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Picture shows digital solution and software iQ motion control from ENGEL

Adapt robot movement to injection moulding machine

Save Cycle Time During Removal Thanks to iQ motion control

Robot movement matched to the movement sequences of the injection moulding machine reduces the cycle time of your applications. Especially when producing deep moulded parts with a long core, such as housing components, the use of iQ motion control is worthwhile. The software precisely adapts the movements of your viper linear robot to the machine. The system can be used regardless of machine type.

Advantages of Optimised Robot Movements
10% shorter cycle time through optimised web planning
Picture shows path planning of a linear robot from ENGEL

The operator usually has to determine the path manually to optimise the robot's route. With iQ motion control, the linear robot calculates the optimised path quickly and independently. Thanks to the iQ motion control "early start" function, the robot already starts moving when the mould opens. The parallel movement saves valuable time and ensures a cycle that is up to 10% faster.

Avoid collision of robot and closing side
Picture shows hand axis of a robot in motion

In order to avoid a collision between the robot and the moving clamping side, iQ motion control works with a two-stage safety net. In the first stage, the current movement of the mould is compared with that from the previous cycle. In the second step, the distance between the robot and the mould is determined at each point in the robot's movement, checked and corrected if necessary.

No robotics know-how necessary for operation
Picture shows operation of the robot on the injection moulding machine control system

Simple operation is a prerequisite for the use of our digital solutions. This also applies to iQ motion control. In addition to the exact robot path, it is important to determine the early start position. However, this is difficult for the operator to find. iQ motion control automatically creates a suggestion for the early start position based on the respective robot and machine setting parameters. This makes it possible for all machine operators to use the software safely and integrate it directly into their daily work.

Expert support for design and conception
Picture shows service technicians optimising robot movements with digital solutions

Experts from our worldwide automation centres support you in designing your peripheral cell, including optimising your robot movements. They draw on the know-how and expertise of the entire ENGEL network. This creates uniform automation solutions and standards - from Europe to Asia to America.

How Does the iQ motion control Software Work?

Impact and Benefits of the Functionalities at a Glance

Functionality Impact Benefit
Optimised path planning Fewer parameters need to be taught in Savings in labour and cycle time
Direct access to machine data Robot and machine move in unison Cycle time savings, as neither mould nor robot must wait
Multi-level safety devices Robot stops if a collision is imminent Avoids damage to the mould and transfer head
Common data management of machine and robot Load part data only once when the tool is changed Reduces risk of errors and set-up time
Intuitive setting screens Operator only has to set a few parameters and is visually supported in this on the screen Shortens training phase
Do You Have Questions About iQ motion control?

Our experts are happy to inform you about the optimal interaction between machine and robot movement thanks to iQ motion control.

Picture shows Head of Product Management Automation at ENGEL Austria

The automatic calculation of robot movements makes the operator's work easier. iQ motion control eliminates the time-consuming manual generation of intermediate points during path planning. The assistance system takes over the optimisation independently. No specific robotics know-how is required for programming.

Sebastian Picheta, Head of Product Management Automation at ENGEL Austria
Image shows path planning robotics using the digital solution iQ motion control from ENGEL
Reduce Cycle Time Through Automatic Robot Path Planning

If robot movements are perfectly matched to the injection moulding machine, this reduces the cycle time by up to 10% in a lot of applications. Learn about the three most important steps of the optimisation process.

  • Automation Solutions From a Single Source

    Coordinated robots, robot movements & system components enable stable production processes and high part quality

  • Efficiency Control for Linear Robots

    Cycle time-dependent optimisation of the robot speed for lower energy consumption and a longer service life.

Further Solutions for Production Optimisation
Picture shows networked injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Digital Solutions

  • Optimisation of injection moulding processes along the product life cycle

  • Cross-system networking

  • Realise the full potential of your production

Picture shows linear robot viper from ENGEL

Linear Robot


  • Powerful and flexible

  • Innovative construction

  • Increased load capacity

  • Low dead weight

Picture shows machine operator at the injection moulding machine control CC300

Injection Moulding Machine Control


  • Safe and intuitive

  • Innovative machine operation

  • Self-explanatory navigation

  • Individual configuration

Picture shows ENGEL service technicians

Global Service and Support

Support and training for digital solutions

  • Expert advice

  • Analysis of your plants

  • Implementation of digital solutions

Christopher Stafford

Sales Operations Manager

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The ENGEL team will be happy to assist you with comprehensive know-how on the subject of injection moulding.

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