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Preventive maintenance

Maintenance packages ENGEL care for high-performance injection moulding machines

With preventive maintenance, you ensure long-term value retention and reduced maintenance costs for your injection moulding machines. In addition, you increase availability and ensure that you meet the legally required safety standards. We offer our flexible maintenance packages worldwide - demand-oriented, individual and in accordance with your production schedule.

Your advantages with the maintenance packages care
Preventive maintenance reduces disruptions
Picture shows inspection and maintenance activities on an ENGEL machine

Through a proactive inspection, you can detect emerging defects or wear conditions of your injection moulding machine at an early stage. In this way, necessary measures can be taken before a machine shutdown occurs. Take advantage of the benefits of preventive maintenance - we record the current condition of your machine so that you can plan repairs in advance. In addition to high availability, you also ensure more safety for your employees and equipment.

Our experts take over your maintenance work
Picture shows ENGEL service technicians performing preventive maintenance work on an injection moulding machine.

With our experience and expertise, we support you in maintaining your injection moulding machines. Our service experts will advise you on the options and support you in selecting the appropriate care maintenance package. When carrying out maintenance work, you can rely on our high, globally consistent service standard.

From simple inspection to proactive maintenance
Picture shows ENGEL service technician inspecting an ENGEL machine

Whether linear robot, standard machine or customised system - from us you will receive an individualised maintenance package tailored to your requirements. This ranges from simple safety checks and inspections to preventive and proactive maintenance. The result: with the right maintenance, you ensure safety, lasting value and greater production efficiency.

Are you interested in an individual maintenance package?

Contact our service experts for more information on preventive maintenance in injection moulding.

Picture shows Head of Customer Service at ENGEL Austria

You can rely on us: With more than 720 service technicians worldwide, we are always close to you. We have a high level of training and ensure professional and effective maintenance - no matter where in the world your machine is located.

Harald Wegerer, Head of Customer Service at ENGEL Austria
Picture shows Global Technical Service Manager at ENGEL Austria

With the care maintenance packages, maintenance is carried out preventively on your injection moulding machines. You can maintain the optimum condition of your system in the long term and thus extend its service life.

Friedrich Edlmayr, Global Technical Service Manager at ENGEL Austria

Preventive maintenance made easy with ENGEL care

Find out how you can maximise the availability and safety of your injection moulding machines with ENGEL. Our service expert Rainer Beutl explains the benefits of preventive maintenance and provides you with the details of our customised maintenance packages.

Video shows the advantages of preventive maintenance with ENGEL's maintenance packages care >
Elements of the maintenance packages at a glance
Full inspection and safety check

Careful inspection of safety-relevant components in your systems enables optimum working conditions for your machine operators. During the visual and acoustic inspection, competent ENGEL service technicians check your entire injection moulding machine as well as linear robots for impermissible changes. They have the experience to utilise all their senses to review your machinery.

Measuring & testing the machine functions

The functionality of the machine is thoroughly checked. For example, we measure the platen parallelism, the screw speed and the power consumption of the barrel heating. We also check the injection unit, the tension and the wear condition of the drive belts.

Adjusting & optimising the machine functions

After measuring and testing your system, we also offer careful adjustment and optimisation of the machine functions. As part of preventive maintenance, we carry out the calibration of the machine movements as well as control parameters.*

*only possible in combination with measuring & testing

Advanced measurement for predictive maintenance

With the innovative ultrasonic measurement, our service technicians can determine the wear in the plasticising screw in the production-ready state without disassembly. Regular measurement keeps wear under control and predict the remaining service life of the screw. They also carry out oil analyses and check deviations in the injection pressure of the electrical machines and the temperature sensors of the mass cylinder.


Preventive maintenance with the care maintenance packages

Learn from our service experts how you can ensure constant smooth operation and safe working conditions in your injection moulding production.

Webinar in German

  • Language: German

  • Duration: 30 min.

  • Presenter: Rainer Beutl,
    Market Supervisor

To the webinar

Webinar in English

  • Language: English

  • Duration: 30 min.

  • Presenter: Stephen Zylinski,
    Product Manager ENGEL Services

To the webinar

Further opportunities for you in the field of maintenance at ENGEL
Picture shows service technician during machine maintenance by ENGEL

Service packages


Do you want all-round protection for your systems in the first 10 years of operation?

  • Fast response time

  • Plannable operating costs

  • Maintenance, repair and spare parts included

Picture shows ENGEL service technicians talking to customers

Service Level Agreement

Would you like to design your own service contract according to your needs?

  • Individualised combinable services

  • Increased machine / plant availability

  • Knowledge building with training

Your options for maintenance and repair in comparison

Maintenance package care Service package protect Service Level Agreement
Occasion-related, one-off maintenance Annual maintenance and repair if necessary Regular maintenance and repair as part of a personalised service contract
Maintenance Unique Annual Individually configurable
Repair in case of malfunction
Spare parts and wear parts
Spare parts stock
24 months warranty on spare parts
Service Tech Availability
Hotline response time (2h)
Binding none At least 3 years At least 1 year
Optimisation of the injection moulding process
Cost control thanks to fixed rates



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