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Graphic shows articulated robot easix by ENGEL

Articulated Robot

easix for flexible manipulation tasks and precise parts handling

We integrate articulated robots from leading robot manufacturers. The robots are designed for precise positioning paired with the maximum degree of freedom to execute highly repeatable motions. Whether you require particularly flexible automation or must meet special requirements, such as for the cleanroom.

The Advantages of Our easix Articulated Robot
Consistent operating logic for more convenience and efficiency
Picture shows manual robot controller by ENGEL

The controller of the easix articulated robot is fully integrated into the controller of the injection molding machines. This makes the operation very simple. No programming knowledge is required. The additional movement commands for the articulated robot is seamlessly integrated into the graphic interface of the controller, which simplifies operation of the multi-axis robot.

Precise positioning in a small space
Picture shows automation solution by ENGEL

With parts becoming increasingly complex, the goal is to further increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Productivity per unit is playing an increasingly important role. Thanks to their lean design, easix articulated robots build particularly compact injection molding cells. Freedom of orientation remains unrestricted.

High speeds for fast parts handling
Picture shows articulated robot handling parts

The easix articulated robots not only work precisely, but also exceptionally fast. They are characterized by smooth path travel as well as accurate positioning.

Flexible connection of gripper solutions
Picture shows articulated robots by ENGEL in operation

ENGEL’s gripper ensure efficient use of the articulated robot. We offer both standard robot grippers for different application and customized grippers.

Picture shows green articulated robot by ENGEL
Possible Applications of the easix Articulated Robot

Our easix robots have a reach of up to 3,900 mm and a payload of up to 240 kg. The articulated robots are used to produce, for example, bumpers, instrument panel carriers and waste containers. Large injection molding machines with clamping forces of up to 55,000 kN can also be automated with an easix. Other advantages of our articulated robots are high process reliability and production efficiency.

Do you have questions about ENGEL’s articulated robots?

We will be happy to advise you and find an customized solution.

ENGEL Articulated Robots in Use

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Picture shows sprue picker by ENGEL

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Markus Lettau

Molding Industry Business Advisor

+1 (717) 767 2016

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