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Graphic shows use of authentig on the shop floor

Machine Data Acquisition by Means of Software

authentig Creates Transparency in Your Production

ENGEL is also your experienced and reliable partner in the field of Manufacturing Execution System (MES). With the modular authentig software, you can easily network your injection moulding machines. Based on the machine data acquisition, you receive article- and order-related results and KPIs. For example, rejects and machine downtimes can be reduced.


Machines Worldwide Authentically Networked with authentig


Customers Use authentig Worldwide


Machines Can Be Evaluated in Real Time in Just 15 Minutes


Record Parameters Per Machine

Advantages of Machine Data Acquisition by Means of Software
Transparent production processes through real-time data

We ensure a stable and powerful connection of the common machine types. This is the basis for recording your production data and achieving transparency in injection moulding production. With the machine data acquisition software, your key production figures are available in real time at the touch of a button. In addition, you will also be shown optimisation potential.

An investment that pays off

Customer calculations show that the acquisition costs for authentig pay for themselves in 5 to 12 months. The savings in the reduction of set-up time and scrap are particularly significant here.

Support for your employees

User-friendly dashboards on monitors in production and on mobile devices provide your injection moulding technicians with data and key figures quickly and easily. These include, for example, pieces per shift (performance level), cycle time deviation and plant availability. They are the basis for data-based decisions.

Seamless quality recording

Machine data acquisition with our software allows you to fully record and document process and part data to determine process capability (cmp) and machine capability (cmk). This enables you to identify negative developments such as weight fluctuations at an early stage, optimise processes and thus avoid scrap.

Simplified production planning

Centralised digital machine data collection, enables better capacity planning and increases overall plant effectiveness. Throughput times are minimised and your delivery reliability is increased. In addition, set-up times and thus costs can be reduced.

Faster, cheaper and environmentally friendly without the use of paper

With the help of the machine data collection software authentig, you can replace your manual data collection with digital reports. Excel tables or handwritten records will then be a thing of the past. Paperless production becomes reality.

Do You Want to Digitise Your Production?

Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have on the topics of software for machine data acquisition and MES.

What Our Customers Say about authentig
Picture shows Mould Engineer Technical Manufacturing at BIC Greece

Through authentig, we have found innovative methods to quantify problems in the production process and solve them in a data-based way.

Thanassis Karagiannis, Mould Engineer Technical Manufacturing at BIC Greece
Picture shows Senior Director Operations at Philips Respironics

With real-time information from the authentig machine data collection software, we are able to address problems before they become challenges.

Ryan Reinhardt, Senior Director Operations at Philips Respironics
Picture shows MES project manager at ZKW Group GmbH

Production capacity expansions require the use of an MES. With ENGEL, we have succeeded in digitising worldwide production sites.

Roland Teufl, MES Project Manager at ZKW Group GmbH
Picture shows BIC plastic razor produced with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) by ENGEL
Production Overview in Only 15 minutes

The BIC shift supervisor gets an overview of 50 machines in injection moulding production. It takes only 15 minutes with the help of the authentig machine data acquisition software.

Picture shows Gerhardi employees
More Transparency through Automated Monitoring

Today, Gerhardi Kunststofftechnik authentically knows which processes are running stably and which can be improved thanks to meaningful data from authentig.

Picture shows injection moulding machinery at Haidlmair
Documented Backup of the Setting Values

Haidlmair, a toolmaker for injection moulding machines, can use authentig to save and version the setting data records and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Modular Structure of the Machine Data Acquisition Software

authentig offers software solutions in the areas of production monitoring, production control, analysis and networking. The modular structure enables a high degree of flexibility. In cooperation with our experienced consultants, we digitise your production processes to the highest possible degree.

Production Monitoring

With these modules you have a live overview of your production. You can optimise production processes and monitor your energy consumption.

  • Monitoring

  • Production Monitor

  • Shopfloor App

  • Energy

Production Control

Your production staff are supported in their daily work processes by the following modules.

  • Setup

  • Maintenance

  • Order Management

  • Quality Measuring

  • Web terminal


Thanks to the seamless process and parts data recording, you can recognise trends at an early stage. This enables you to derive measures to optimise the entire production process.

  • Quality process

  • Reporting

  • Analyzer


We connect all common machine types to the software and network your production with existing company applications such as ERP, CAQ, APS.

  • Connector for SAP Solutions

  • IIoT device

  • Smart production platform

  • Interface

Advice on the Introduction of an MES

Shopfloor Consulting

Take advantage of our professional advice before, during or after the implementation of the innovative machine data acquisition software authentig. Our consultants support you in your digitisation project in 4 different workshops. No matter what stage you are at - at the beginning or already one step further.

Determination of the Digital Maturity Level
Picture shows workshop with authentig consultant

In this workshop, we jointly examine the prerequisites for the implementation of software for machine data collection. The result is precise recommendations for action.

MES Project Management
Picture shows workshop on MES project management

An experienced project manager oversees the implementation of authentig. Even if you lack internal resources, nothing stands in the way of introducing machine data collection software.

Process Parameters | Module A: Recording
Picture shows workshop on authentic directly in the production environment

We explain which parameters you record in your injection moulding production and what you can use them for. We start with the automated recording of process parameters with authentig.

Process Parameters | Module B: Interpretation
Picture shows consultant for the machine data acquisition software authentig with customers

Process parameters depend on mould, product, material, and machine. We highlight the basic settings of the machine and quality-relevant injection parameters to prepare them for analysis.

authentig case studies
  • Lercher Werkzeugbau, Austria

    With authentig, the requirements of customers in the automotive sector can be met. Especially when it comes to the traceability of processes and data.

  • Weener Plastics, Hungary

    In the 24/7 injection moulding production of packaging, authentig provides important information, even from machines without Euromap or OPC interface.

  • Gerhardi Kunststofftechnik, Germany

    authentig has reduced the number of rejects in the injection moulding production of automotive interior and exterior components.

Picture shows independent consultant for MES software at IBRK

Thanks to my many years of international experience, I can optimally accompany you in the digital transformation of your injection moulding production. As a strategic advisor and practical implementer, I look forward to your project.

Robert Kurzbauer, independent and self-employed consultant for MES software at IBRK
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