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Pioneer sustainable molding


Recycling is no longer an option but a necessity for plastics processors who want to thrive in the future. The plastics industry faces increasing pressure to provide sustainable solutions that are environmentally friendly and economically viable. Thankfully, there is a vast potential for Circular Economy opportunities for injection molding production.

For over 15 years, ENGEL has been developing solutions for a greener future. At the NPE2024 in Orlando, Florida, the injection molding machine builder and system solution provider is displaying its approach for sustainable plastics processing that not only reduces their customers' environmental footprint but also boosts their bottom-line results.

Plastics is part of the solution

The plastics industry has faced frequent criticism due to the contamination of the environment and the world's oceans with plastic waste. Plastics' vital role in our lives only becomes stronger every day. For ENGEL, it is clear that plastic is part of the solution, and only plastic waste is a part of the problem. A world with sustainable plastics is possible and also necessary. For their customers and suppliers, ENGEL has taken steps towards sustainable change and has found sensible ways to close the recycling loop for plastic materials. This includes prudently thinking ahead.

Global leader in climate protection: Ecovadis platinum ranking for ENGEL

ENGEL doesn't just offer cutting-edge green technology solutions for the Circular Economy but also empowers our customers to take the lead in sustainable plastics. Their recent achievement of Ecovadis Platinum status further highlights our dedication to these values. Due to strong initiatives, the company now ranks among the top 1% of the world's most sustainable companies.

Ecovadis is the world's largest provider of sustainability rankings. The rankings include data from over 90,000 companies and focus on global supply chains. In addition, the companies' environmental, social, and ethical performance is evaluated.

ENGEL was able to massively improve its climate protection initiatives due to the combination of science-based greenhouse gas reduction targets and the large number of climate protection campaigns that have already been implemented. ENGEL is committed to the science-based target initiative (sbti). This means that the company is 100% transparent in its sustainability efforts and verifiably so based on scientific criteria. For example, in 2023, ENGEL reduced their emissions by -12% at their plants worldwide. Therefore, the company has already taken a big step towards its goal of reducing its emissions by half in the first year.

Recycling Package: Stable processes with recyclate

Let's work together to close material cycles. ENGEL's extensive portfolio features production cells capable of sustainably processing recycled materials, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions.

ENGEL's recycling package enables the trouble-free utilization of demanding recyclates across a wide range of applications. Thanks to a modified plasticizing unit, even poorly flowing materials like regrind can be processed more easily, safely, and consistently. The plasticizing components, constructed from high abrasion- and corrosion-resistant materials, can withstand temperatures up to 350°C. Additionally, wear-resistant welded flights ensure an extended service life for the plasticizing unit and optimize conveying and melting behavior.

Compatible with many ENGEL machine models, including the all-electric e-mac, the recycling package will be showcased at NPE2024. Visit ENGEL's exhibit to see the recycling package in action on an e-mac 1565/310 slim edition, producing a bottle tray using regrind instead of repelletized material. Consistent high process and part quality are guaranteed with the inclusion of a melt filter.

ENGEL's Circular Economy initiatives unveiled

ENGEL has been at the forefront of the Circular Economy for years, providing comprehensive support to customers, ranging from free material analyses to innovative plastic recycling processes.

Processing plastic waste typically requires less energy compared to fossil sources, leading to a direct positive impact on the CO2 balance sheet. ENGEL's focus on recycling and upcycling solutions underscores its commitment to sustainability. The company offers various plastic recycling processes, including skinmelt, co-injection, and the two-stage process. In the first two processes, the recyclate is coated with virgin material. In the latter, regrind is directly processed, degassed, and filtered during injection molding, allowing for the utilization of up to 100% recycled material as raw material.

In addition, smart assistance systems ensure that high-quality products can still be produced, even amidst fluctuations in raw materials typical of recycled plastic waste. iQ weight control automatically identifies fluctuations in the raw material and ambient conditions and dynamically adjusts injection profiles shot by shot to maintain consistent quality and minimize rejects.

ENGEL's Circular Economy approach will be showcased at NPE2024 on a servo-hydraulic t-win 750/7800 (830 US tons) from WINTEC, a member of the ENGEL Group. Premium garage floor tiles molded from recycled ocean waste provided by Atando Cabos (Santiago, Chile) will be demonstrated on a 2-cavity mold supplied by long-term partner CH3 Solutions (Dalton/Georgia, USA). This exhibit will highlight how software such as iQ weight control significantly enhances the profitability of using recycled materials.

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Public Relations Manager

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