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The Hybrid, High-speed Injection Moulding Machine for Thin-wall Plastic Parts e-speed Thin Wall Injection Moulding Machine

Picture shows injection moulding machine for the production of thin-walled plastic parts

The trend towards reduced wall thicknesses for thin-walled packaging products is placing ever greater demands on injection moulding machines. The fast e-speed is our answer. It delivers high performance on both the injection and clamping sides. Ensure profitable production of thin-wall plastic parts with our e-speed.

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Type of drive

< 6,500 kN

Clamping Force

The Injection Moulding Machine for Thin-wall Plastic Parts in Use
  • Thin Wall Injection Moulding with In-mould Labelling

    A 2-cavity mould for 1-litre buckets with reduced wall thickness and IML shows what the hybrid machine e-speed 280 can do: Part weight is reduced by 20% to just 30 g.

  • Production of Decorated Food Packaging

    On an e-speed 420/90 with in-mould labelling (IML), ready-to-fill margarine tubs are produced automatically from polypropylene using the injection compression moulding process.

  • Production of Cartridges with 1.2-mm Wall Thickness

    Moulding cartridges requires high process dynamics and injection pressure. Label and finished part are processed in a cycle of < 13 sec. on the e-speed 500/90.

Picture shows Sales Manager Packaging at ENGEL Austria

Our e-speed is uncompromisingly designed for maximum performance. The e-speed easily achieves the highly profitable production of thin-walled containers with flow–path-to-wall-thickness ratios of greater than 400 in the shortest cycle times.

Ivica Puskaric, Sales Manager Packaging at ENGEL Austria
The Advantages of the e-speed Injection Moulding Machine
Cycle time < 2 sec. and absolute cleanliness
Picture shows mould interior during the production of a thin-wall plastic part

By avoiding oil mist formation and a closed lubrication system, no dirt can get onto your products. In addition, the extra-stable clamping platens ensure excellent platen parallelism. Perfectly suited for multiple moulds. All this with cycle times down to less than 2 seconds. Designed for the 24/7 production common in the packaging industry.

Reduced energy costs thanks to hybrid drive concept
Picture shows electric injection moulding machine for thin wall injection moulding

The hybrid drive concept reliably reduces any energy peaks thanks to kinetic energy storage. When the moving platen brakes, it absorbs the kinetic energy and releases it again when accelerating. Ideal for load-dependent electricity tariffs.

Specially designed for thin wall plastic injection moulding
Picture shows production of thin-walled plastic parts

The all-electric clamping unit combined with hydraulic injection is powered by large batteries. The fast acceleration ensures a maximum injection speed of up to 1,200 mm/s. Maximum injection pressure of well over 2,000 bar even with just a few cm of injection stroke. This enables reliable and complete filling of cavities for thin-wall plastic parts – even with extreme flow-path-to-wall-thickness ratios.

Available machine sizes of the e-speed series
Picture shows table of available machine sizes
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Complementary Products and Services for the Production of Thin-wall Plastic Parts
Picture shows networked injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Digital Solutions

Our digital products and service solutions support you throughout the entire product life cycle. From component design, through sampling and production, to maintenance and service.

Picture shows ENGEL service technicians


ENGEL offers you service and spare parts management throughout the life of your machine. We support you from the installation of your machine and automation solution to the end of its service life.

Image shows injection moulding automation solution from ENGEL


Competence in injection moulding automation at all levels. From the injection moulding machine, to the robot and conveyor belt systems, to third-party peripherals. Everything from a single source.

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Christopher Stafford

Sales Operations Manager

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