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The Universal Tie-bar-less Machine victory Injection Molding Machine

Picture shows tie-barless injection molding machine from ENGEL

The victory tie-bar-less injection molding machine is the ideal machine for a wide range of technical injection molding applications and processes. The proven tie-bar-less technology ensures particularly even clamping force distribution. For large molds with low clamping force requirements, you only invest in the clamping force that is actually needed.




Drive Type

< 5.000 kN

Clamping Force

Tie-bar-less Injection Molding Machines in Use
  • Quick Mold Change

    When it comes to changing molds, tie-bar-less technology shows its best and fastest side. No tie-bar pulling or time-consuming assembly work when changing molds.

  • Production of Tees for 1¼ Pipes

    As much space as possible for your mold or automation - with our patented victory tie-bar-less injection molding machine series.

  • Production of 40 mm Flip-top Closures

    The application demonstrates the efficient production of flip-top closures. The basis is a tie-bar-less victory 1050/180 injection molding machine.

  • victory Stock Machines for Fast Availability

    We have the solution when you need a machine fast. Everything from a single source.

  • Medical Technology Application

    Highly integrated, compact production cell with a tie-bar-less injection molding machine. Minimizes space requirements and increases productivity.

Reduced Unit Costs and Increased Precision
Picture shows CEO near Peštan, Serbia

We had been looking at tie-bar-less injection molding machines for a long time. We also wanted the optimum in terms of technology. We received very good advice from ENGEL right from the start.

Miodrag Petkovic, CEO at Peštan, Serbia
The Advantages of the victory Tie-bar-less Injection Molding Machine
Compact design and lower investment costs
Image shows compact tie-bar-less injection molding machine from ENGEL

Mold size, rather than maximum clamping force, is often the key to optimal machine design. The tie-bar-less victory injection molding machine enables production with machines one to two clamping force classes smaller. Save valuable floor space and reduce acquisition costs.

Easy integration of automation
Picture shows manufacturing cell with automation

The tie-bar-less injection molding machines can be quickly and easily upgraded with robots, conveyor belts, and a wide variety of peripheral equipment. Compact automation options and horizontal removal options save space.

Excellent platen parallelism for precise injection molding
Image shows plate parallelism due to force divider

The platen parallelism setting of each tie-bar-less clamping unit is precisely set up before delivery. Due to the preload of the patented force divider, platen parallelism remains unchanged even when the mold is clamped.

Tool protection for longer service life
Picture shows tool protection by Flex-Link bending elements

The central bending elements (Flex-Links) allow the platen parallelism to adapt exactly to the mold parallelism. In the process, the moving platen is lifted out of its bearings. The machine avoids any diagonal forces and thus increases the service life of the mold.

Uniform clamping force distribution for high part quality
Image shows patented force divider from ENGEL

Regardless of whether the cavities are located in the center or at the very edge of the platen, they all have exactly the same clamping force. This is ensured by the patented force divider of the tie-bar-less injection molding machine, which distributes the clamping force evenly across the entire surface. This guarantees consistently high part quality even with multi-cavity molds. As a result, the machine produces the same quality - not only shot to shot, but also part to part.

Fast availability through our stock machine program
Picture shows bearing machines from ENGEL

For particularly urgent needs, we have the victory injection molding machine in stock. With a wide range of sizes and customization options available, our tie-bar-less injection molding machine is ready to ship soon after you place your order. Thanks to our streamlined logistics process, you'll receive your victory stock machine in no time. Plus, you can even combine it with a robot for added efficiency.

Available machine sizes of the victory series
Picture shows table of available machine sizes
Do you have questions about the victory tie-bar-less injection molding machine?

We will be happy to help you select your individual solution for the production of technical injection molding applications.

Corresponding Products and Services for Your Tie-bar-less Injection Molding Machine

Picture shows tie-bar-less technology from ENGEL

ENGEL tie-bar-less technology

The tie-bar-less technology ensures an easily accessible mold area, allowing for larger molds on smaller machines, all while maximizing mold protection.

Picture shows injection moulding temperature control by ENGEL

Reduce Energy Costs with Intelligent Temperature Control

You save up to 85% of your energy costs thanks to intelligent temperature difference control instead of rigid flow.

Image shows networked injection molding machine from ENGEL

Digital Solutions

Our digital products and service solutions support you along the entire product life cycle. From component design, through mold sampling and production, to maintenance and service.

Picture shows service technician from ENGEL


ENGEL offers you service and spare parts management throughout the life of your machine. We accompany you from the installation of your machine and automation solution until the end of its service life.

Image shows injection molding automation solution from ENGEL


Expertise in injection molding automation at all levels. From the injection molding machine to the robot and conveyor belt systems, to third-party peripherals. Everything from a single source.

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Molding Industry Business Advisor

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