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Picture shows injection-moulded parts for electronics

Produce Injection-moulded Parts for Electronic Products

High-quality Visible Components and More for Consumer Electronics

From small optical precision components such as camera lenses for smartphones to large parts for flat-screen TV housings: With our products, you achieve precise, reproducible results as well as attractive designs and surfaces for your injection-moulded parts for electronics. Achieve a competitive advantage with precise injection moulding machines, diverse injection moulding processes and extensive expertise.

Advantages of Producing Injection-moulded Parts for Electronics with ENGEL
Powerful duo large machine for housing components
Picture shows large machine from ENGEL

The trend towards larger screen diagonals for televisions continues unabated. Larger housings require particularly large injection moulding machines with high clamping forces. With our duo two-platen machine, you can easily produce back panels for screens over 80 inches. Our extensive portfolio of injection units also makes combinations of very high clamping force and small shot weights possible.

Electric tie-bar-less precision machine for optical components
Picture shows electric tie-bar-less injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Injection moulding optical lenses for smartphones and other cameras requires the utmost precision. Even the smallest dimensional deviations lead to rejects. Our e-motion TL injection moulding machine combines the best of both worlds: High-precision electric drives and a tie-bar-less clamping unit with particularly consistent clamping force distribution. Produce the most demanding optical injection-moulded parts for electronics with our special compression technology – especially on multi-cavity moulds and with consistently high quality.

High machine availability thanks to robust design
Picture shows machine construction

Injection-moulded parts for electronic products are often produced just-in-time. This means that production downtimes are particularly expensive. Our injection moulding machines are designed for high durability and therefore enable the reliable supply of parts to your assembly lines.

High-quality surfaces with ENGEL injection moulding process
Picture shows plastic smartphone cover

Many injection-moulded parts for electronics, such as tablet or camera housings, have to meet high demands in terms of appearance and feel. Upgrade your products with our injection moulding processes. Our portfolio includes film back injection moulding for various designs with no production interruptions, scratch-resistant surfaces thanks to PUR flooding and foamed components with glossy elements. Our comprehensive expertise ensures short development times and a rapid transition to series production.

Products and Services for Producing Injection-moulded Parts for Electronics
Picture shows large injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Large Injection Moulding Machine


The powerhouse in compact two-platen design for particularly large components

  • > 55,000 kN clamping force

  • Reliable clamping pressure even for components with a large surface area

  • Combination of high clamping force and low shot weight possible

Graphic shows viper linear robot from ENGEL

Linear Robot


Efficient handling of parts in all sizes

  • Loads from 6-120 kN

  • High dynamics thanks to low weight

  • Control via CC300 operating unit on the injection moulding machine

Picture shows service technician in an injection moulding machine from ENGEL

Maintenance Packages


Avoid unplanned downtime with ENGEL care maintenance packages

  • Preventive maintenance avoids defects

  • Tailored packages

  • From simple inspection to comprehensive machine maintenance

Picture shows Global Key Account Manager Teletronics at ENGEL Austria
Are you looking for solutions for the production of injection-moulded parts for electronics?

Our experts will be happy to advise you. Together we will find a way.

High-quality design surfaces with recycled material

Using Variotherm mould temperature control, our e-mac 160 produces high-quality display housings for electronic devices from 100% recycled PC-ABS.

Video shows production of high-quality visible components with recyclate >
Picture shows engineer at Lens Manufacturing Technology Group, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.

ENGEL is a strong partner with highly developed machines, holistic solutions and comprehensive know-how. Together, we push the boundaries of injection moulding and set the bar in our industries.

Youngsoo Seo, Engineer at Lens Manufacturing Technology Group, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.



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