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Picture shows plastic car parts (exterior)

Injection Molding Plastic Auto Parts and Car Body Components

Aesthetics and Function Molded with ENGEL

The shift to electric vehicles and autonomous driving is evident in automotive designs. Produce lightweight, high-quality plastic components for the vehicle exterior with functional integration, and set trends. Be ready for future developments with state-of-the-art technologies and injection molding machines by ENGEL.

Advantages of ENGEL in Plastic Car Part Production
Smart car parts with ENGEL technologies
Picture shows car with plastic auto parts (body)

Produce lightweight plastic car parts with integrated functionality by using a variety of injection molding process technologies. With film back molding, for example, you can mold front panels that are permeable to radar and lidar beams. Scratch-resistant exterior auto parts with self-healing surfaces can be produced with PUR flooding. Composite parts are the best choice for lightweight design. They reduce vehicle weight while improving crash properties. Our experts support you from design to series production.

Two-platen injection molding machine duo for large auto parts
Picture shows two-platen injection molding machine from ENGEL

You can produce components with a large projected area and/or high shot weights economically with our duo machine series. The machines combine compact external dimensions with large mold spaces and a wide clamping force range. Efficient servo-hydraulic drives keep power consumption low. For particularly large plastic car parts, we also offer solutions with clamping forces well above 55,000 kN.

Save energy costs thanks to servo-hydraulic drive
Image shows energy-saving servo-hydraulic drive by ENGEL

An injection molding machine does not necessarily have to be electrically driven to be energy efficient. Our servo-hydraulic drive concept ecodrive is only active during machine movements. The fixed displacement pump then runs within the optimum range. Reduce your electricity costs as well as heat and noise emissions in the production area.

Fast 24/7 support from ENGEL
Picture shows ENGEL service employees

An unplanned machine downtime is always a hassle. In just-in-time production, it can cause major economic damage. With more than 720 service employees worldwide, we are available for you and ensure a quick remedy. No matter where and when a service case occurs. We keep spare parts in stock in over 70 global logistics centers for fast delivery.

Solutions for Plastic Car Components
Picture shows large machine for XL injection-molded parts by ENGEL

Large Machine for XL Injection-Molded Parts


The injection molding machine for large, flat parts such as plastic car parts for the car exterior with a wide clamping force range.

  • Compact external dimensions

  • Large mold area

  • Economical servo-hydraulic drives

Picture shows articulated robot from ENGEL

Articulated Robot


Our easix industrial robot masters high part weights and complex movements with dynamics and precision.

  • Direct control via the injection molding machine

  • Low dead weight for high dynamics

  • Easy integration into injection molding machine

Image shows surface finishes of a plastic part by ENGEL

Injection Molding Processes

clearmelt and foilmelt

Injection molding process for sophisticated part designs with additional function integration

Picture shows Head of Business Development Technology
Are you looking for solutions for plastic car components?

Our experts will be happy to advise you. Together we will find the best product for you.

Injection Molding of Plastic Car Parts for Body and Exterior
  • Front Panel Demo Part for Self-driving Vehicles

    This front panel is protected from damage with a high-quality polyurethane layer, yet it is permeable to lidar and radar systems.

  • Automotive Exterior Panel

    Production solution for an exterior design element on the compact duo 500 injection molding machine.

Plastic Exterior Auto Parts in Various Designs

Application examples showing our technologies for automotive exterior components

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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