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Picture shows thin-walled plastic part produced by thin wall injection molding

Solutions for Thin Wall Injection Molding

Save Material and Reduce Cycle Time

With over 20 years’ experience of thin wall injection molding, we have designed two dynamic and high-precision powerhouses - our hybrid and all-electric machines e-speed and e-motion. They are especially suited for applications with high or extreme flow-path to wall-thickness ratios.

Your Advantages with ENGEL Solutions for Thin Wall Injection Molding
All-electric clamping unit for short cycle times
Picture shows toggle clamp unit

For the requirements of thin wall injection molding, we have developed a clamping unit with an encapsulated five-point toggle. This not only ensures dry cycle times of well under two seconds, but also perfect cleanliness in the mold area. All moving elements, as well as the ejector, are sealed and prevent the formation of oil mist or dirt accumulation.

Reduced production costs thanks to electric drives
Picture shows electric drive

Water-cooled servo-electric drives make the injection molding machine the perfect synergy of efficiency and maximum performance. Reproducible cycles ensure consistent part quality for your thin-walled plastic parts.

Process reliability thanks to customized injection units
Picture shows injection units

We offer dynamic and precise all-electric and hybrid injection units for the production of thin-walled plastic parts. Screws and non-return valves, optimized for thin wall injection molding, ensure a smooth production flow - even with recycled material. Especially for geometries with extreme flow-path to wall-thickness ratios.

Increase the availability of your production plant
Picture shows application engineer with ENGEL customer

Short cycle times require machinery with high dynamics. Large batch sizes mean continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Like our machines, our service team is available 24/7. If downtime occurs, production of thin-walled plastic parts can start up again quickly.

Products and Services for Production with Thin Wall Injection Molding
Image shows injection molding machine for thin-walled plastic parts by ENGEL

High-speed Machine for Thin Wall Injection Molding


Produce on machines with screws specially designed for the packaging industry, non-return valves, and a high-precision servo-electric drive.

Image shows logo for ENGEL plastics recycling

Plastics Recycling

As a complete solution provider with special knowledge of recyclates processing, we are a reliable and solution-oriented partner.

Picture shows service technician in front of an ENGEL injection molding machine

Intelligent Machine Protection as Part of the Service Package


Benefit from greater cost security through comprehensive protection of your machines in the first ten years of operation.

Picture shows plant manager at Greiner Packaging

As a producer of plastic packaging, ENGEL trusts our opinion. Suggestions from our side are part of machine development.

Engelbert Pranzl, Plant Manager at Greiner Packaging
Are you looking for thin wall injection molding solutions?

Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Best-practice Examples of Thin Wall Injection Molding
Picture shows injection moulding machine e-motion from ENGEL
Energy consumption of the injection moulding machine down, output up

The performance of electric injection units is constantly increasing. Even challenging applications such as the lid of a thin-walled container can now be produced on fully electric injection moulding machines.

Picture shows plastic margarine tub
Injection Compression in the Packaging Industry
Challenging Application for the ENGEL e-speed

The combination of the special ENGEL coinmelt process with a stack mold enables competitive unit costs with low energy consumption.

Picture shows thin-walled pail
From Thin Wall to Ultra-Thin-Walled Pails
Injection Molding Requirements and Developments in the Packaging Industry

The weight reduction of thin-walled packaging due to reduced wall thickness is an ongoing topic in the packaging industry. This makes higher demands on injection molding machines.

Picture shows application engineer with ENGEL customer
Tips for Process Optimization in Injection Molding
Interesting Facts from our Application Engineering Expert

Why do we recommend optimizing the injection molding process? By comprehensively and critically evaluating the process and the production conditions, you get an efficient production flow for more stability and performance.

Bild zeigtPicture shows production of a plastic yogurt cup
Greiner – Leader in Thin-Walled Packaging

Greiner Packaging was able to reduce wall thickness of food containers by a quarter with e-speed injection molding machines from ENGEL. At the same time, efficiency was increased. Climate neutrality is the goal of the Austrian packaging manufacturer.

Production of Thin-Walled Plastic Parts
  • Thin Wall Injection Molding with Stack Mold

    Margarine cups made of polypropylene are produced on our e-speed injection molding machine with integrated in-mold labeling (IML).

  • Thin Wall Injection Molding with In-Mold Labeling

    A double-cavity mold for 1-liter pails with reduced wall thickness and IML shows what our fastest hybrid packaging machine can do.

  • Production of a Thin-walled Cartridge

    When producing cartridges, the e-speed demonstrates high precision and maximum speed - even with complex parts.

Examples of Thin Wall Injection Molding

Various applications of thin-walled plastic parts

Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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The ENGEL team is happy to support you with extensive knowledge in the field of injection molding.

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