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ENGEL at K 2022

19 - 26 October 2022

be the first - our promise for K 2022: Stay ahead in the resource-saving processing of plastics with our efficient injection moulding solutions.

Picture shows visual from ENGEL at K 2022
Our main topics at K 2022
Picture shows solution for reducing the power consumption of an injection moulding machine
Be the first. Be efficient.
Save energy with our solutions.

Saving energy is key to ensuring competitiveness. With customized efficiency packages, we offer the answer to skyrocketing electricity prices. We look at the entire system: the machine in combination with temperature control, intelligent device configuration and smart process control. Experience the result live at our booth: energy efficiency with savings of up to 67%.

More about our energy-efficient solutions

Picture shows solution for reducing the power consumption of an injection moulding machine

Reduce the power consumption of your injection moulding machine sustainably

We offer you the answer to surging electricity prices

Picture shows temperature control in injection moulding by ENGEL

Less energy consumption, more output and full transparency

Efficient injection moulding with the ENGEL temperature control system

Picture shows digital solutions and services from ENGEL
Be the first. With ENGEL inject 4.0.
ENGEL inject 4.0 solutions for the smart factory.

Our digital products and services support you throughout the entire product life cycle. From component design and sampling to production and maintenance & service. We have the right digital solutions to help you exploit the full potential of your ENGEL production cell and sustainably reduce your carbon footprint.

Visit us at K in the ENGEL Digital Solutions Area. See live on a compact, all-electric injection moulding machine how you can operate your production cell more energy efficiently with digital solutions.

We look forward to seeing you!

Picture shows Karlheinz Mayr and Johannes Kilian vor ENGEL Spritzgießmaschine

From left: Karlheinz Mayr (Head of Development smart machine) and Johannes Kilian (Head of Process Technology and inject 4.0)

What tangible benefits do digital solutions bring?

From 600 kN to 240 kN through the use of iQ clamp control

From 4.5 s to 3.8 s holding pressure time with the help of iQ hold control

From 28.5 Wh to 22 Wh per cycle through the use of digital assistance systems and temperature control

Digital solutions for the individual stages of your product life cycle

Digital solutions support you in the design of your plastic products. Based on a realistic simulation, you can define a suitable production concept and mould. The article design is optimised for its injection moulding capability. The component design is facilitated with the help of intelligent software programmes.


Our digital solutions support the sampling of injection moulds. The result: a process-stable mould. Innovative software products help to ensure the specified moulded part quality more quickly and easily. The mould and the process settings can be optimally and efficiently prepared for series production.


ENGEL's digital solutions ensure consistently good quality for your products and enable significant cost and energy reductions in your injection moulding production. With easy-to-use software solutions such as digital machine data acquisition, you have a continuous overview of your production, exploit all potential and support your employees.

Maintenance and service

Digital service solutions ensure higher availability and more output in production. With predictive maintenance systems, you detect wear and avoid unplanned downtime. The customer portal provides an overview of your plants. ENGEL hotliners resolve malfunctions quickly and globally with the remote maintenance tool, in a team and 24/7. Application engineers optimise your injection moulding processes virtually.

Digital solutions for process optimisation
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Picture shows Sales Director Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria

We look forward to welcoming you to the ENGEL Digital Solutions Area at K. We will show you our digital solutions live in action on a compact, all-electric injection moulding machine. See for yourself how easy digitalisation has become and how you can leverage the potential step by step, especially in terms of energy efficiency and process consistency.

Hannes Zach, Sales Director Digital Solutions at ENGEL Austria
Picture shows Circular Economy Visual by ENGEL
Be the first. Be sustainable.
Green is more than a colour

We are taking the path to a green future with you. For over 15 years, we have been developing solutions for sustainable plastics processing. With our new two-stage process and a thin-wall application for rPET, we are demonstrating two quantum leaps in the processing of recycled materials.

Picture shows ENGEL exhibit at the Circular Economy Forum
Visit our Circular Economy Pavilion to experience high recycling quality directly from plastic flakes

This dolly pallet is made from a blend of polyolefin flakes from post-industrial collection. What’s special in its production is that the flakes are directly processed after grinding without pelletising. This is possible because of our new two-stage process, which we will present as a live exhibit at a trade fair for the first time at the K show. To see this exhibit live, visit the ENGEL stand at the Circular Economy Forum in the open air area between halls 11 and 16. Visitors can also test the information transparency for value-added recycling: The pallets will be equipped with a QR code that will provide information on the material and the recycling process from R-Cycle database in real time.

Image shows ENGEL Sustainability Report 2022
Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of all entrepreneurial activities and therefore a priority for ENGEL Group. Across several generations, the use of modern technology to achieve cost effectiveness, ethical conduct, social responsibility and environmental protection has been firmly anchored in our company’s values.

Read Sustainability Report

Picture shows ENGEL service technician
Global Service

Increase your productivity in manufacturing with our globally available service experts who support you both digitally and on-site. We provide you with the knowledge to optimise injection moulding processes on your own. Our application engineers define the optimal technologies and process settings so you can generate more output. With the individualised Service Level Agreement, you improve the effectiveness of your overall equipment (OEE). Would like to get to know our services better? Visit the Guided Tours in our Service area, which take place three times a day.

Image shows ENGEL employees and customers
Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by up to 20%

To meet the requirements of your customers, you need efficient machines and demand-oriented support. You specify your individual scope of services in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Exactly what your injection moulding operation expects from ENGEL. With a coordinated service portfolio, you can increase your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by up to 20%.

learn more

Plast highlight: We manufacture a hardened 3-zone plasticising screw in record time within 24h

A customer informs us about his requirements at our stand. Production of the plasticising screw begins immediately with our new machine fleet in St. Valentin. The customised plasticising screw runs through all the work steps almost automatically and is delivered to Düsseldorf overnight by fast transport. Our customer receives the plasticising screw he ordered from us at our stand the following day, within 24 hours.

Video zeigt mehr über Plastifizierung >
Which exhibits will be presented at the K?
Picture shows injection moulding machine and dolly pallet made from recycled plastic flakes

duo 900

Dolly pallet made from recycled plastic flakes

Picture shows injection moulding machine with newly developed injection unit

e-speed 280

Direct processing of rPET in thin-wall injection moulding

Picture shows all-electric high-performance machine under clean room conditions

e-motion 160 WP combi M

Compact injection moulding machine with reversible platen

Picture shows high-performance large-scale machine in combination with innovative mould technology

duo speed 700

More efficiency in the production of standardised large containers

Picture shows all-electric injection moulding machine with digital assistance systems

e-mac 80

On the way to the smart factory: digitalisation in injection moulding

Picture shows electric injection moulding machine for high-quality visible components made of PC-ABS

e-mac 160

High-quality visible components with 100% recycled insert

Picture shows fully automatic production cell for shielding valves made of liquid silicone

e-victory 120 LIM

Efficient mass production of precision components made of LSR

Image shows injection molding machine and foamed component

duo 1000

Cost-efficient production of foamed components with high-quality surfaces

Our experts look forward to seeing you
at our booth at K 2022!

Hall 15 Booth B42\C58 and in the Circular Economy Forum of VDMA

Christopher Stafford

Sales Operations Manager

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The ENGEL team will be happy to assist you with comprehensive know-how on the subject of injection moulding.

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