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The Powerful, Large Two-platen Injection Moulding Machine in a Compact Design The Big One - Injection Moulding Machine duo

Picture shows big injection moulding machine from ENGEL

The duo large injection moulding machine features a flexible layout and compact external dimensions. Suitable for various applications: from transport boxes to dashboard carriers to large rainwater tanks. Available with clamping forces from 3,500 kN to 55,000 kN, with more available on request.




Type of Drive

< 55,000 kN

Clamping Force

The Big duo Injection Moulding Machine in Use
  • Production of Waste Collection Systems

    With a clamping force of 55,000 kN, a shot weight of 27,500 g and a cycle time of 140 sec, the duo 5500 produces 1100-L waste containers.

  • Production of Automotive Front Panel Demonstration Board

    Single-step process combining decoration and scratch-resistant surface protection in one production step by means of IMD and PUR coating.

  • Use of Recycled Materials in the Production of Transport Boxes

    Transport boxes with recycled material in the core are produced on a big duo injection moulding machine using the ENGEL skinmelt plasticising process.

  • Production of Interior Trim for Car Doors

    The first production cell to form three organic sheets of different thicknesses and design plus a high-quality visible surface in the same process step.

  • Production of automotive interior covers

    Equipped with a customised range of functions, a PP compound with 30 % post-consumer recyclate is processed using standard components.

Multi-talented for a Wide Range of Applications
Picture shows Managing Director Zechmayer GmbH

The complexity of the applications continues to increase. In the future, we also want to support research work. That is why we have invested for the future. The large duo injection moulding machine is unique in its versatility.

Jörg Zechmayer, Managing Director Zechmayer GmbH
The Advantages of the duo Large Injection Moulding Machine
Energy-saving production of large components
Image shows energy-saving production of large components

The efficient ENGEL ecodrive servo-hydraulics ensure high economic efficiency in the production of large-volume or large-area parts. It is included in the standard scope of the entire duo series. Thanks to the demand-based pump output, the motors are at rest and do not consume any energy when the machine is at a standstill during cooling, for example.

Compact size & flexible machine layout
Picture shows flexible machine layout of the big injection moulding machine from ENGEL

The duo is a large and variable injection moulding machine with a standardised modular principle and compact external dimensions. This saves valuable floor space. With numerous option packages, the concept can be customised from basic requirements to turnkey solutions.

Increase productivity with digital solutions
Image shows application of digital solutions

Our digital solution iQ clamp control automatically determines the optimum clamping force. This reduces mould wear. Mould breathing is always kept within the ideal range and scrap is reduced.

Less downtime due to modular injection unit
Picture shows modular injection unit from ENGEL

Special tools are no longer required for quick and easy melt cylinder changes. Together with the modular nozzle concept of the large injection moulding machine, downtimes are reduced. Our well-thought-out solution saves valuable time.

Available machine sizes of the duo series
Picture shows table of available machine sizes
Do you have questions about the duo large injection moulding machine?

We will be happy to help you with your individual machine and solution concept for your industry.

Our duo machine series

Flexible machine concepts for different requirements

We have positioned our duo series to offer breadth and flexibility. So you will always find the right two-platen injection moulding machine depending on the for your application.

  • duo fast track: Our duo fast track with short delivery time is the choice when you need a quickly available injection moulding machine.

  • duo combi: The duo combi is the high-performance, multi-component, large-scale machine with a wide variety of different injection unit combinations.

  • e-duo: With its precise, electric injection unit, the e-duo ensures consistently optimal results, shot after shot.

  • duo speed: The fast duo speed is tailor-made for large-volume containers and similar products with a high flow path/wall thickness ratio.

  • duo tech: Our duo tech is the high-performance machine for a wide range of demanding applications.

NEW: duo tech series

We have upgraded our proven duo injection moulding machine to the duo tech: Larger mould space with the same footprint, higher performance of the injection unit and even shorter dry cycle times enable you to further increase your output.

Picture shows injection moulding machine duo tech from ENGEL

Targeted investment thanks to narrow size grading

Invest in exactly the size of machine you need:

  • Closer size graduation with new clamping force variants 1000, 1150, 1600, 2000 and 2400 tonnes

  • Even more Wide-Plate models in 400 and 500 tonne sizes

Picture shows large mould area of the duo tech two-platen injection moulding machine

Higher output thanks to extended tie bar spacing

Even larger tie bar distances save time when setting up the machine:

  • Faster tool change

  • Shorter start-up times thanks to ergonomic access to the ejection area and ejector plate

Picture shows front of ENGEL duo tech injection moulding machine

Higher output thanks to improved machine performance

We have further increased the performance of our duo series:

  • Even shorter dry cycle times

  • Up to 25% higher injection and plasticising performance

Picture shows media coupling plate of the duo tech from ENGEL

Higher output thanks to media coupling plates

Faster and easier tool set-up is now standard on our duo tech:

  • Media coupling plates as standard equipment

  • Mould-near interfaces for core pulls, hot runner, water and electrics

Complementary Products and Services for the Large Injection Moulding Machine
Picture shows injection moulding temperature control by ENGEL

Reduce Energy Costs with Intelligent Temperature Control

You save up to 85% of your energy costs thanks to intelligent temperature difference control instead of rigid flow.

Image shows injection moulding automation solution from ENGEL


Expertise in injection moulding automation at all levels. From the injection moulding machine, to the robot and conveyor belt systems, to third-party peripherals. Everything from a single source.

Picture shows plastic components manufactured by ENGEL using the injection moulding process.

Injection Moulding Processes

Thinking ahead in plastics processing. Innovative and resource-saving technologies and processes. For every requirement in modern injection moulding.

Picture shows application in the automotive & transport sector

Industry Solutions Automotive & Transport

With ENGEL, you get a complete solution for your requirements in the automotive industry. From the machine to automation and peripherals to permanent support for your production from our application engineers.

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Christopher Stafford

Sales Operations Manager

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