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foammelt conference 2023

Success with low pressure

Experts provide information about the foam injection molding process for the production of lighter components with an adapted production process.

ATTENTION: Event will be postponed!

We regret to inform you that this event will be postponed due to scheduling reasons.

As soon as an alternative date is fixed, we will inform you. We look forward to seeing you there.

Conference contents

LIGHTWEIGHT design, LIGHTWEIGHT parts, SIMPLE machines, STRONG performance

Savings without sacrifice: that is the slogan of the foam injection moulding process, which makes it possible to produce high quality components up to 20% lighter than solid versions. These components are particularly beneficial where, alongside a specially shape fidelity, dimensional accuracy, weight reduction, insulation properties and efficiency of production are of importance.

With a balanced mix of sound theory and practical case studies, the event will summarise the current state of physical and chemical foam injection moulding.

Event Location

Ludwig-Engel-Straße 1
4311 Schwertberg


Date follows


Spots are limited - register now!


Physical foaming - Chemical foaming

Machine- Process technology | Mould design Material know-how | Product development
  • foammelt Basics

  • Foam injection moulding technologies

  • Chemical foaming agents in injection moulding

  • MuCell® Process technology and Engineering

  • Foam injection moulding material know-how

Application demo
  • foammelt LIVE

Mould construction and realisation | Mould tempering Technology development | Sustainability
  • Foam injection moulding simulation and analysis

  • Mould technology for foamed components

  • Tempering concepts

  • Foaming of recycled plastics

  • Innovations, research, and sustainability

Practical reports
  • User experience reports   

A detailed program overview is available via the registration page.

More Information about the Event

Date follows

Ludwig-Engel-Straße 1
4311 Schwertberg

Basic knowledge plastics processing

  • Project- Product- Process Manager

  • Technicians, article developers, engineers, designer

  • Quality staff and management,

  • Mould makers and plastics processors

German and English with simultaneous translation

€ 690,– pro person, including refreshments and lunch and dinner buffet.

Info Brochure
Picture shows preview of foammelt conference
The event at a glance

Take a look at the program of the foammelt conference


Spots are limited - register now!

Contact Details
Andreas Steurer

Product Manager Technology at ENGEL Austria
Tel. +43 50 620 4195

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