics: Italy Sets the Standard

How about a Little Bit Faster?

Glass Parts from an Injection Molding Machine

Fit for the Circular Economy

Putting Voids in their Place with Quality Control

Keeping Setting Parameters under Control

High-Quality Recycled Plastics Obtained Directly from Flakes

Focus on the User

What V Frames expects from the first recyclable e-bike frame

An Eye on the Process - a Handle on Quality

A Production Cell with Fluid Movements

Injection moulding production speaks OPC
High-Speed Machine with a Small Footprint
A Special process that is becoming a sustainable normal case
An Eye for the Essential

Opening up a broader range of Applications for recyclates

Using breathing signals for process optimization

Weighing without time overhead

Control complex processes easily

Dynamic Injection - Made Easy

Better part properties thanks to fewer fiber breakage

So that the heart of the machine beats longer

Both economical and flexible

High-quality visible parts in a single step

Numbers that count

Integrated optimization of hydraulic injection units

Layer-for-layer precision plus high performance

Working with instead of against one another

High Quality Interior Components at Low Unit Cost

Avoiding Unplanned Downtimes

Controlled Reactivity

Reliably Avoiding Power Peaks

How Repeatable Is Repeatability?

Linear Robots with Brains

Efficiency up, Cycle Times down

Breathing Exercises for Process Optimization

A Major Opportunity and the Response to the Smart Factory

The injection pressure influences the melt flow behavior

Don't forget the cooling

Tablets from the Injection Molding Machine

Maximum Dynamics in a Minimal Space

Maintaining Stable Pressure Limits

High performance precision components

Thick-walled lenses

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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