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Image shows solution for reducing the energy consumption of an injection molding machine
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Reduce Energy Consumption of Your Injection Molding Machine Sustainably

With the Be the first. Be efficient. initiative, we offer you the solution for increasing electricity prices.

Your situation:

Energy costs are rising and electricity suppliers are increasing their prices. But your company cannot increase prices overnight. This might ruin your calculations.

ENGEL’s solution:

We focus not only on the injection molding machine but on the entire production cell. The combination of temperature control, intelligent device communication and smart process control leads to maximum efficiency of your cells. In this way, the electricity consumption as well as the CO2 emissions of your injection molding machine can be reduced by up to 67% - depending on the application and machine.

Fig. shows overview of the energy requirements of an injection molding process
What is the Injection Molding Energy Consumption?

Often, the power consumption of the injection molding machine makes less than 50% of the total consumption of the injection molding cell.

For this reason, the injection molding system must be considered as a whole when looking at energy. High efficiency is already standard when buying injection molding machines by ENGEL. Our target is to find the most efficient solution for your requirements. With integrated temperature control solutions and intelligent device communication, up to 67% of electricity and CO2 can be saved.

In addition, there are other technical specifications, such as accessibility, precision requirements, or even available floor space, which must be considered. Therefore, it’s necessary to look at the whole process to find the best solution and reduce your injection molding machine's energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Therefore, ENGEL presents its Green Fleet as well as our efficiency packages.

Further Reduce the Electricity Consumption of Your Injection Molding Machine

Electricity savings potential for injection molding machines - depending on technology

As the above graphic shows, ENGEL injection molding machines are already at the top in terms of saving electricity. Our engineers and developers have already greatly reduced the energy consumption of ENGEL injection molding machines in recent years. Servo-hydraulic machines consume less than 60% compared to hydraulic injection molding machines with a variable pump. Energy consumption can usually be cut in half for all-electric injection molding machines.

To provide our customers with even more efficient injection molding machines, we have created efficiency packages. These packages, consisting of integrated temperature control and intelligent assistance systems, manage to reduce the energy consumption of your injection molding machine by an additional 20% on average.

The Green Fleet

The Most Efficient Solution for You

Maximum Efficiency with the Highest Precision - Our All-Electric Machines

ENGEL's all-electric machines are built with modern drive technology. Maximum efficiency is ensured and the energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions of your injection molding machine are reduced. Highly dynamic servo motors in combination with friction-optimized ball screws form the core of our all-electric machines. The latest generation of our e-mac series has the shortest toggle lever on the market, resulting in a very compact design. The e-motion is especially designed for fast applications to get even more out of your application.

Picture shows all-electric e-mac injection molding machine by ENGEL


The all-electric machine for a majority of applications

Image shows all-electric e-motion injection molding machine by ENGEL


Our all-electric e-motion for high-end applications

Maximum Flexibility with High Efficiency - Our Servo-Hydraulic Machines

The most significant advantage of our victory series is the tie-bar-less clamping unit. The machine offers maximum flexibility in mold sizes, accessibility and applications. If more space is required, then our 2-platen machine of the duo series is the right fit. No compromises are needed in terms of mold spacing and applications. Both machine types are equipped with our electricity-saving drive, ecodrive. Even the standard version reduces electricity consumption and CO2 emissions by more than 40% compared to a hydraulic injection molding machine with a fixed displacement pump.

Picture shows tie-bar-less injection molding machine victory by ENGEL


The tie-bar-less machine for efficiently produced technical parts

Picture shows powerful injection molding machine duo by ENGEL


The powerful injection molding machine for large parts

Efficient use of the mold space. When it comes to easy accessibility or low ceiling heights, tie-bar-less technology is the way to go.

Optional electric dosing units offer maximum efficiency with the highest precision in the injection unit of the servo-hydraulic machines.

Our integrated temperature control solution e-flomo is the benchmark in the field of efficient mold temperature control.

All ENGEL servo-hydraulic machines are equipped with the ecodrive. This guarantees maximum power savings for your injection molding machine.

Do You Want to Reduce the Energy Consumption of Your Injection Molding Machine?

Our technical experts are happy to help you calculate the savings of your application.

Save another 20% of electricity with efficiency packages by ENGEL

Saving electricity when producing parts with injection molding machines is now more important than ever. The efficiency packages include temperature control solutions and intelligent software solutions by ENGEL; those products are great resources for saving.

The savings potential for temperature control is huge. That is why we have developed the best integrated temperature control solution currently on the market. The combination of intelligent software, iQ flow control, the flow control system e-flomo and our own temperature control units e-temp enables great energy savings.

When the machine learns how much temperature control is needed and transfers this information to the right equipment, there is a high potential of reducing energy consumption in injection molding which makes your machines probably the most efficient ones on the market.

Energy consumption of an injection molding machine

An example application: e-motion 170/80TL, material: PP, shot weight 30.3 g, 2 temperature control units e-temp H8 flow temperature 35°C, cycle time 30 s

Image shows digital solution iQ flow control by ENGEL for reducing the energy consumption of an injection molding machine

iQ flow control

The intelligent assistant for mold temperature control

Picture shows e-flomo control center by ENGEL


The control center for optimum cooling water supply

Picture shows e-temp temperature control unit by ENGEL


Perfectly temperature-controlled water for minimum energy loss.

Our Energy Saving Solutions Will Convince You

Contact us and let’s calculate your possible savings. We look forward to your inquiry!

Best Practice Examples: Reducing Energy Consumption of Injection Molding Machines
Picture shows Stefan Witt and Udo Pape from ENGEL and Philipp and Adrian Schnell from Ilsen
How Short Cycle Times Go Together with Energy Efficiency in the Packaging Industry

Reduction of energy consumption by 30%: Packaging expert Ilsen meets highest thin-wall requirements with an all-electric injection molding machine by ENGEL.

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Molding Industry Business Advisor

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