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Image shows digital solutions by ENGEL across the product life cycle
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Digital solutions in injection molding

With intelligent machines to a smart factory

ENGEL‘s digitalization strategy is perfectly aligned with the life cycle of your products. From part design and mold sampling to production and maintenance & service. We have the right digital solutions to help you utilize the full potential of your injection molding machines and sustainably reduce your carbon footprint.

Your advantages of our digital solutions
Compensate for process fluctuations for consistent part quality

If deviations during injection molding production occur, our digital solutions react immediately without affecting the cycle time. For example, the changeover point and the holding pressure profile are adjusted to current conditions shot by shot. This ensures consistently high product quality.

Reduce energy consumption and scrap

Our digital assistance tools determine the optimum production parameters - either suggest them or set them automatically. These settings reduce energy and water consumption during temperature control. But also minimize scrap and mold wear through optimized clamping force settings.

Reduce batch fluctuations when using recyclates

Recycled materials are naturally subject to greater batch fluctuations than virgin materials. Digital solutions from ENGEL’s inject 4.0 program help to significantly reduce influences on the process automatically. Recyclates can be used for a wider range of applications than before. Additionally, our plastic recycling processes save CO2 and costs.

Everything in view for better planning of resources

Our digital solutions ensure greater transparency of the production by connecting the machine plant and third-party peripherals at multiple locations. In addition, an even better utilization and increased efficiency of the machinery through optimal capacity planning is possible.

Simple operation for minimizing errors

Digital assistance systems must make it as easy as possible for the operator to be proficient in even the most complex applications. Our digital products simplify your daily work with the injection molding machine. Therefore, errors during operation are reduced. They also support with set-up, start-up, and shutdown of production.

Latest security standards protect your data

ENGEL complies with the latest security standards for all digital solutions and works with uniform, secure, and service-oriented communication interfaces such as OPC UA. You can rely on a smooth operation.

Digital solutions highlights

Machines with intelligent assistance systems


Customers connected to ENGEL customer portal


Machines networked with ENGEL

The life cycle of your plastic product

The basis of digitization strategy

Even in the product design phase, and before the start of series production, at sampling, you can leverage great optimization potential with digital solutions. During production, intelligent assistance systems for shop floor management ensure high productivity. At maintenance and service, intelligent monitoring and remote maintenance tools maximize your availability.

Image shows development of plastic parts using digital solutions by ENGEL


With digital solutions, simulation, and real measurement data can be compared during trials. This closes the gap between simulation and the real injection molding process. It accelerates process optimization and reduces the duration of the start-up phase.

Picture shows sampling of injection molds

Mold sampling

The typical preparations for mold sampling, such as calculation of holding pressure time, cooling time, cycle time or even shot volume, are optimized by our intelligent assistance systems. Series production can be started even faster.

Image shows injection molding production by ENGEL


Improve the availability of your machines and increase the quality of your products by using digital solutions. Thanks to intelligent assistance systems, the optimum production parameters are determined, actively suggested, or automatically set during ongoing production.

Image shows digital service on ENGEL injection molding machines

Maintenance & service

Avoid unplanned downtime and troubleshoot quickly with our intelligent monitoring and remote maintenance tools. Fast on-site and online support from our global service experts guarantees you high-performance and efficient production.

Picture shows Sales Manager Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria
Are you still unsure if you need digitalization?

I will be happy to advise you on your way to an individual solution.

Digital solutions used in many industries
  • Customer review from BIC Violex, Greece

    BIC was able to increase the already high OEE by 3% and reduce the reject rate by more than 40%. Learn how products from the ENGEL inject 4.0 portfolio contributed to this success.

  • Automotive application
  • Technical injection molding application
  • Medical technology application
Download brochure
Image shows digital solutions brochure by ENGEL
Digital solutions

Best-practice examples of digital solutions

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