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Picture shows service technician at injection molding machine measuring wear

Condition monitoring

Predictive maintenance with e-connect.monitor

Condition monitoring allows you to observe the condition of your injection molding machine during operation. With regular wear measurement, the remaining service life of process-critical components can be predicted. This helps you avoid unplanned downtime. It also gives you time to plan maintenance and order spare parts in advance.

Your advantages with the condition monitoring solution by ENGEL
Replace wear parts - avoid downtime
Picture shows wear parts of an injection molding machine

The condition monitoring tool collects and analyzes data from your injection molding machine. The results are available anytime in our online customer portal e-connect. If the wear of machine components is checked on a regular basis with condition monitoring, you can forecast future conditions and reliably predict the remaining service life of the components. This allows you to replace spare parts in a timely manner.

Save costs with predictive maintenance
Picture shows service technicians performing predictive maintenance by ENGEL

Preventive maintenance intends regular replacement of wear parts. Condition monitoring, on the other hand, is part of a predictive maintenance plan. Which means, components are replaced as needed. This saves time and money. You can coordinate planned maintenance more flexibly to your production schedule. This results in significantly reduced downtime and process-critical parts that are utilized until the very end of their service life.

Ordering spare parts made easy with the customer portal
Picture shows warehouse with spare parts for the injection molding machine

Condition monitoring predicts the remaining service life of components and therefore helps you to order spare parts in a timely manner. Knowing exactly what you will need beforehand allows you to make optimum use of your warehouse capacities. For machine maintenance and troubleshooting you can find the availability of spare parts, part costs and delivery times easily in the e-connect customer portal. This makes it more convenient to order the components you need for maintenance in time. In addition, you have access to the complete service history of your equipment.

Condition monitoring without interrupting production
Picture shows service technicians from ENGEL during wear measurement

It is no longer necessary to shut your injection molding machine down to perform wear measurement or inspection of process-critical components. The condition of wear parts is monitored during operation and happens automatically in the background.

Do you want to monitor the condition of your injection molding machine?

I would be happy to talk to you about condition monitoring and predictive, condition-based, maintenance.

Video shows the functionality of the condition monitoring tool e-connect.monitor >
What our customers say about the
condition monitoring solution
Picture shows Head of Injection Molding Technology and production at Praher Plastics Austria

In the past we spent a lot of time removing the screw. Now the measurement takes only 15 minutes and it’s not even necessary to shut the machine down.

Wilhelm Raber, Head of Injection Molding Technology and Manufacturing at Praher Plastics Austria
Picture shows Plant Manager at Schöfer GmbH

With the condition monitoring tool e-connect.monitor, we can predict the remaining service life of our screws. This opens up the opportunity to plan better ahead and avoid machine downtimes.

Josef Fröschl, Operations Manager at Schöfer
Image shows functionality and data management of condition monitoring solution e-connect.monitor by ENGEL
How does e-connect.monitor work?

Connectivity and data management of condition monitoring

Due to comprehensive networking of technologies, data security is becoming increasingly important. With ENGEL, your data is safe: Our system meets the latest and highest security standards - you have complete transparency and control over the data connections as well as the transmitted data. A hardened operating system is used to operate the EDGE device which helps minimize security vulnerabilities. The system used is subjected to regular security tests and access is restricted to employees authorized by you.

Which components can we monitor?

Predictive maintenance thanks to condition monitoring

Increase the availability of your injection molding machines with condition monitoring of hydraulic oil, plasticizing screws or servo pumps.

Hydraulic oil

The condition of the hydraulic oil is crucial for wear, damage to components and process deviations. Thanks to condition monitoring, you can observe the hydraulic oil by measuring its chemical status, particles and relative water content. By scheduling hydraulic oil or filter changes precisely as needed, you make an important contribution to cost efficiency and a sustainable operation.

Plasticizing screws

Previously the condition of the screw could only be checked by removing it from the machine, which resulted in downtimes of up to two working days. When using condition monitoring, we can assess the condition without removing the plasticizing unit. Our service technicians do the measurement with ultrasonic technology, regardless of the control version and the age of the machine.

Servo pumps

The wear of a servo pump has a significant impact on the process stability and energy efficiency of your hydraulic injection molding machine. Thanks to condition monitoring, you can easily observe the current condition of installed servo pumps and detect wear immediately. This also allows you to proactively identify possible improvements and therefore avoid unexpected downtime.

Picture shows Sales Manager Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria

We are continuously expanding the range of applications for our condition monitoring solution. e-connect.monitor can now analyze wear of barrier screws and make reliable statements about their condition.

Hannes Zach, Sales Manager Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria
More products for reliable condition monitoring

The following products are a prerequisite to use the condition monitoring tool e-connect.monitor.

Picture shows ENGEL’s remote maintenance support

Remote maintenance tool


To monitor wear parameters of your equipment, you need the remote maintenance tool for secure data transmission.

Image shows customer portal on screen

Customer portal


The online customer portal gives you access to the measurement results of wear parameters. You can also find service cases or have a look at upcoming spare parts deliveries.

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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