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Image shows iQ motion control software for injection moulding machines from ENGEL

Up to 12% shorter dry cycle time of the injection moulding machine

iQ motion control increases productivity in high-performance injection moulding

Mould movement accounts for a large proportion of production time. Especially in high-speed applications in the high-performance range. iQ motion control automatically optimises the ramps of the mould movement to the set application. The dry cycle time of the injection moulding machine is reduced. The result: shorter cycle times. iQ motion control is available for e-speed, e-cap (all clamp sizes) and e-motion (selected models). The software is not only available for injection moulding machines, but also for robots.

Advantages of the optimised mould movement
Shorter cycle time for more output
Picture shows injection moulding production of a thin-walled bucket with short injection moulding machine dry cycle time

A cycle time that is one tenth of a second shorter already increases output by 3%. The iQ motion control software makes this possible: it ensures more productivity in high-performance injection moulding.

Full assistance in production with only one setting
Picture shows ENGEL process technicians at the machine control unit

There is no additional work for the operator when using the software. The calculation of the mould movement takes place automatically in the background. It is effective from the first cycle. The operator retains full control.

No increased load due to maximum values
Picture shows electric injection moulding machine for thin-wall injection moulding

iQ motion control accesses the existing potential of the mechanics and drives in the application. No change to the hardware or the connected load is required.

Would you like to shorten the dry cycle time of your injection moulding machine?

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the use of iQ motion control.

Picture shows Project Manager Packaging at ENGEL Austria

The precise control offers additional advantages for high-speed applications. iQ motion control is a must if you want to operate your ENGEL machine ideally matched to your individual process.

Claus Haslhofer, Project Manager Packaging at ENGEL Austria

Practical example: Reducing the dry cycle time of injection moulding machines

At K 2022, 125 ml round containers were produced on an ENGEL e-speed injection moulding machine. The basic conditions: 4-cavity mould, rPET process for thin-wall injection moulding, inmould labelling technology. These containers are used for food packaging.

iQ motion control achieves the following savings:
Time saving in dry cycle time: 12%
Time saving in total cycle time: 5%

Video shows optimisation of the dry cycle time of an injection moulding machine with the help of iQ motion control >
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24 May 2023

iQ motion control reduces the cycle time in the high-performance range

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iQ motion control is available for the following injection moulding machines

Further digital solutions for optimised sampling processes

Picture shows iQ motion control digital solution and software from ENGEL

Perfectly Coordinated Robot Movements

iQ motion control for robots

iQ motion control automatically adapts the robot movements to the movement sequences of the injection moulding machine.

Picture shows digital solution for calculating the clamping force

Intelligent Optimisation of Clamping Force

iQ clamp control

iQ clamp control automatically calculates the optimum clamping force and thus keeps mould breathing within the optimum range. Scrap is reduced and mould maintenance minimised.

Picture shows ENGEL process technicians at the machine control unit

Plasticising Assistant

iQ melt control

The iQ melt control plasticising assistant automatically optimises the plasticising time and ensures higher melt quality.

Picture shows machine operator at the injection moulding machine control CC300

Injection Moulding Machine Control


  • Safe and intuitive

  • Innovative machine operation

  • Self-explanatory navigation

  • Individual configuration

Christopher Stafford

Sales Operations Manager

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