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Image shows SAP Ariba initial screen

SAP Ariba at ENGEL

With the introduction of the e-procurement platform SAP ARIBA, we are continuing our journey into the digital world and hence further fulfil ENGEL’S digital corporate strategy. SAP Ariba is the central network for our suppliers to provide and exchange data and to deepen the cooperation between purchaser and supplier.

Direct vs. Indirect Purchasing

The Differences

Direct Suppliers

The connection of suppliers in direct purchasing works via SAP Ariba Sourcing and Supply Chain Collaboration (SLP / SCC). You receive your purchase orders, contracts and contract release orders and can participate in the bidding processes / auctions.

  • Connection via SAP Ariba network

  • Supplier qualification and preferred supplier

  • Contracts and contract release orders

  • Standard orders

  • Scheduling agreements and delivery schedules

  • Shipping notification

  • RFI (Request for Information), RFQ (Request for Quote)

  • Auctions

Indirect Suppliers

The suppliers of indirect purchasing are connected via the SAP Ariba Network. You receive your orders and have the possibility of sending us an order confirmation and delivery notification. You can also participate in call for bids and auctions. And provide us with digital catalogues.

  • Connection via SAP Ariba Network

  • Orders

  • Order Confirmation and Shipping Notification

  • Electronic catalogues

  • RFI, RFQ, Auctions

Advantages of SAP Ariba for Our Suppliers
Digital Networking

Increase visibility in the network as well as increase potential business opportunities and thereby increase turnover.

Reduced Administrative Costs

Reduction of administrative costs for postage, printing and shipping. Eliminates order printouts.

Real-time Access

Online overview of documents (orders, order responses, invoices).


Traceability of the booking and payment data of the invoices. Increased accuracy in invoicing and fewer invoice discrepancies.

Apply as a Supplier

Simple and uncomplicated. Fill in the general information & contact person, upload documents, become a delivery partner.

Standard vs. Enterprise Account

The Standard Account offers all the possibilities of collaboration on a voucher basis. Via the Ariba Network, you receive our orders and can enter your order confirmation and shipping notification. Via SAP Ariba Sourcing you can participate in call for bids or auctions and receive RFIs and RFQs.

If you require further functions such as system integration, reports, inbox, provision of catalogues or technical SAP Ariba support, you can upgrade to the chargeable Enterprise Account.

Standard vs. Enterprise Account

A comparison of both accounts at a glance


The overall goal is to consistently drive forward digitalisation. With the result of simpler and more efficient procurement processes as well. SAP Ariba is the central network for data exchange and collaboration.

For all questions concerning SAP Ariba Network in connection with ENGEL, please contact - instead of your contact person in purchasing.

For urgent enquiries, you can contact our SAP Ariba Helpline (+43 50620 2499). Please note that the helpline is only available at the following times:

  • Mon-Thu: 9-12 am, 13-15:30 pm (CET)

  • Languages: DE + EN

Two account types are available for suppliers depending on the utilization of SAP Ariba Network:

  • Standard Account (free of charge)

  • Enterprise Account (fee required)

The standard account is always free of charge. No matter how high the transaction volume is and how many documents are exchanged via the Ariba network.

The access to the orders and the creation of invoices for the suppliers is available via an interactive link, sent to the saved e-mail address.

The standard account is for document exchange only. Catalogues cannot be provided and it offers no integration to your ERP system.

Two account types are available for suppliers depending on the utilization of SAP Ariba Network

  • Standard Account (free of charge)

  • Enterprise Account (fee required)

Different fees apply when using an Enterprise Account on Ariba Network.

Annual subscription fees:

If the transaction volume exceeds a certain amount, the account is charged with the respective Ariba subscription package:

  • 1 - 4 documents / < 43,250 EUR turnover Standard 0 EUR

  • 5 - 24 documents / < 216,250 EUR turnover Bronze 45 EUR

  • 25 - 99 documents and > 216,250 EUR turnover Silver 670 EUR

  • 100 - 499 documents and > 216,250 EUR turnover Gold 2000 EUR

  • From 500 documents and > 216,250 EUR turnover Platinum 4,900 EUR

For more information about the different subscription levels and pricing for your region, please visit the SAP Ariba Network website.

Quarterly transaction fees:

Transaction fees ares 0.155% of an order up to a maximum of EUR 435 per document.

Maximum fees: 17,300 EUR / year / business relationship

You can find a detailed overview of fees here:

(Ariba Network for Suppliers: Subscriptions and Pricing | SAP Ariba)

Important: Subscription fees apply to all your customer relationships. Not only relating to ENGEL.

Transaction fees apply to each order up to the maximum rate per customer.

If you have an Enterprise Account, you are welcome to provide us with catalogues. PunchOut catalogues are possible as well as static catalogues.

Supplying of catalogues in the following formats:

BMECat, Excel and CIF (Ariba proprietary format)

UNSPSC Version: 20, no eClass!

Data protection is ensured, among other things, by encrypting uploaded documents or sensitive information before they are stored in the database and transmitted.

The Ariba servers are located in the Netherlands and the backup servers are located in Germany. The GDPR and European law therefore apply. There is no disclosure obligation and access authorisation for American authorities.

SAP Ariba Portal is online and can be used with the following certified Internet browsers:

  • Apple Safari (64 Bit)

  • Microsoft Edge (32 Bit)

  • Microsoft Edge Chromium (32 Bit and 64 Bit)

  • Google Chrome (64 Bit)

  • Mozilla Firefox (64 Bit)

Nocompatibility mode!

Not available for:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (32 Bit) as of 31.12.2021


Browsers on mobile devices do not support the latest user interface of SAP Ariba! Therefore, it is advisable to use the app on mobile devices.

See SAP Ariba technical prerequisites:

Technical requirements for SAP Ariba cloud solutions

You can register your company on the SAP Ariba Network by opening the website and clicking on the "Register now" link. After registering, confirm your e-mail address.

The following settings must be made:

  • Company profile

  • Account settings

  • Ariba Network Settings

By registering a Standard Account or an Enterprise Account (upgrade - fee required!) you will receive your ANID (Ariba Network ID).

Please send your ANID to

ENGEL will then be linked to you via this ANID. You can check if the linking of the accounts was successful under "Company settings" - "Customer relationships".

If you already have an SAP Ariba Network account, simply add ENGEL as your customer.

You will receive an e-mail from ENGEL and subsequently an invitation from SAP to register on the SAP Ariba Network. Please follow this invitation. The invitation to register will also include an invitation to an informational event. We kindly ask you to attend this event.

The timeframefor the transition to SAP Ariba, after the initial e-mail has been sent, is approximately 6 months.

Setting up the Standard Account for the first time takes max. 30 minutes, for setting up an Enterprise Account please take up to one hour.

Procedure for the Standard Account:

As soon as the first order for your company has been created by ENGEL in the Ariba Network, the contact person you have defined will receive an interactive e-mail.

This e-mail contains a link called "Process order".

If your company already has an account in the Ariba Network, use the "Login" button. Companies without an account, click on the "Subscribe" button.

Your browser is out of date.

Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please switch to a current browser to be able to use to its full extent.